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  1. 1. Benefits of Integrating Fleet Management System Visit us: www.xcellonfm.com
  2. 2. Xcellon FM offers detailed end-to-end Fleet Management solutions to our clients in UK. Fleet Management is among the well-known and crucial services within the facility management services arena. Xcellon FM has potential to execute extensive vehicle management operations which is in tandem for cars and heavy commercial vehicles. Our team is well versed with management of fleet including its administration, scheduling of fleet together with purchase and disposal of vehicles. We provide independent fleet management solutions to our clients enabling them to handle and maintain logistics and travel requirement seamlessly.
  3. 3. Saving money On-going analysis , tracking and record- keeping cuts down time necessary to research and collect data when choosing and replacing vehicles and reporting back to management. Expected vehicle replacement schedules are set up which handle expenses by considering vehicle operating costs , reliability track record and estimated resale value. Fuel card information systems as well as other fleet records give data for tracking fuel consumption and vehicle performance allowing execution of strategies to minimize fuel , maintenance , administration and other costs
  4. 4. Saving money Maintenance is scheduled that can improve the lifespan of vehicles and minimize the costs of unanticipated downtime and breakdowns . Vehicles with service records additionally return a better resale value . Techniques to reduce the impact of a fleet on the environment also provide cost benefits e.g. selection of vehicles of the suitable size and minimized fuel consumption. ways to enhance safety can also minimize expenditure on insurance premiums, time taken off due to downtime of vehicles.
  5. 5. Saving money Aids in scheduled maintenance of fleet thus leading to less vehicle downtime for breakdowns or repairs. Facilitates streamlined Registration procedures as fleet management systems make out when vehicles are to be re-registered and several vehicles can be registered at a time. Routine maintenance and effective driving practices usually enhance the lifespan of vehicles thus minimum time is spent replacing vehicles.
  6. 6. Saving money Expected vehicle replacement schedules boosts efficiency as notice can be given to dealers early when a vehicles is due to be replaced and delivery can be scheduled. Fuel cards helps cut-down time required for administration of fuel costs.
  7. 7. When deciding on vehicles, comprehensive evaluations are accompl ished considering the organization's requirements such as analysis of vehicle usage, safety, whole-of- life expenses, anticipated resale values, environmental effect, business plans and available resources. This implies vehicles opted will probably be compatible with the organization's business objectives and context .
  8. 8. ChoosingVehicle generally incorporates analysis of vehicle safety ratings. Keeping track of maintenance records, maintenance and vehicle performance can help to determine and minimize s afety risks. Better Safety
  9. 9. With Fleet Management System, tracking of anticipated and actual residual values for vehicles can be accomplished. The order as well as delivery procedure can be managed to make sure there is enough time to consider replacement options, place the order and for the new vehicle to be delivered by the replacement due date. Maintenance and servicing of vehicles is routine so replacement vehicles or alternative transport could be put- together. Easier to plan
  10. 10. Fleet management records facilitates monitoring and reporting on regular basis. Reviewing processes make sure vehicles delivered match up the original specification and order. Fuel cards and their related information systems give accountability for fuel usage and costs. Greater accountability
  11. 11. Contact Us for Fleet Management Solutions: CAFM software UK Office Address 6-9The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, UB11 1FW E-mail : info@xcellonfm.com Call Us: +44 (0) 203 086 7859 www.xcellonfm.com