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Writing topic sentences (TS). Use the following steps: Step 1: QA ( tgc and what each is about) Step 2: Brainstorm for points/reasons to answer the question (arguments) using 5W1H, PERMS, levels Step 3: Take a stand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Writing topic sentences

Writing topic sentences (TS)Use the following steps:

Step 1: QA (tgc and what each is about)

Step 2: Brainstorm for points/reasons to answer the question (arguments) using 5W1H, PERMS, levels

Step 3: Take a stand

Step 4: Craft TS ensuring that each point/reason/argument supports your stand. Make sure that you have one alternative argument. Step 1: Question Analysis (QA)

Is marriage important in todays world?

Topical word: MarriageDefine: legal union to establish family unit, for protection of individuals ie husband, wife, kids, propertyHaving fundamental functions, purposes, benefitsCharacteristics: Developed Countries and cities pp are more individualistic, think of own happiness first, less conservative ideas etcLess dev countries (LDC) and rural communities more traditional values

The Why and the How will help you develop your points. But before we get to these two, I want to talk about PERMS and Levels. 2Step 2: Brainstorm for TS using 5W1H, PERMS and levels Is marriage important in todays world?

To who (5W1H) in what kind of society (5W1H)? 5W1H/PERMS1)To educated (PERMS) women in modern societies, 2) To men in rural and religious (PERMS) communities, etc LevelsIndividual level educated women, men in conservative society government level - govt in labour-scarce countries support the idea of marriage becauseModern society characteristics eg individualistic, personal happiness above family/communityConservative society traditional valuesTopic Sentences to support your standEach TS provides a reason for your stand

Q: Is marriage important in todays world?* To whom in what type of societies? Why? Considering the values/characteristics that the various types of societies hold (context).* Who deems marriage not important because (why) consider the values/characteristics of that society (context)4Essay Plan (Incomplete)Question:Is marriage important in todays world?Stand: Marriage is losing its importance in some parts of the world. (This is better than saying not important because you want to show a trend that is taking place.)TS 1 :Marriage is not important because (not necessary) Educated women in modern societies (who/level - individual) do not perceive marriage as (why) important for gaining financial support as they are well-capable of doing that themselves unlike (contrast) in the case of women in traditional societies where their ability to meet their basic needs is greatly dependent on marriage.Remind students that an essay has to be balanced in that it contains arguments for when it is important and when it isnt important, providing perspective. 52nd TSIn modern, liberal societies (level), marriage seem irrelevant at worst and antiquated at best to the current generation labelled as Generation Me.

Antiquated - outdated or old-fashioned

Alternative TSMarriage is especially important for Asian societies (who/level) that subscribe to the belief that marriage leads to the formation of the traditional family; the bedrock of society.

Alternative TSEven as society modernises and traditional values erode, many individuals (who/level) view as a goal to be pursued because marriage is a formal representation of a personal, lifelong commitment that also provides social and economic stability.


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