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Wyatt is an award winning communication agency, with offices in Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata. Wyatt is #1 in financial and corporate communications. Work for the best the category clients like Dabur, Maruti, ACC, Dominos, Tata Group, Max Group, Jubilant Group, Educomp, Aptech, Monnet Ispat, Era, Hiranandini etc Wyatt specializes in the following: Annual reports Sustainability and CSR reports Brand Identity (logo design) Advertising campaigns Employee engagement campaigns Newsletters Brochures Websites Presentations White papers


<ul><li> 1. Credential Presentation </li></ul><p> 2. Where communication is a passion 70 Clients 15+ Sectors 360 Solutions Strong reputation for delivering cross-media communication solutions that look great, read easy and stand apart. A full service communications consultancy based in Delhi, Mumbai &amp; Kolkata. Set up in 2005 with the objective of setting new benchmarks in communication. 3. Amongst top 5 agencies In Annual Report A Specialist Financial, Corporate, Marketing Communication Assist corporates, institutions and organizations meet their defined communications objectives through a well-thought out plan and implementation strategy Service portfolio spans Communication planning, Strategic consultancy and execution Facilitate 360 degree communication s approach that enables clients to effectively communicate their key communication messages to defined TGs Specialize in Marketing, Corporate and Financial communications, with niche presence in annual report development, where Wyatt is ranked among Indias top 5 agencies Offer end-to-end solutions, delivering turnkey projects, across the entire gamut of the communication needs of clients Adept at effective use of diverse media, including Print, Audio-Visual, Web, Digital and others Young, dynamic, with a strong conceptual &amp; creative edge 4. Strong 25-member in-house team across multiple functions business writers, copywriters, art directors, visualizers, production specialists &amp; account managers - with offices in Delhi and Mumbai Expert and experienced management bandwidth, along with extensive network of partner vendors 25 Members 3 Offices Domain expertise spanning sectors that shape the Indian economy Our clients include industry stalwarts and Indias top notch brands: ACC, Dabur, India Gate Basmati (KRBL), Daawat (LT Foods), Dominos (Jubilant FoodWorks), Max India, Dalmia, Maruti, Tata Trust, Renuka Sugars, amongst many others 5. The Wyatt product portfolio Annual Reports Sustainability &amp; Corporate Social Responsibility Reports Brand Ideation Advertising Campaigns Newsletters for internal &amp; external constituents Employee Engagement Campaigns Brochures Websites Presentations White Papers 6. Infrastructure Development Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Fast moving consumer goods Agro-based Real Estate A diverse clientele operating in different business spheres has helped Wyatt develop a vertical presence across a range of sectors including: Our presence vertical 7. Textile Financial services Retail Information technology Fashion accessories Hospitality Non-profit organizations Power and power ancillaries 8. Client: ACC Limited Objective: Usher freshness in the Annual Report and Sustainability designing style. The Sustainability Report won industry level appreciation which was followed by an opportunity to develop the platinum jubilee logo. This logo was selected through an intensive round of a multi-agency pitch followed by a round of internal voting where not only the management but a cross section of employees participated. This iconic 75th year logo was used across all communication collaterals during the year from the Annual Report, Corporate campaigns including outdoor media. 9. Annual Report | ACC | THEME : Embracing Tomorrow 10. Annual Report | THEME : Embracing Tomorrow 11. Annual Report | THEME : Living Our Values 12. New Year Greeting Card 13. Screen Saver 14. Sustainability Report` 15. Platinum Jubilee Logo 16. Client: DSC Limited Objective: Extensive branding in Delhi NCR in high visibility zones showcasing the world class project portfolio and establish the brand as a leading infrastructure player in India Position DSC as a major contributor to the growth of Literature as a part of its CSR activities Synchronize DSCs brand personality, values and corporate culture, using various internal branding tools, working closely with corporate communication team, to get the employees behind the brand 17. Corporate Profile 18. Gatefold 19. Literature Prize Booklet 20. Corporate Ads 21. Backdrop 22. Standees 23. Greeting Cards 24. Internal Communications: Quarterly Newsletters 25. Internal Communications: Quarterly Newsletters 26. Website 27. Corporate Merchandise - Mugs 28. Client: Era Group Objective: Build visibility and establish Brand Era amongst critical stakeholders Communicate the uniqueness and achievements of Era to critical stakeholders Communicate the ambitious vision &amp; growth plans of the group