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<ul><li> 1. Page 1 of 44 Jet Dyeing Machine It was found that in using Winch machines, there were some inherent problems. So the Jet dyeing machines when they came up in the 1970's, were specifically designed to overcome those shortcomings. In the Jet dyeing machine the reel is completely eliminated. A closed tubular system exists where the fabric is placed. For transporting the fabric through the tube a jet of dye liquor is supplied through a venturi. The Jet creates turbulence. This helps in dye penetration along with preventing the fabric from touching the walls of the tube. As the fabric is often exposed to comparatively higher concentrations of liquor within the transport tube, so little dye bath is needed in the bottom of the vessel. This is just enough for the smooth movement from rear to front. Aqueous jet dyeing machines generally employs a driven winch reel along with a jet nozzle. The following diagram explains the functioning of a Jet dyeing machine: Types of Jet Dyeing Machine In deciding the type of dyeing machine the following features are generally taken into consideration for differentiating. They are the following. Shape of the area where the fabric is stored i.e. long shaped machine or J-box compact machine. Type of the nozzle along with its specific positioning i.e. above or below the bath level. Depending more or less in this criteria for differentiation following types of Jet Machines can be said to be as developments of the conventional jet dyeing machine. A. Overflow Dyeing Machine B. Soft-flow Dyeing Machine C. Airflow Dyeing Machine Advantages of Jet Dyeing Machine The Jet Dyeing Machine offers the following striking advantages that makes them suitable for fabrics like polyesters. Low consumption of water Short dyeing time Can be easily operated at high temperatures and pressure Comparatively low liquor ratios, typically ranges between 1:4 and 1:20 Fabrics are handled carefully and gently </li></ul><p> 2. Page 2 of 44 A. Overflow Dyeing Machine Overflows Dyeing Machines are designed for use in delicate knitted and woven fabrics that are made up of natural as well as synthetic fibers. They are also extensively used in the production of carpets. The main difference between jet and overflows machines is that in jet machines the fabric gets transported by a bath that flows at high speed through the nozzle, while in Overflow Dyeing Machine it is the gravitational force of the liquor overflow that is responsible for fabric transportation. Functioning of a Overflow Dyeing Machine A typical Overflow Dyeing Machine works like this. A winch that is not motor driven usually is located in the top side of the machine where the fabric is hanged. A longer length of textile is made to hang from the exit side of the winch as compared to the inlet side. By applying the force of gravitation the longer length of textile is pulled downward more strongly than the shorter one. Consequently the fabric is soaked in the bath without any sort of tension. The following diagram well illustrates the working process. 3. Page 3 of 44 Some models of Overflow Jet Dyeing Machine 1. ASME-B HTHP Jet Overflow Dyeing Machine 2. ASME 500D Jet Overflow Dyeing Machine 3. ASME-D HTHP Jet Overflow Fabric Dyeing Machine 1. ASME-B HTHP Jet Overflow Dyeing Machine Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland) Brand Name: SUNTEX Model Number: ASME-B Material: SS316L Specifications ASME-B Jet Overflow Dyeing Machine is used for dyeing chemical fiber , synthetic woven and knitting fabric. ASME-B HTHP Jet Overflow Dyeing Machine is used for chemical fiber , synthetic woven and knitting fabric to be dyed and fore-and-after treatment in high temperature and high pressure . Range of fabric gram suitable : 60 -600 g /m 2 , for transmit knitting and woven fabrics . 4. Page 4 of 44 Technical Parameters : Items SME-150B SME-250B SME-500B Form of the machine Horizontal tubular jet overflow single pipe Horizontal tubular jet overflow single pipe Horizontal tubular jet overflow single pipe Liquor Ratio 1:5---1:8 1:5---1:8 1:5---1:8 Max Fabric Capacity (kg ) 100-150 200-250 400-500 Max Working Temperature ( ) 14 0 14 0 14 0 Max Working Pressure (Mpa ) 0.40Mpa 0.40Mpa 0.40Mpa Fabric Speed (m/min) 60-300 60-300 60-300 Heating Exchanging Area ( ) 5 6 12 Main Pump Power (KW ) 14.7 18.75 22.95 5. Page 5 of 44 2. ASME 500D Jet Overflow Dyeing Machine Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland) Brand Name: SUNTEX Model Number: ASME-D Material: stainless steal Specifications ASME 500D Jet Overflow Dyeing Machines. Each tube can run into two ropes at the same time. Big bend tube can save 10 % water. ASME 500D Jet Overflow Dyeing Machine is used for dyeing woven and knitted fabrics of cotton, polyester, and nylon and so on. This jet dyeing machine, ASME- 150 D , ASME-250 D, ASME-500 D , ASME -1000D ,four types . Special Design: Each tubes separates into two chambers (running into two ropes at the same