wso2con usa 2015: patterns for deploying analytics in the real world

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  • Pa#erns for Deploying Analy2cs in the Real World

    Anjana Fernando Senior Technical Lead, WSO2

  • Analy2cs Pa#erns

    Batch Analy2cs Real-2me Analy2cs Interac2ve Analy2cs Predic2ve Analy2cs Batch + Real-2me Real-2me + Predic2ve WSO2 Solu2ons Source:

  • Batch Analy2cs

    Genera4ng insight by processing large amounts of stored data

    KPI Statistics Application Statistics Monitoring Network / Service Statistics Sensor Data Aggregation

    Solving Optimization Problems Urban Planning Revenue Distribution Analysis


  • Batch Analy2cs In Ac2on: API Sta2s2cs

  • Batch Analy2cs In Ac2on: API Sta2s2cs

  • Batch Analy2cs In Ac2on: HTTP Monitoring

  • Real-2me Analy2cs

    Making sense of fast moving data

    Sports Real-time Analysis of Player Performance Real-time Match Analysis

    Geo-Spatial Traffic Monitoring and Alerting Geo-fencing

    Anomaly Detection Fraud Detection Network Intrusion Detection Server Health Monitoring


  • Real-2me Analy2cs In Ac2on: TFL

  • Real-2me Analy2cs In Ac2on: TFL

  • Interac2ve Analy2cs

    Near Real-4me Indexed Data Search

    Log Analysis Application / System Logs

    Activity Monitoring Tracking Message Flows

    Fraud Detection Executing queries to lookup related

    data in a detected fraud situation HL7 Data Exploration

    ESB HL7 Transport Interfaced with DAS


  • Interac2ve Analy2cs In Ac2on: WSO2 DAS

  • Predic2ve Analy2cs

    Analyze Exis4ng Data to Predict Future Events

    Next Value Prediction Sales Forecasts Electricity Loads

    Classification Product Categorization Customer Segmentation

    Anomaly Detection Fraud Detection Preventive Maintenance

  • Predic2ve Analy2cs In Ac2on: WSO2 ML

  • Batch + Real-2me Analy2cs

    Using batch processing results in real-4me flows

    Batch Processing done for processing historical data Real-time Processing done at the same time for

    understanding present snapshot situation Overlay summarized historical data with real-time

    data to compare current vs past behavior


  • Batch + Real-2me Analy2cs In Ac2on: CEP Event Tables

    WSO2 DAS Analytics Event Tables CEP Event Table extension used to lookup

    persisted analytics table data in DAS Used in CEP execution plans to lookup/join/

    enrich real-time event streams

    Batch + Real-2me Analy2cs In Ac2on: No2fica2ons WSO2 DAS Spark Event Publish Relation Provider

    Spark SQL jobs are able to send batch job results as events back to the server as events, to be processed by CEP and send notifications

  • Real-2me + Predic2ve Analy2cs

    Using Predic4ve Analy4cs results in real-4me flows

    Machine learning models first created The ML model is used in real-time execution by

    applying the model with parameters extracted from the flow

    Use Case: Unknown Fraud Modelling WSO2 CEP meets ML

    WSO2 CEP StreamProcessor extension for ML provides a way to apply ML models in execution plans

    e.g. :- from InputStream#ml:predict('registry:/_system/governance/ml/indian-diabetes-model', 'double') select * insert into PredictionStream;

  • WSO2 Solu2ons Based on the Analy2cs PlaOorm

    WSO2 Fraud Detection Solution Built for detecting credit card fraud The rules extensible with customized Siddhi

    execution plans for any type of fraud detection Currently uses Real-time and Interactive

    Analytics features WSO2 Log Analytics Solution

    Distributed indexing and searching of any type of logs stored in the system

    Notifications support with Real-time event processing features

    Application / Server health prediction with Machine Learning

    Uses Interactive + Real-time Analytics + Machine Learning features Source:


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