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Killam 1Ben KillamKate FlomWRD 1045/21/2014Urban Lot to Urban Park: Defnitely not Cli!" #!e Unite$ %tate& i& no &tran'er to e(i$emi&) For e*am(le+ t!e Unite$ %tate& !a& o,erome &eemin'ly in&-rmo-ntable ata&tro(!e& t!e like& o. /!i! inl-$e t!e yello/ .e,er e(i$emi an$ t!e more reent Worl$ War 0 0n1-en2a o-tbreak)Contin-in' /it! t!at o(timi&ti train o. lo'i+ t!e obe&ity e(i$emi &!o-l$ 3-&t be an -n(lea&ant (!a&e in o-r nation4& !i&tory t!at .-t-re 'eneration& /ill make .-n o. in !i&tory la&& .or it& tri,iality) Un.ort-nately t!e obe&ity e(i$emi i& not a& blak an$ /!ite a& t!e ri&e& o. ye&teryear) 5be&ity i& not a ,iral $i&ea&e like in1-en2a+ it i& not &omet!in' t!at !a& a lear a-&e /!i! an &im(ly be (in(ointe$ an$ eliminate$) 5be&ity i& not a-&e$ by any one -l(rit b-t rat!er a m-ltit-$e o. &oial+ en,ironmental+ eonomi+ an$ or'ani .ator&)0t i& t!e m-lti.aete$ nat-re o. t!e i&&-e t!at !a& allo/e$ obe&ity to not only ontin-e bein' a (roblem+ b-t al&o to t!ri,e an$ 'ro/ in &ale) 6any (eo(le .rom all bak'ro-n$& an$ $i&i(line& !a,e &o-'!t to fn$ a &in'le (anaea .or t!e e(i$emi) Cam(ai'n&to make (eo(le more ati,e+ eliminate -n!ealt!y .oo$&+ inrea&e t!e ae&&ibility !ealt!y .oo$&+ an$ fn$ a &ol-tion &ientifally !a,e all .aile$ to Killam 2-rb t!e e,er 'ro/in' (roblem) 7,en /it! all t!e initiati,e& !ell8bent on fn$in' a /ay to &ol,e t!e e(i$emi+ no real &in'le &ol-tion !a& &-ee$e$) 5be&ity i& not a tra$itional !ealt! e(i$emi9 it !a& (ro,en to be m-! more om(le* t!an /a& initially antii(ate$) F-rt!ermore+ -rrent re&ear! !a& been -nable to a-rately loate a &in'le a-&e o. t!e obe&ity ri&i&) #!e ambi'-ity o. bot! t!e a-&e an$ &ol-tion o. obe&ity .-rt!er len$& it&el. to t!e m-lti.aete$ nat-re o. t!e (roblem) #!ere.ore+ t!e only real o(tion le.t i& to a$$re&& t!e many a-&e& o. obe&ity t!at !a,e been !y(ot!e&i2e$) #!e a-&e& o. obe&ity bein' t!e &oioeonomi an$ en,ironmental .ator& t!at (romote& an en,ironment /!ere t!e obe&ity e(i$emi an t!ri,e)Kee(in' t!o&e -n$erlyin' a-&e& in min$+ it /o-l$ be im(o&&ible to li.t all o. t!e $i&a$,anta'e$ (o(-lae o-t o. (o,erty+ lea,in' t!e en,ironmental .ator& a& t!e only i&&-e& t!at an really be a$$re&&e$) #!at bein' &ai$ t!e /or$& :en,ironmental .ator&; are a ,ery ,a'-e an$ &-b&eG) #!at &t-$y $etermine$ t!at t!e (eo(le /!o re(orte$ t!em&el,e& in e*ellent !ealt! !a$ I4J more /ealt! t!an t!o&e /!o !a$ re(orte$ t!em&el,e& in (oor !ealt! F%mit! >G) #!e &t-$y al&o .o-n$ t!at eonomi re&o-re& e?et& on !ealt! /ere mo&t a-te $-rin' !il$!oo$ an$ early a$-lt!oo$ F%mit! 22G) Eo/e,er+ it &!o-l$ be note$ t!at &el. rate$ !ealt! i& no/!ere near a& a-rate a& B60 /!en $eterminin' t!e !ealt! o. t!e in$i,i$-al& in a &t-$y) Eo/e,er+ t!e $i&o,ery t!at eonomi re&o-re& e?et& are more in1-ential on !il$ren i& an im(ortant .ator .or all &-b&e0+41I !il$ren a'e&2 to 1L F1G)#!e re&-lt& o. t!e &t-$y /ere marke$ly more $i,er&e t!an t!e re&ear!er& !a$ antii(ate$) #!e tra$itional relation&!i( bet/een &oioeonomi &tat-& an$ B60 /a& .o-n$ to only be a-rate /it! /!ite male+ blak male&+ an$ blak .emale& FWan' an$ B!an' LG) = re,er&e a&&oiation /a& .o-n$ /it! /!ite .emale& an$ 6e*ian =merian& /ere $etermine$ to !a,e no on&i&tent relation&!i( bet/een &oioeonomi &tat-&an$ B60 FWan' an$ B!an' LG) #!e re&-lt& /ere .ar too errati to be Killam M&omet!in' t!at o-l$ be -&e$ a& e,i$ene to &-((ort a t!eory t!at obe&ity i& &olely linke$ to &oioeonomi &tat-&) #!e &t-$y+ a& /it! (re,io-& &t-$ie& in$iate$ t!at t!ere /a& a .ator ot!er t!an &oioeonomi &tat-& t!at /a& a-&in' t!e obe&ity e(i$emi) #!e .ator& t!at /ere one a'ain not ao-nte$ .or /ere t!e en,ironmental .ator&)#akin' t!e (re,io-& &t-$ie& t!at in$iate$ &oioeonomi .ator& attrib-tin' to (oor !ealt! in !il$ren an$ yo-n' a$-lt& into ao-nt+ 7li2abet! Doo$man on$-te$ !er o/n &t-$y o. /!et!er a &oioeonomi &tat-& 'ra$ient e*i&t& amon' a$ole&ent& .or &el. rate$ !ealt! an$ obe&ity) #!e &t-$y al&o took (arental e$-ation an$ o-(ation into ao-nt in a$$ition to !o-&e!ol$ inome an$ (re&ene o. obe&ity FDoo$man 1G) Doo$man4& &t-$y onl-$e$ &ome/!at $i&!eartenin' ne/&) 0t /a& $etermine$ t!at /!ile t!ere &till /a& a $efnite 'ra$ient bet/een %oioeonomi &tat-& an$ obe&ity amon' a$ole&ent&+ it /a& not!in' om(are$ to t!e re&-lt& &!e !a$ !o(e$ .or+ one a'ain in$iatin' t!at t!ere m-&t be &ome ot!er .ator ontrib-tin' to t!e e(i$emi FDoo$man MG)=& /it! t!e (re,io-& &t-$ie&+ it /a& one a'ain onl-$e$ t!at &oioeonomi &tat-& annot be t!e a-&e o. obe&ity)Ultimately+ t!e 'ol$en !il$ o. obe&ity a-&e& $i$ not !ol$ -( to t!e le'ion& o. &r-tini2in' re&ear!er&) 7,en t!o-'! it /a& (ro,en t!at t!ere /a&a &li'!t link bet/een &oioeonomi &tat-& an$ obe&ity+ it /a& only (re,alent/it! t!e &el. rate$ !ealt! &-r,ey& an$ not /it! t!e more a-rate B60 ba&e$ Killam I&-r,ey&) %-b&eG) 0t /a& -ltimately onl-$e$ t!at .oo$ $e&ert&+ /!ile &till a .ator in a-&in' obe&ity in t!e loal (o(-lation+ /ere 3-&t (art o. t!e .ator& a-&in' obe&ity in t!e 'i,en area FBlak an$ 6ainko 1>G) #!ere.ore+ it i& not &olely .oo$ $e&ert& or inome t!at a-&e& obe&ity9 rat!er it i& t!e en,ironment a& a /!ole) #!at i& to &ay t!at (eo(le in (oor -rban &ettin' $o not e*eri&e or eat a& !ealt!ily a& t!eir /ealt!ier o-nter(art&)0t i& not t!at &oioeonomi .ator& an$ .oo$ $e&ert& are not im(ortant ontrib-tor& to obe&ity+ b-t t!at t!ey are not $iretly relate$ to it) #!e Killam 10(ree$in' &t-$ie& !a,e &!o/n t!at at t!e ore o. t!e (roblem lie& en,ironmental .ator& t!at are t!en .ailitate$ by more &(eif .ator& &-! a& .oo$ $e&ert& an$ &oioeonomi la&&) 0t /o-l$ be im(o&&ible to !an'e t!e entire en,ironment t!at (eo(le in!abit) #!ere.ore+ t!e only &ol-tion /o-l$ be to tea! t!em to !an'e it t!em&el,e&) Un.ort-nately (eo(le $o not like to be tol$ /!at to $o+ e&(eially by (ri,ile'e$ &t-$ent& .rom a loal -ni,er&ity) #!at i& /!y t!ey m-&t tea! t!em&el,e&) 0t i& o. m-! 'reater beneft to learn .rom one4& o/n e*(eriene& t!an to &im(ly memori2e &omet!in' t!at t!ey are tol$) #!e 'ar$en t!at /ill al&o be a (art o. t!e (ark i& an e*ellent o((ort-nity .or t!i&) 0t /o-l$ tea! (eo(le t!e beneft& o. eatin' !ealt!ier .oo$& a& /ell a& t!e re&(on&ibility o. takin' are o. anot!er li,in' t!in') #!at re&(on&ibility an t!en be tran&late$ into arin' .or one&el.)#!e re&t o. t!e (ark al&o ome& /it! a (let!ora o. beneft&) Poor -rban nei'!bor!oo$& &-?er .rom a lak o. o((ort-nitie& .or (!y&ial ati,ity a& (ointe$ o-t by Blak an$ 6ainko) = Park /o-l$ ea&ily &ol,e t!at $ilemma a& it i& a &(ae t!at (romote& ati,ity o. t!e (!y&ial nat-re) 5be&ity i& o.ten a-&e$ by (oor li.e&tyle !oie& t!at are $e,elo(e$ in early !il$!oo$) #!e many beneft& o. t!e (ark /o-l$ !el( !il$ren be more (!y&ially ati,e an$ make better li.e&tyle !oie& 3-&t like t!eir a$-lt o-nter(art&) #o (-t it &im(ly+ obe&ity i& not &omet!in' t!at an be $ealt /it! by -&in' $iret .ore) #!e m-lti.aete$ nat-re o. t!e i&&-e make& it &omet!in' t!at an only be (re,ente$ on an in$i,i$-al le,el) #!i& i& /!y b-il$in' a (ark i& &-! a 'oo$ i$ea) 0t allo/& (eo(le to fn$ t!eir o/n &ol-tion to a (roblem Killam 11t!at i& &(eif to t!em) Ho amo-nt o. (oliy !an'e& an$ re&trition& /ill .ore (eo(le to better t!em&el,e&) 0t i& only t!ro-'! e*am(le an$ (er&onal e*(eriene t!at (eo(le an im(ro,e .or t!ey are bot! t!e &-l(t-re an$ t!e &-l(tor) #!at i& /!y 0 (ro(o&e t!at DePa-l 7C5 on&tr-t& a (ark) 0t i& bea-&e it i& t!e 'ran$ e5)1 F200MG: K>QKK) Web) 11 C-ne) 2014%mit!+ Came& P) OEealt!y Bo$ie& an$ #!ik Wallet&: t!e D-al Relation bet/een Eealt! an$ 7onomi %tat-&)O !he Journal of Economic Perspectives" a Journal of the American Economic Association 1>)2 F1KKKG: 14581MM) Web) 20 6ar!) 2014Wan'+ @o-.a an$ Ai B!an') O#ren$& in t!e =&&oiation bet/een 5be&ity an$ %oioeonomi %tat-& in U)%) =$-lt&: 1KI1 to 2000)OObesit Research 12)10 F2004#: 1M2281M>2) Web) 20 6ar!) 2014)