WSO2Con Asia 2014 - Building the API-Centric Enterprise

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<ul><li> 1. Building The API Centric Enterprise Sumedha Rubasinghe Senior Architect WSO2 </li></ul> <p> 2. Every business is a digital business. 3. Digital businesses can be connected business. 4. WSO2 helps businesses to connect. 5. API is a formidable way for businesses to connect. 6. Presence of APIs are becoming pervasive. 7. API Adoption ... Source : 8. Some interesting API usage statistics ... Source : 9. API is the product. 10. API is the product. 11. Recap Every business is a digital business APIs allow digital businesses to connect APIs adoption is vastly increasing and becoming pervasive In some businesses API is the main product 12. Apps, App Stores 13. Transaction happens through interactions. 14. Interaction happens through Apps/portals. 15. APIs make Apps/Portals possible. 16. APIs need to be designed and implemented. 17. WSO2 Platform support for API creating technologies RESTful APIs through Orchestration JAX-RS (Java API for RESTful Services) JAX-WS (Java API for XML based Web Services) Axis2 based SOAP Services Data as SOAP/REST services APIs for Registry Extension Types (RXTs) - WIP Data APIs for Jaggery pages 18. WSO2s Tooling support for creating/designing APIs WSO2 Developer Studio WSO2 App Factory WSO2 Service Repository WSO2 Governance Registry 19. APIs need to be hosted. 20. Support for hosting APIs in WSO2 Platform WSO2 ESB WSO2 AS WSO2 DSS WSO2 G-Reg WSO2 UES App Factory WSO2 Cloud Scalable deployment, caching, state replication, configuration management, user/access management, authorization policies, multi tenancy 21. APIs need to be managed as well. 22. What is API Management? Dumb API -&gt; Intelligent API Authentication &amp; Authorization - Subscription Management - Access Provisioning How to control access? - Throttling Monitoring &amp; SLA 23. APIs need to be tested (and automated). 24. Recap Txns happen through interactions End users interact through Apps APIs facilitate App Economy WSO2 platform supports creating, managing &amp; hosting APIs Also provides an automation testing framework 25. Developers use APIs to build Apps. 26. How Developers interact with APIs? Discover APIs Research about the API (docs, comments, rating, forums) Try out the API Subscribe to API &amp; develop application 27. Collaboration with developers create better APIs. 28. API Portal facilitates collaboration. 29. Tool to manage application development is always an advantage. 30. WSO2 App Factory 31. WSO2 App Factory 32. Application development tool can also provide easy integration with APIs. 33. Recap Developers use APIs to create Apps Collaboration with developers help improve APIs Providing application development infrastructure can boot API centric initiative 34. (End) user interactions generate data. 35. How (end) users interact with App should be captured. 36. WSO2 platform can capture data Agents in all interaction points - Capture data - Publish data - Store data (scalably) Attribute of captured data - Quality - Volume - Customizable 37. Analytics generate insight out of captured interaction data. 38. WSO2 platform can also analyse data Online Analytics - Complex Event Processing - Siddhi Offline Analytics - Hive - Hadoop 39. if (interactions -&gt; data) Interactions need to be smooth. 40. How to make end user interactions smooth? BYOD - interaction through different devices Mobile/bandwidth friendly technologies/techniques - Push notifications - JSON, MQTT - Caching - MBaaS 41. Apps should be showcased for the end user to discover. 42. WSO2 Enterprise Store 43. Interaction with existing/known identity stores Connecting to existing user bases - Corporate LDAP, AD, DB Connecting global user bases - Login using Facebook, Whatsup, Twitter, G+ - Also applicable to developers - Github, G+ Federating Identities - BYOID 44. SSO provides smoother interaction between Apps. 45. And a place to manage all App subscriptions can save lot of time for the end user. 46. WSO2 App Manager (first public announcement) 47. With all these, end user interactions can be intense. 48. Support for scalable deployment &amp; multi tenancy for cost effectiveness. 49. Interactions can be malicious too... 50. Malicious usage pattern detection No longer a sole task of firewall APIs go beyond traditional networking boundaries APIs expose business Hackers can now directly attack your core business 51. Shouldnt we be talking about going up there? 52. Heaven? 53. Cloud !! 54. Gartner Says Nearly Half of Large Enterprises Will Have Hybrid Cloud Deployments by the End of 2017. ( 55. WSO2 Cloud : The Future today !! WSO2 Cloud Apache Stratos - Cartridges for API building blocks Cloud connector - Supporting hybrid clouds 56. Recap - no more !! Every business is a digital business. Digital businesses are meant to be connected. WSO2 helps businesses to connect. APIs are a formidable way to connect businesses. Being API centric increases the way your business can connect to other businesses. Going API centric requires futuristic design, guidance, tools &amp; infrastructure. WSO2 has helped many customers to jump the API hurdle. 57. Thank you for listening. </p>