wrf exercise 1 kessler μ-physics scheme vs thompson μ-physics scheme isaac hankes joseph ching

Download WRF exercise 1 Kessler μ-physics scheme vs Thompson μ-physics scheme Isaac Hankes Joseph Ching

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WRF exercise 1

WRF exercise 1

Kessler -physics schemevsThompson -physics scheme Isaac HankesJoseph ChingDifference between Kessler and Thompson schemesKessler scheme: warm rain- no ice, idealized microphysics, time-split rainfallThompson scheme: 6-class microphysics with graupel, ice and rain number conc. Predicted (double-moment ice), time-split fall termsKessler takes about 2.5 hours, Thompson takes about 5+ hours computer time for a 180-mins simulation.

Comparison (2): vorticity tendency There are four terms in the vorticity tendency equation: tilting, divergence, solenoid and advection terms. Comparison is made among schemes, time, and height level.Max. Vorticity Time Series (s-1)

ThompsonKessler3-D Max Vorticity Time Series

ThompsonKesslerVorticity Tendency Terms

KesslerThompsonMax Vorticity by Level

ThompsonKesslerVorticity Tendency: 1km (90min)

**Kessler on left, Thompson on right for all contour plots**

Vorticity Tendency: 2km (90min)

Vorticity Tendency: 5km (90min)

Vorticity Tendency: 10km (150min)

Vorticity TendencyAll Terms: 2km (30min)

ConclusionsMax vorticity peaks earlier in KesslerMax vorticity generally higher vertically in ThompsonAdvective term dominates for both, strongest at 10kmRight cell much more dominant in Thompson (more realistic)Kessler storms move faster