qualitative &amp; quantitative to stakeholders Establish Era brand credibility and goodwill amongst stakeholders Create a brand platform for future expansion of the Group into newer businesses 29. Logos 30. Brand Identity - Stationery 31. Group Profile 32. Internal Communications: Monthly Newsletters 33. Calendars 34. Calendars 35. Website 36. Corporate Ad 37. ERA GROUP COMPANIES 38. Era Infra Engineering Annual Report 39. Era Infra Engineering Presentation 40. Era Business School - Brochure 41. Client: Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited Objective: To raise awareness for the new and integrated identity of Fresenius Kabi hitherto Dabur Pharma - across various mediums (print, web, digital) to key stakeholders Embark on motivating internal communication for employees, for them to relate to the parent organization and imbibe the ethos, ethics, culture and adapt to the work environment To facilitate and support various HR initiatives with apt content and design solutions 42. 50% 75% 10th Annual Report 2012-13 Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited 2 310 th Annual Report 2012-13 Strategies are as often driven by challenges as they are by opportunities. Thestrategicblueprint,wedraftedayearago,astheroadmapforourfuture growth was well-aligned to our ability to capitalize on the opportunities that prevailed at the time. Certain unforeseen developments during the year, however, made us rethink our strategies to realign our priorities to the changing business environment. While our goals remained intact, we decided to remap our journey to the same. Today, as we move forward towards a better future, we do it with even greater focus on quality than before. Our decision to concentrate more heavily on manufacturing, following the observations of the US Drugs and Food Administration regarding GMP non-conformities in relation to manufacturing, documentation practices and product testing at our API plant in Kalyani, marks a shift in our strategic thrust. It is a shift that we even more future-ready for growth as we surge ahead. By voluntarily putting production at Kalyani on hold since February 2013, we have realigned our priorities for the moment to evolve a new strategic thought process. This realignment will bring more depth to our quality focus and render greater strength to our commitment to growth in the future. Our proposal to delist the Company from the Bombay Stock Exchange of the Company with the Fresenius Global operations, thereby providing delisting shall enable the Group to also better support the Companys business and meet the needs of its customers. Together, these measures have infused a new thinking in our future- driven growth philosophy. Our proposal to delist the Company from the Bombay Stock Exchange and the course for the integration of the Company with the Fresenius Global operations, thereby providing greater operational RETHINKING TO REALIGN PRIORITIES 4 510 th Annual Report 2012-13 REINFORCING GROWTH BY REASSERTING STRENGTHS Organizations often need to reiterate and reassert even their intrinsic and inherent strengths as they test choppy waters in their onward journey into the future. Such reassertion does not signify any expression of doubt about their strengths; rather, it is aimed at their further consolidation and a deepening of their roots. By doing so, organizations, in fact, send out a strong message about the robustness of their business model and the steadfastness of their long-term goals. Today, as we reiterate our quality commitment and focus even more on strengthening our manufacturing systems, we are foundation of our time-tested and proven strengths. We are, in fact, using this as an opportunity to underline the deep-rooted values that steer our progress as a leading company for cancer research and anti-cancer products. We are rearticulating our mission and links the two, thereby paving the way for greater positive impact on the lives of patients and their families. The growth-readiness which we had underpinned a year ago as the key mantra for our future is now getting reinforced on a stronger platform of quality thrust, with our dedicated passion getting increasingly manifest in our reoriented strategies and priorities. As we now move relentlessly in the unwavering pursuit of our goals, we do so with a renewed belief in our ability to achieve each one of them on the strength of our new and better operationally controlled business structure. We are rearticulating our goals for the future on a platform that intrinsically links the two, thereby paving the way for greater positive impact on the lives of patients and their families 43. Annual Report | Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited | THEME : Caring for Life 44. Employee Referral Policy - Posters 45. Employee Referral Policy - E-mailer 46. Employee Referral Policy Intranet Web Page 47. Internal Communications: Quarterly Newsletters 48. Internal Communications: Quarterly Newsletters 49. Internal Communications: Quarterly Newsletters 50. Diary 51. Poster 52. Security Hand Book 53. Safety Booklet 54. Safety Booklet 55. Client: HCL Infosystems Limited Objective: To devise an impacting campaign communicating the transition &amp; transformation of the company from an Indian player, limited focus one to a Global service provider equipped with expertise in providing Systems Integration and Tech solutions across verticals To communicate and visualize the Vision and Mission statements in a manner, for them to be lived and breathed by the employees To conceptualize a monthly newsletter for the HCL service division, as a part of its macro CRM initiative and to act as a strong medium for exchange of ideas amongst employees and authorized service partners. 