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<ul><li> 1. The Western Front</li></ul> <p> 2. Trench Warfare 3. New weapons in the War Machine Guns Barbed wire Poison gas Tanks Submarines airplanes 4. Trench WarfareNo MansLand 5. Verdun February, 1916y German offensive.. Each side had 500,000 casualties. 6. The Somme July, 1916, 60,000 British soldiers killed in one day.o Over 1,000,000 killed in 5 months. 7. War Is H E L L!! 8. Sacrifices in War 9. Krupps Big Bertha Gun 10. Th eE as te rn F ront 11. The Gallipoli Disaster, 1915 12. Turkish Cavalry in Palestine 13. T. E. Lawrence&amp; the Arab Revolt, 1916-18 14. T. E. Lawrence &amp; PrinceFaisal at Versailles, 1918-19 15. The Tsar with General Brusilov 16. Autocratic Russia Romanovs ruled for over 300 years inRussia When Alexander II was assassinatedin 1881, Alexander III takes over. Alexander II, III, and Nicholas II allwere autocrats who pushedconservatism and Russification &amp; anti-semitism. Did not accept liberal change andhated Marxism. Saw it as direct threatto their power. A2,A3,N2 17. Earlier 1905 Revolution in Russia Many in Russia wanted at least a Constitutionalmonarchy-Czars said NO 1903, Social democrats split into 2 groups- Mensheviks-gradual change Bolsheviks-communist takeover-Vladimir Lenin 1905- Russian losses in Russo-Jap war showedweakness of Monarchy Bloody Sunday Tsars soldiers fired upon strikersand massacred most. Nicholas II reluctantly agrees to Duma, but refusesto work with them in govt. This leaves Russia in a very unstable and pre-revolutionary mindset. 18. Th e C olonial F ronts 19. Sikh British Soldiers in India 20. Fighting in AfricaBlack Soldiers in the German Schutztruppen [German E. Africa]British SikhMountain Gunners 21. Fighting in Africa3rd British Battalion, Nigerian Brigade 22. Fighting in Salonika, GreeceFrench colonial marine infantry from Cochin, China - 1916 23. Am e rica Joinsth e Allie s 1 91 7 24. The Sinkingof the Lusitania 25. The Zimmerman Telegram January 1917 26. The YanksAre Coming! 27. Americans in the Trenches 28. Th e War of th e Ind u s trialR e volu tion: New Te ch nology 29. French Renault Tank 30. British Tank at Ypres 31. U-Boats 32. Allied Ships Sunk by U-Boats 33. The AirplaneSquadron Over the BrentaMax Edler von Poosch, 1917 34. The Flying Aces of World War I Eddie FrancescoEddie MickRickenbacher, US Barraco, It. Mannoch, Br. Rene Pauk Manfred vonWilly Coppens de Fonck, Fr. Richtoffen, Ger. Holthust, Belg.[The Red Baron] 35. Curtis-MartinU. S. Aircraft Plant 36. Looking for the Red Baron? 37. The Zeppelin 38. FlameThrowers GrenadeLaunchers 39. Poison GasMachine Gun 40. ArtofWorldWar I 41. A Street in ArrasJohn Singer Sargent, 1918 42. Oppy Wood John Nash, 1917 43. Those Who Have Lost Their NamesAlbin Eggar-Linz, 1914 44. Gassed and WoundedEric Kennington, 1918 45. Paths of GloryC. R. W. Nevinson, 1917 46. German Cartoon:Fit for active service!, 1918 47. 1918 Flu Pandemic: Depletes All Armies50,000,000 100,000,000 died 48. 11 a.m., November 11, 1918 The Armistice is Signed! 49. 9,000,000 Dead 50. The Somme American Cemetary, France 116,516 Americans Died 51. World War I Casualties10,000,000 9,000,000 Russia 8,000,000 Germany 7,000,000 Austria-Hungary 6,000,000 France 5,000,000 4,000,000 Great Britain 3,000,000 Italy 2,000,000 Turkey 1,000,000 US 0 52. Turkish Genocide Against ArmeniansA Portent of Future Horrors to Come! 53. Turkish Genocide Against Armenians Districts &amp; Vilayets of Western1914 1922 Armenia in Turkey Erzerum 215,000 1,500 Van 197,000 500 Kharbert204,00035,000 Diarbekir 124,000 3,000 Bitlis220,00056,000 Sivas 225,00016,800 Other Armenian-populated Sites in Turkey Western Anatolia371,80027,000 Cilicia and Northern Syria309,00070,000 European Turkey 194,000 163,000 Trapizond District 73,39015,000 Total 2,133,190 387,800</p>