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2. the CITY of the GODS 3. REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA 4. INDONESIA MAP A small regency and city in Central Java, Indonesia Located in the middle part of Java Island Lies between 2 mountains, Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing, and enjoyscool and humid weather all the time. 5. GET in WONOSOBOBy busThe main bus station is Mendolo, approximately 8 km to the eastof the city center. There are regular services to and from JakartaIf you are planning to go to Wonosobo from Yogyakarta, you needto go to Giwangan Bus Terminal, and hop on to the bus toMagelang.You can get to the city center from Mendolo bus station usingyellow Angkot (public transportation). Just tell the driver to getto Plaza, the city center. 6. GET AROUND in WONOSOBO The main public transportation in the city are Angkot (Public Transportation) and Dokar (horse-pulled cart with 2 wheels). Angkot are centralized in Pasar Induk Wonosobo (Wonosobo major traditional marketplace), near Plaza. The fare is around Rp 1,500 (short distance) - 4,000 (long distance). Air pollution is scarce, however the smell of horse manure will certainly be part of your travel around Wonosobo. Do haggle when you intend to ride a Dokar. Usually for a short distance trip, they will go for Rp 5,000. 7. THE ROUTE MAP wonosobo 8. WONOSOBO at GLANCE Wonosobo is well-known for its tobacco and tea plantation.The view of tobacco and tea plantation will greet you uponentering the city. Situated in 270 m to 2250 m above sealevel, Wonosobo region is also a perfect place for vegetablesfarming, with almost every vegetables known in groceriesstore are planted here. In July and August, farmers in the outskirts of Wonosobo,especially Wonosobo-Temanggung border, will beginharvesting tobacco leaf. They will use street along the way toWonosobo extensively to dry the tobacco leaf, and thentransport it to the city. You will encounter slight trafficwhen you enter the city from Magelang. 9. CLIMATEWith sunshine shining throughout the year, Wonosobohas tropical climate with average temperature of 14.3 C26.5 C and with average rainfall of 1,713 mm 4,255mm/year. Rainy season starts from October to March,when the West monsoon brings heavy showers and highhumidity. June to September is considered the driestseason, with low humidity and it can be fairly cold in theevenings, the best time for any outdoor activities. 10. HISTORY & CULTUREWonosobo regency was founded on July 24, 1825 as a district under the Sultanate of Yogyakarta after the Diponegoro wars.From the 6th century was dominated by Hindu kingdomsIn the early 17th century, Based on folk tales of the pioneer of Wonosobo regency is Kyai Kolodete, Kyai Karim and Kyai WalikKyai Moh. Ngampah was as the first regent, with the title of Kanjeng Raden Tumenggung (KRT) Setjonegoro. 11. HISTORY & CULTURE Wonosobo is the part of Javanese culture As the former of the center of Hindukingdoms Lots of traditional and modern performance,abundant of cultural ceremony 12. LAND & PEOPLEThe part cultural of central JavaOne of a part of Central Java Province, which lies on the slopes of several mountains and ridges.Climate are dry season and rainy seasonIndonesia language is a national language, English and Java language are common 13. LAND & PEOPLE Still very thick with the Javanese cultural Arts and culture are important as a part of life The people of Wonosobo will be witnessed thevarious arts and cultural events The meaning of tradition is very important andstill held up at this time 14. FLORA & FAUNAWonosobo have varying type of flora such as; Purwaceng (Pimpinella pruatjan) herbal plant of thegenus Apiaceae Kayu putih (Melaleuca leucadendra) herbal plantof the genus Myrtaceae Pinus (Casuarina cunninghamiana) Carica (Vasconcellea cundinamarcensis) Jamur Tiram (Pleurotus ostreatus) 15. FLORA & FAUNAWonosobo have varying type of fauna such as; Domba Texel (Ovis aries) Burung Prenjak or Bar-WingedPrinia(Orthotomus sutorius)Elang Jawa (Spizaetus bartelsi ) 16. ECONOMICS Rupiah (IDR/Rp) is official currency of Indonesia Bank notes; 1.000, 2.000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000, 50.000, 100.000 Coins; 100, 200, 500, and 1.000 US dollars and other major currencies are easily exchangeable Generally, the economic condition of Jogja experienced growth1 USD = IDR 9.200 (approximately) 17. KRESNA HOTEL Kresna Hotel is a 3-star hotel in the centre of Wonosobo The hotel offers 115 rooms, Complimentary WiFi InternetAccess, Mini Bar, Satellite TV System with Remote Control,Room facilities 24 hours , IDD telephone with ISD / STD,Safe DepositBox, PostalandCourier Services,Tourist Information Service, and Airport Shuttle, Available Swimming Pool, Restaurant Complimented bytraditional food stalls serving mouthwatering traditionalfare, Bar, Coffee Shop, Karaoke, and Billiard Ballroom accommodating up to 400 persons, businesscenter, a variety of Meeting rooms 18. SURYA