56. Annual Report 57. Corporate Profile 58. World Economic Forum Booklet 59. Internal Communications: Monthly Newsletters 60. Client: Hiranandani Upscale Objective: To leverage the strong Hiranandani brand equity and foray &amp; entrench into various fast growing real estate markets across India through its highend &amp; differentiated projects To spread awareness of the work done by the company in the CSR domain 61. Newsletters: Hiranandani Upscale 62. Newsletters: Hiranandani Upscale 63. Newsletters: Hiranandani Upscale 64. Collaterals 65. Collaterals 66. Hiranandani Upscale School : Brochure 67. Ad Campaigns 68. Ad Campaigns 69. E-mailer 70. Hiranandani Foundation: CSR Report: 71. Hoardings 72. Hoardings 73. Backdrops Front panel Side panel 1 Side panel 2 74. Flash presentation 75. Greeting Cards 76. Client: Max India Objective: To strengthen Max Indias positioning and edge amongst key stakeholders through a comprehensive design-led annual report Leverage different communication platforms for launching new initiatives from the Max India Group Conceptualize &amp; design a CMS-based exhaustive corporate website which encapsulates information across all functions, initiatives and businesses 77. Annual Report | Max India Limited | THEME : In the Business of Life 78. Annual Report 2009-10 79. Max India*Website: 80. Client: Monnet Objective: Strengthen the investor communication process 81. Annual Report 82. Diary 83. Calendar 84. CD Docket 85. Stall 86. Emailer 87. Reminder emailer 88. Poster 89. Lucky Draw Poster 90. Backdrop 91. Standee 92. Dangler 93. Invite 94. Client: Panacea Biotec Limited Objective: To launch the Think Medicine. Think India campaign showcasing the inherent strengths of India in innovation, intellectual capacity and ideation in general and specifically in the pharmaceutical sector. This explains why the world is looking at India for one-stop solutions from high end R&amp;D to CRAMS. 95. Campaign Logo 96. Annual Report 2010-11 97. Annual Report 2009-10 98. Website 99. Corporate Brochure 100. Notepad 101. Table Top Calendar - 2011 102. Wall Calendar - 2011 103. Outdoor Branding Backdrop Standee 104. Result Ad 105. Client: Spanco Objective: With a formidable experience spanning nearly 15 years in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) space, Spanco actively services the Government, Power, Telecom and BPO sectors. The Company is focused on creating large scale technology infrastructure that helps drive governance efficiency across key sectors. The ability to communicate the depth of the multi-dimensional businesses, to capture the pace of the evolution of each of these businesses and its competitive edge for all stakeholders was a challenge for the company. Wyatt has successfully been a partner in the endeavour developing the key investor communication documents (Annual Reports) for the past 4 years in a role along with developing a Corporate profile, a key profile for the Chairman, year-end communication documents, a corporate AV and more. 106. Annual Report | Spanco Limited | THEME : Thinking Differently 107. Note Book 2011 108. Notebook 2012 109. Brochure 110. Chairmans Profile 111. Flash presentation 112. Calender 113. Inspiration Booklet 114. Client: SKF Objective: For a company with a global legacy of over 100 years, a formal look was desired. It is the first time that the Company agreed to taking agency support for developing their Annual Report. The aim was to ensure not only ensure that perception of a mere bearings company was wiped out but rather a Knowledge engineering company with a multi-product and solution based approach was etched on to the memory of all Stakeholders. 115. Annual Report | SKF India Limited | THEME : Our Commitment 116. Annual Report 2010 117. Calender 118. Annual Reports 119. TARAKKI KO CHAHIYE NAYA NAZARIYA Over the years, Hindustan has consistently done more than a mere newspaper would. It has raised its voice, gathered public opinion and played a role of a public benefactor by actuating change for progress. Here are some of the major campaigns that we undertook, leading to strong impact, during the year in review. Aao Rajneeti Karein Promoting participation in the great democratic exercise to elect a new government in U.P. &amp; Uttarakhand, the campaigns focus was in engaging the readers, encouraging registration as voters and enabling them to exercise their franchise at the...</p>