time) Big bend tube can save 10 % water and space. ASME-500D Main Tech Data : Number of tubes (chambers) : 2/4 Max Capacity: 250 kg Liquor ratio: 1:6---1:10 Max working temperature : 140. Speed : Jet flow: 0-450 rpm Overflow: 0- 250 rpm Heating Speed: 35 min ( 20 ---140 ) Cooling Speed: 30 min (140 --- 60) Total motor power : 38.45 kw Overall Dimension : 6900x3100x2300 (economical size) &amp;nbsp 8090x3100x3080 (standard size) (01) ASME D series high temperature high speed double overflow dyeing machine uses the unique design of double purpose nozzle for overflow and jet. 6. Page 6 of 44 (02) You only need to replace the nozzle; you can transform the water into that of soft pure overflow type (03) Water flow of low jet pressure and large pressure and high speed according to the classification of fabric. (04) Wide fabric application: Wide range of dyeing, including woven and knit fabric. Advantages of Overflow Dyeing Machine No evaporative losses- As the dyeing vessel is closed, there is no evaporative losses stemming from the dye bath. Further, depending on the situation the temperature may be raised to more than 1000o C. No build up of steam condensate in the dye bath- The latest technology implies that the dye bath gets heated by a heat transducer which is steam driven. This technology apart from being very efficient ensures that there is no build up of steam condensate in the dye bath. Low liquor ratios- Dyeing is conducted at relatively low liquor ratios, e.g. 10:1 and may be lesser resulting in substantial savings in water and energy. Excellent dye liquor contact- Excellent dye liquor contact with the fabric rope results in better and more improved level dyeing. Computer control- The machines are operated by computer and hence, operator error is eliminated. 7. Page 7 of 44 B. Soft-flow Dyeing Machine In the soft flow dyeing machine water is used for keeping the fabric in circulation. The conceptional difference of this equipment from a conventional jets that operates with a hydraulic system is that the fabric rope is kept circulating during the whole processing cycle (right from loading to unloading). There is no stopping of liquor or fabric circulation for usual drain and fill steps. The principle working behind the technique is very unique. There is a system for fresh water to enter the vessel via a heat exchanger to a special interchange zone. At the same time the contaminated liquor is allowed channel out through a drain without any sort of contact with the fabric or for that matter the new bath in the machine. Key Features of Soft flow Dyeing Machine Significant savings in processing time. Savings in water that is around 50%. Excellent separation of different streams results in optimum heat recovery and a distinct possibility of further use or a dedicated treatment. Types of Soft Flow Dyeing Machine A few of the commercially popular brands along with their particular technical specifications are discussed here. The categories are not exhaustive as such 1. Multi Nozzle Softflow Dyeing Machine These textile machines are used with a purpose of dyeing Dye - 30 to 450 g./mt.sq. Fabrics (woven &amp; knitted fabrics) with a Capacity 50 to 2000kgs. Understanding the need of the artificial fiber, it dyes a textile in a way that it retains its luster. EXCLUSIVE FEATURES Ultra low Liquor ratio - 1:1 (Wet Fabric) Dye - 30 to 450 g./mt.sq. Fabrics (woven &amp; knitted fabrics). Number of very soft-flow nozzles &amp; jet nozzles. No pilling effect. Work as a jet dyeing machine for polyester &amp; blend fabrics. Work as a soft flow machine for cotton fabrics. Reduce pollution plant size. No colour inlet pump (optional) - Dozing pump High temp. up to 140 C. Capacity 50 to 2000kgs. 8. Page 8 of 44 Multi - Nozzle Low/High temp. Dyeing technology work as a soft flow as well as jet dyeing machine. The main advantage of this development is to increase machine flexibility/ versatility to process all types of fabrics. In this new technical development, the nozzle 3 &amp; 4 are big diameter and fix nozzle with individual flow control valve. The 1st main nozzle is adjustable. By increasing and decreasing the gap of nozzle, flow and pressure will be increase and decrease as per fabric quality demand. To run this machine as a soft flow machine, increase the gap that decrease the pressure and increase water flow, at that time all three nozzles are working as a soft flow and water flow control individually by control valve as per fabric quality demand. To run machine as a jet dying machine, decrease the gap of nozzle that increase the pressure and decrease the water flow. That time soft-nozzle control valve is close. Dimension Diagram 9. Page 9 of 44 Specifications &amp; Dimension are subject to change without any prior notice. Model (Chamber)50 Capacity (Kgs.) Dimension (A) Mm / inch Dimension (B) Mm / inch Dimension (C) mm / inch 2 3 4 5 6 7 300 450 600 750 900 1050 4650 / 183 4650 / 183 4650 / 183 4650 / 183 4650 / 183 4650 / 183 3350 / 131 3350 / 