wwii rages on. u.s. & allies 1941 march 1941: the lend lease act – fdr could lend or lease arms &...

Download WWII Rages On. U.S. & Allies 1941 March 1941: The Lend Lease Act – FDR could lend or lease arms & supplies to any country vital to the U.S. Hitler orders

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  • WWII Rages On

  • U.S. & Allies 1941March 1941: The Lend Lease Act FDR could lend or lease arms & supplies to any country vital to the U.S.Hitler orders unrestricted sub warfareRoosevelt & Churchill meet secretly & issue the Atlantic Charter upholds free trade & the right to choose own government*serves as Allied peace plan at wars end

  • Roosevelt & ChurchillThe Atlantic Charter

  • December 7, 1941Pearl HarborU.S. knew attack was planned, but did not know where or whenJapan sinks or damages 19 ships (8 battleships) in 2hrs.Over 2300 Americans killed, 1100 woundedFDR declares it A date which will live in infamy & Congress declares war

  • Japan on the AttackJapanese had taken French Indochina -1941 (Viet Nam, Cambodia, & Laos)Planning to take over European colonies & U.S. controlled Philippines, Guam, & WakeFDR cut off oil shipments to Japan Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto designs attack on the U.S. fleet in Hawaii

  • Japanese VictoriesGuam & Wake fall quickly1942 March on Manila, Philippines U.S. & Filipino forces take up defensive on Bataan Peninsula. Philippines fall after 3 months.Seize Hong Kong, invade Malaya Singapore surrendersConquers Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), then Burma1mil. Sq.miles, 150mil people

  • Allies Strike BackDoolittles raid: 16 B-25 bombers commanded by Lt. Jimmy Doolittle bomb Tokyo & other Japanese cities April 18, 1942Psych up U.S. shows Japan can be reached for attack by air

  • Battle of the Coral SeaMay 7-8 1942 new naval warfare: Aircraft Carriers

    Allies loose more ships & men but stops Japans southward advance

  • Admiral Chester NimitzCommander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet

  • Battle of Midway June 1942

    Turning Point Battle in the PacificCode breakers learn the Japanese carriers led by Admiral Yamamoto are headed toward Midway (U.S. airbase)U.S. planes are able to find fleet and attackU.S. destroys 332 planes and all 4 carriersYamamoto forced to withdraw

  • General Douglas MacArthurCommander of Allied Force in the Pacific

  • MacArthurs Allied OffensiveIsland-hoping: by-pass Japanese strongholds seize islands that are not well defended & closer to JapanBattle of Guadalcanal U.S. marines stop Japanese from building a huge airbase on the island August 1942 February 19436 mos. of fighting Japanese lose 24,000 of 36,000 force Island of Death

  • OPERATION OVERLORDD-DAYAllies began secretly building an invasion force in G.B.Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower CommanderBegins on June 6, 1944 at dawnDespite heavy losses, Allies hold the beachheads

  • Within a month over a million troops landed in NormandyJuly 25th the United States Third Army led by Gen. George Patton breaks outBy Sept., Allies liberate France, Belgium, and Luxembourg