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A bold newspaper with vintage styling created for a school assignment.


THE WW1 CHRONICLEEXTRA! EXTRA!By Joshua Bergen March 2015

Number #2351 Page 1 Halifax, Wednesday August 15, 1914 Price one centWAR DECLARED ON GERMANY!Prime Minister Borden has announced today that Sir Sam Hughes will be Minister of Militia and Defence!Volunteers are needed to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force or the Newfoundland Regiment to help end this conflict. Colonel Hughes of the CEF is offering a grand sum of $1/day salary!THE ENTIRE COMMONWEALTH NEEDED TO FIGHT!CANADA JOINS BRITAIN AGAINST OTTOMAN AUSTRIA HUNGARY EMPIRE!Halifax: Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated by Serbian terrorist organization Black Hand! Europe now in turmoil as war grips nations! Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Ottoman Empire have declared war on Russia, Serbia, France, Belgium, and Britain!

As a result, Prime Minister Border announced today that Canada will provide full support with troops, weapons and merchandise for Britain and its allies! Wartime production will begin immediately! All able-bodied men between 20 and 40 are needed to fight for our homeland!

Germany is advancing rapidly upon France! Belgium does not stand a chance against the might of the German army. Russia is slowly mobilizing men to fight the cause but more volunteers are needed to stop the advance of Kaisers army! Britain, allied with Belgium, has declared war on Germany! Canadians are delighted with news of war! Wartime production means increase in jobs and new opportunities for women! Everyone is needed to help win this war! However, the French Canadians are not impressed with Bordens decision to go to war; they believe war is waste of money and lives.COME FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!


THE WW1 CHRONICLEEXTRA! EXTRA!By Joshua Bergen March 2015

Number #2351 Page 2 Halifax, Wednesday August 15, 1914 Price one centGERMAN U-BOATS OFF HALIFAX!Convoys compose of merchant ships sailing in large groups escorted by cruisers and destroyers. This is to protect the sailors and their precious cargo from the U-boats. There is safety in numbers and the number of merchant ships sunk has been dramatically reduced.There are rumors that the Canadian Navy should have our own submarines. This is a terrible idea as U-boats are a dishonest weapon and not fit for man to fight in. The element of surprise is not a fair assessment of skill or superior wits but of cowardice and poor commandership. WHEN WILL AMERICA JOIN THE WAR? WILL THEY BE ON BRITAINS SIDE? WILL IT TAKE A DISASTER TO BRING THEM INTO THE WAR?ALL MERCHANT SHIPS IN DANGER! KAISERS U-BOATS SINKING CANADIAN SHIPS!BORDEN PROPOSES CONVOY!UBOATS ARE SINKING ALL MERCHANT SHIPS HEADED FOR ENGLISH COAST!Halifax: Shocking reports of Canadian ships sunk off coast of Canada has brought fear and panic to all Canadians! The worst has been confirmed as two reconnaissance planes spot German U-boat U19 10 miles off Labrador coast. Prime Minister Borden enraged with cost of life as hundreds of men have perished in last month. Borden and his cabinet have proposed a convoy system in effort to protect the ships crossing the Atlantic. Many question the safety of the cruise liners still sailing across the treacherous waters. Others argue that no man would sink a vessel carrying just passengers,

THE WW1 CHRONICLEEXTRA! EXTRA!By Joshua Bergen March 2015

Number #2351 Page 3 Halifax, Wednesday August 15, 1914 Price one centFRENCH-CANADIANS MUST FIGHT!MILITARY SERVICE BILL!SLACKERS NOT PERMITTED!FRENCH CANADIANS ENRAGED!Halifax: With all the soldiers volunteering to join the war effort against the evil Ottoman Empire, it is quite noticeable how few French-Canadians are among them. As the English soldiers carry most of the burden in Europe, many begin to wonder if the slackers here in Canada are needed more on the Western Front. Slackers will not be tolerated! All able-bodied men in Canada of the preferred race are expected to help Canada and Britain fight the aggressor. We cannot let out boys on the front lose because the French are not willing to fight. This is no longer a battle of principles: this is WAR!CONSCRIPTION IS MAIN DEBATE FOR VOTE! BORDEN DEMANDS CONSCRIPTION!

THE WW1 CHRONICLEPrime Minister Borden, after a brief visit to our boys on the Western Front has declared that we need more men! Borden had promised no conscription, but turned back on his word! The issue of conscription has set the nation ablaze as men of proper ages are to serve mandatory at the front lines in France! The French Canadians strongly oppose conscription. Others argue that some men are not fit for battle. Nevertheless, Borden is convinced that to win this war, Canada needs more men to fight! Today, he introduced the Military Service Bill. ALL MEN BETWEEN 20 and 35 MUST FIGHT!WEATHER:CLOUDY 28 degrees

EXTRA! EXTRA!By Joshua Bergen March 2015

Number #2351 Page 4 Halifax, Wednesday August 15, 1914 Price one centVOICE OF CANADAI believe that our boys need more assistance in France! My son, James, has sent home letters that only portray death and destruction. What is worse is the lack of hope. No one is attacking because no one wants to die. I think that if more men go help, the war will be over faster. I want my son to come back alive. Therefore, we all need to do our part: men, women, children and immigrants must work for the common good! TO WIN THIS WAR!-Elizabeth, TorontoI AM ABSOLUTELY STUNNED! THIS WAR IS OUTRAGEOUS! How are we French Canadians expected to fight for the English? After all, the English took our language out of schools and reduced our opinion in government to nothing. Now, we are expected to send our precious children off to fight a dreadful war for Britain? Especially those dreadful stink holes called trenches. My father hunted elk smaller than those rats.Mon Dieu!-Agnes, Quebec