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  1. 1. Senior Director - Solutions Architecture, WSO2 Crafting an API Strategy with an API Marketplace Mifan Careem
  2. 2. Business Platforms and Marketplaces Beyond simple API management Enterprise marketplaces Agenda
  3. 3. Software alone is a commodity. There is nothing stopping anyone from copying the feature set, making it better, cheaper, or faster. FRED WILSON, FOUNDER USV MODERN MONOPOLIES
  4. 4. A platform, in its simplest sense, is digitized, participatory business models that facilitates exchange between stakeholders of a business, creating commercially connected ecosystems
  5. 5. Stakeholders of a business here can vary from employees of the company to supply chain partners to producers and consumers of goods and services to the general community that a business exists in to even competitors (remember coopetition from business school?) as well
  6. 6. Pipe vs Platform Business Model Value produced upstream and consumed downstream Straightforward user acquisition Product design focused on consumers Monetization focused on consumers E.g. Goods, Manufacturing Britannica Encyclopedia, TV Channels Users create and consume value Extend platform functionality via APIs First few users have minimal value Product design focused on stakeholders (producers, consumers, etc.) Unique business models, revenue share E.g. Internet businesses, Wikipedia, Youtube
  7. 7. A Marketplace is a Specialized Platform Connecting Producers to Consumers
  8. 8. API Marketplace An API marketplace is a platform to effectively connect API producers and API consumers - and as with any marketplace this provides the tools and means to do so
  9. 9. https://www.ideabiz.lk/store/
  10. 10. Unify multiple development teams as well as internal app and service development and reuse Digital strategy to compete with newer over-the-air providers and launch newer digital products Provide the basis of telco-wide digital transformation Dialog Axiata The Requirement
  11. 11. Internal and external enterprise API marketplace with WSO2 API manager and related technologies Evangelism events, e.g. hackathons, workshops, etc. Incentives including investment programs, prizes, leaderboards to promote application development API marketplace with full ecosystem management for end-to-end API and app development Dialog Axiata The Solution
  12. 12. Discovery of APIs by consumers Reuse of APIs Social features encourage participation Evangelism for application development and usage of APIs API Marketplace - Business Advantages Evangelism for API design and development API composition Promote participation via incentives Governance and standards Cross division usage Monetization
  13. 13. Building an Enterprise API Marketplace with WSO2 Define API Strategy Define Technology Strategy Facilitate Consumers Engage and empower Producers Evangelize Incentives Monetize and Analyze Govern and Manage
  14. 14. Enterprise API Marketplaces and Platform External Developers (Partners) Other BU Developers (Inter BU Access) Internal BU Developers (Intra BU Access) BU 1 API Marketplace BU 2 API Marketplace BU 3 API Marketplace BU n API Marketplace BU 1 API Management(Dedicated On-Prem Deployment) BU 2 API Management(Private Cloud Tenant) BU 3 API Management(WSO2 API Cloud Tenant) BU n API Management(Other APIM Platform Tenant) Private Cloud Public Cloud Enterprise Enterprise API Marketplace BU 1 BU 2 BU 3 BU n
  15. 15. wso2.com