ASIA HOTEL SURYA ASIA HOTEL is the two star rated hotel withinternational standard located in the heart of the city -Wonosobo - The gateway to the very well known ofDieng Plateau. This hotel is very easy to find just a short drive from thebustling center of Wonosobo. Surrounded by clinic /doctor, drug store, banks, shopping center and businesscenter. This hotel offered 58 rooms with facilities such as 3Suite, 2 Junior Suite, 7 Deluxe, 5 Standard, ChineeseFood Restaurant, Laundry, Safety Deposit Box, Hot &Cold Water, Color TV with satellite and cable toprogram, Telephone with idd / ldd call system, massageservice, parking lot, multi function room, etc. 19. TIRTA CORNER LOUNGE Tirta Corner is the only Lounge concept in Wonosobo It has a great view of mount Sundoro and also we came upwith the different atmosphere ever in Wonosobo city. Soft tone lamps, smooth jazz music, sofas and greatbeverages and light meals are available. Foods and beverages are made from fresh ingredients andhomemade recipes by chef who has an internationalexperience for years. Available swimming pool Big parking lot also available up to 8 big buses. 20. RESTO ONGKLOK Located 2 kilometers from the heart ofwonosobo city Provide special dish of traditional food Resto Ongklok supported by adequatesupporting facilities such as fitness,hotspot and karaoke 21. PLACES of INTEREST ALUN ALUN KALIYASA MUSEUM KALIANGET COLOR LAKE MENJER LAKE PENGILON LAKE SIKARIM WATERFALL MERDADA LAKE TAMBI AGROTOURISM MANDALASARI HERMITAGE TIENG VIEWING POSTBIMO LUKAR SPRING DIENG PLATEAU THEATRE RAFTING DIENG PLATEAU 22. WONOSOBO SQUARE It is located at the city center, in front of theoffice of Wonosobo regency leader (Bupati"). The square is a central gathering place of peopleWonosobo Enjoy a beautiful atmosphere with backgroundmount Sindoro and mount Sumbing Feel and breathe the fresh air mountains specialdistrict Surrounded by banyan trees hundreds of yearsold 23. KALIANGET It is located in the village of Kalianget, about3 km towards the north, Road Dieng. Kalianget is the location of hot spring waterfrom a geothermal source water containingsulfuric acid levels high enough to be trustedefficacious cure various skin diseases. In addition to a hot shower facilities, there isalso a swimming pool, tennis court andplayground for children. 24. MENJER LAKE Is the largest natural lake in Wonosobo district Located at an altitude of 1300m above sea level with anarea of 70 ha and the water depth reaches 50m. Menjer lake situated in the village of Maron GarungDistrict, 12 km north of the District Wonosobo. Apart from being a tourist Lake Menjer also serves ashydroelectric power. Amazing scenery can be enjoyed by walking around anexisting hill or even a boat that has been provided. In addition to enjoying the scenery, there is also a fishingor swimming in the lake. 25. TAMBI AGROTOURISM Sprawling mountainside Sindoro, with more than 1200-200 m elevation above sea level. Temperatures between 15-24 degrees Celsius. Agro Tambi Tambi plantation located in the gardens andtea factories Available cottage, fishing pond, tennis courts,playgrounds, and facilities management outbound. Tambi tea plantation, can enjoy the beautiful panoramathat is a stretch of vast tea gardens. In addition, tourists can also enjoy steeping tea directlyTambi distinctive and warm in the cool atmosphere ofthe tea garden. 26. DIENG PLATEAU THEATRE Interpretation center of cultural and naturalpotential of the Dieng Plateau Region Built on the initiative of the Governor of CentralJava. prime tourist rides in Central Java Equipped with audio visual facilities and films on theDieng Plateau and the volcanic activity of MountDieng Above the lake at Rocky Ridge colors Sikendil DiengVillage District Kejajar Adocumentary film featuring an overview of theformation of craters in Dieng Plateau and eventstragedy Sinila crater some twenty years ago. 27. DIENG PLATEAU Dieng temples are the oldest Hindu temple in Indonesia. Dieng is an active volcanic area and it can be said is a giantvolcanic crater with a crater. The average height is about 2.000m above sea level.Temperature range 15-20 C in the daytime and 10 C at night.At musum dry July and August), temperatures may reach 0 Cin the morning Dieng Plateau is a plateau with volcanic activity beneath thesurface In addition to the crater, there are volcanic lakes that containwater mixed with sulfur that has distinctive yellow-green color. Dieng is a vegetable-producing region Dieng area is still geologically active and has lots ofhydrothermal energy sources. 28. SIKARIM WATERFALL Sikarim Falls is a waterfall that has a height ofapproximately 80 meters and with a backdrop ofthe towering hills and unspoiled place and aroundwaterfall has a natural charm is still beautiful. Located in the village district Mlandi Garung 20km north of Wonosobo. Along the way we will be treated to a sharpupward path and winding, and a stretch ofagricultural land is diverse, from the cabbage,carrots, corn an