131 3350 / 131 3350 / 131 3350 / 131 3350 / 131 3150 / 124 3850 / 151 4550 / 209 5250 / 206 6000 / 236 6700 / 263 2. High Temperature High Pressure Softflow Dyeing Machine HT.HP soft flow dyeing machines are multi type dyeing machines. These textile machines are used with a purpose of dyeing a larger division of cloth. It dyes cotton, hosiery and crape cloth material. Understanding the need of the cloth, it dyes a textile in a way that it retains its luster for long. Exclusive Features: Lowest liquor ratio. Reduce colour &amp; chemicals. Reduce steam consumption. Reduce electricity. Tangle free operation. Online washing system. Inner flow dyeing system. No rope marks, no pilling effect, no hairiness. Standard Features: Dye 30 to 450 g./mt.sq. Fabric (cotton woven, cotton knit and its blends) Cup type very soft flow nozzle with low pressure higher flow design. Online filter design for easy cleanup even during the process with extra replaceable filter mesh. Specially design vessel cleaning system by SS spraying nozzles. Fabric drive reel with A.C. Motor &amp; Frequency controller. S.S. Control Panel with rotary switch, Emergency stop, Fabric speed indicator, Hotter &amp; moderate operation panel. PTFE Teflon sheet in basket. Vessel made from AISI SS 316 L. 10. Page 10 of 44 Technical Data: Capacity - 10kg. to 2000kg. Maximum working temp. 140 C. Maximum working pressure 4 kg./cm. Normal capacity: 80-110 kg Main motor power: 15.1 kw Overall dimension: 2700x6450x4600 mm Max fabric speed: 400 m per minute 25 -100 degrees with an average of 5 degrees per minute Rate of cooling: 130-100 degrees with an average of 3 degrees per min. Optional Features: Colour Kitchen system with Agitators &amp; Actuators with direct dosing system for colour preparation and dye dispensing / dosing. Double filter system. Fully automatic system with PLC &amp; Electromagnetic flow meter. Seam Detector. Frequency controller for Main motor. Stirring system in colour tank. Dye Kitchen with Accessories (Optional) Dye Kitchen Specially designed for the dissolving &amp; preparation of dyes chemical &amp; auxiliaries &amp; transfer of the dissolved media to the single dyeing machine. Available in difference stage of automation with optional accessories like Stirrer &amp; Dosing pump combined usage with programs. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, to suit all machine types' capacities with flexible combination of tank size &amp; number of satisfy all process requirement &amp; future requirement. Fig: High Temperature High Pressure Soft flow Dyeing Machine 11. Page 11 of 44 H.T.H.P. RAPID JET DYEING MACHINE - Consist of: Autoclave: In horizontal and conical construction equipped with a port and cover for the fabric loading in the front. The group and polished reel and separator are located inside the autoclave is pressurised by compressed air. Pressure guage and necessary safety values are provided. Main dia of the autoclave : 600 mm straight part of the autoclave : 7000 mm Flow Tubes: Flow tubes are made of stainless steel and are highly polished and connected to the autoclave. Necessary flow control valves and by pass valves for the fine adjustments of flow quantity are provided. Main liquor circulation pump: For the liquor circulation and fabric movements and efficient centrifugal pump made of stainless steel is provided. The pump is driven by directly coupled to fully enclose two pole induction motor of 20 H.P. Heat Exchanger: Heat exchanger is made from stainless steel. The heat exchanger is of shell and tube type construction and is entirely mode of stainless. The heat exchanger is suitable for raising temperature of the dye liquor from 30'C to 130'C at a steam pressure of 4.0 Kgs./cm2. The heat exchanger is suitable for cooling down the dye liquor from 1.3'C to 8O'C. Reserve Tank: One reserve tank made of stainless steel is provided outside the high pressure circuits for the preparation to dyestuff and chemicals. Miscellaneous : 1. One filter for the heat exchanger. 2. One lamp is provided on the top of the autoclave for efficiently illuminating the inside of the autoclave. Control panel: The following controls are provided. 1. Temperature indicator and automatic temperature controlling instruments. 2. On/of swatches for the operation of pumps and other control. 3. Indicating lamps etc. 4. Pneumatic circuits controls. Draw Reel: One draw reel with necessary drive is provided on the front top of the autoclave near the cover suitable for loading and unloading of the autoclave. Nozzle: One No. Jet Nozzle will be supplied with the machine. Scope of supply : 1. One autoclave complete with all the internal pipelines. valves, foundation block and other such parts necessary for normal operation. 2. One control panel as above. 3. One draw reel as above. 12. Page 12 of 44 C. Airflow Dyeing Machine This is another development of the very popular jet dyeing machines. The main difference between the Air Flow Machine and Jet Dyeing machine is that the airf...</p>