world youth choir. a story about ''the world united in song!

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The World Youth Choir is a genuine educational and social experience drawing on many vocal traditions, aiming for the highest artistic level. By music education, professional artistic approach, multicultural social interaction and exchange the World Youth Choir unites 40 to 80 young choral singers age 18 to 30 from all over the world at projects organized in different countries each or every other year. Artistically, singers develop their musical talents by interacting with internationally renowned conductors performing repertoires of various styles, time periods at a professional level. The choir performs both a cappella and with distinguished youth or national orchestras, further expanding its message of artistic unity. Socially, and regardless of political or cultural differences, singers share up to a month of their lives together. They work, play, converse, and debate. Such communal living creates a genuine spirit of understanding, lifelong friendships, and a cohesive group with a unique bond. This is why UNESCO has awarded the World Youth Choir with the “Artist for Peace” title in 1996, recognizing its success as a platform for intercultural dialogue through music.


  • 1. Artist for Peace by UNESCO in 1996.Citius, Altius, FortiusOr in English Faster, Higher, Stronger is the motto ofthe Olympic games; one of the first and oldest events ofthe modern age promoting international, multiculturaltolerance, cooperation and understanding throughinspiration, determination, excellence, equality,friendship, respect and courage. Seven aims and valuesof every single event organized, of every individualparticipating.Following these values, building a peaceful and betterworld is the aim of the World Youth Choir itself,encouraging young singers from all over the world tocome together peacefully, unite in song and celebratetheir shared passion not just for singing but for cultureand friendship.

2. P R I D EP personal excellenceR respect & friendshipI inspirationD determination & courageE equality 3. A genuine educational and social experience drawing on many vocal traditions.Building bridges between young singers from diverse cultures.Original choral concept nowadays. The most interesting musical and interculturalexperience offered to young singers aged 18 to 30 from all over the world.PROJECT FOR PEACEYOUTH MUSICAL SHOWCASE of the highest quality''INTERNATIONAL CHORAL ACADEMY'' & INTERACTIVE PLATFORM FOREDUCATION AND EXCANGE with local groups and individualsLife time experience for young singers to: change the way they see the world, the host country, developsocial talents, multicultural awarness and tolerance. A united world on stage! 4. Where have we been? Created in 1989 byJeunesses Musicales InternationalPatronized byJeunesses Musicales International;European Choral Association - Europa CantatInternational Federation for Choral MusicManaged by the Foundation World Youth Choir35+ sessions | 1000 singers in total | 65+ countries46 conductors | from 20+ countries on 5 continents100+ recruiters | 75+ countries on 5 continents250+ audition applications per year | 45+ countries20+ CD's and documentary DVD's published20+ hours of world's best choral music selection recordedMilestones1990. 2nd WSCM in Stockholm, Sweden1992. Olympic Gala, Barcelona1996. Awarded UNESCO Artist for Peace2002. 6th WSCM, Mineapolis, USAAwarded the Robert Edler prize2004. Normandy Landings WWII, 60th anniversary2008. Olympic Equestrian games, Hong Kong2011. Nobel Peace Prize award ceremonies 5. Last 5 in facts! 6. GREETINGS FROM OSLO!FROM DECEMBER 5TH TO DECEMBER 12TH, 2011, THEWORLD YOUTH CHOIR, CONSISTING OF 60 SINGERSFROM 37 COUNTRIES, CONDUCTED BY GRETEPEDERSEN, NORWAY, PERFORMED IN OSLOUNIVERSITYS CEREMONIAL HALL ACCOMPANIED BYFAMOUS FIDDLE PLAYER, GJERMUND LARSEN,NORWAY, AS WELL AS AT THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZEAWARD CEREMONY IN OSLO CITY HALL, WHERE THETHREE 2011 NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNERS, ELLENJOHNSON SIRLEAF, LEYMAH GBOWEE ANDTAWAKKUL KARMAN RECEIVED THE AWARD FORTHEIR NON-VIOLENT STRUGGLE FOR THE SAFETY OFWOMEN AND FOR WOMENS RIGHTS TO FULLPARTICIPATION IN PEACE-BUILDINGWORK.THE WORLD YOUTH CHOIR WAS HONORED TOPARTICIPATE AT THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE CONCERTON DECEMBER 11TH THE ANNUAL MUSICAL TRIBUTETO THE YEARS NOBEL PEACE PRIZE LAUREATE.FEATURING AN INTERNATIONAL SELECTION OFMUSICAL ARTISTS AND CELEBRITY HOSTS, THECONCERT HONORED THE SPIRIT AND MESSAGE OFTHE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. IT WAS A MUSICALCELEBRATION LIKE NO OTHER.THE WORLD YOUTH CHOIR PERFORMANCES WEREBROADCASTED TO 300000 HOMES ALL OVER THEGLOBE. 7. World Youth Choir in Oslo 2011After a tremendous winter session with the World Youth Choir in Belgium 2004, I was bursting with joy ofbeing able to receive the Choir in my own home town, Oslo, in 2011. They came, indeed, with lots of musicalresources, stamina, musical surplus, temperament, forbearance and lots of good humor. Unforgettable days!Thanks a lot!'' ... Says Grete Pedersen, the conductor of World Youth Choir performances in Oslo. 8. EXPANDING HORIZONS for young, talented musicians (capacity building, new approaches, innovation),SUPPORTING personal endeavors of each participant (career development and networking),BUILDING NEW social and communal CAPABILITIES chorally,PROMOTING organizational capacities, cultural and historical achievements of the host country.EVENT PACKAGES on offer to future singers and hosts are:Summer projects of 3 weeks maximum, 40 to 80 singers age 18-30, extensive international selection.Winter projects of 2 weeks maximum, 40 to 60 internationally selected singers, age 18-30/32.Special projects during the year - cooperation with internationally recognized institutions of a high profileand/or projects within the global events of the highest artistic, cultural, educational, social and politicalimportance. Up to 80 internationally selected singers and alumni age 18-30/35.INCLUDING: A preparatory session of medium length (''international choral academy camp''), a concert tourand a cappella and/or vocal-instrumental repertoire of various styles, time periods, and genres. 9. WHAT DO WE OFFER?INTERNATIONAL EXCANGEEDUCATION and INTERACTIONPROMOTION and SUPPORTWe do not rehearse or perform 365 days a year,neither are we a choir in residence! Even so, theWorld Youth Choir is a traveling internationalchoral academy unique for its:- Impact on local society. Interaction through openrehearsals, master classes, visits to schools, concerts.- Impact on singers living the host country. Learning ofcountry's historical, social and cultural achievements.- Promoting the musical heritage of the host nation.- Cooperating with other national choral ensembles ornational youth or senior symphony orchestras. 10. Who can host the World Youth Choir?Cultural associations, foundations, universities, music federations, festivals, governmental institutions - ministriesare eligible, as well as state or private institutions supporting and promoting youth, education, national heritage,science, and/or intercultural exchange within annual programs.General steps:Select the most suitable event package (aforementioned) and make your plan!Send us the plan (letter of intent with basic ideas about the potential partnership) not later than March 31st, 36to 30 months before the proposed session dates and we will develop a production concept just for you!Further actions to be followed by negotiations leading to a final agreement (contract)with determined obligations between contracting partners:WORLD YOUTH CHOIR- International recruitment of singers- Complete and direct, informative and organizationalcommunication with selected singers and session hosts.- The work of the international jury (renewingmembership every year by selecting new singers).- Artistic vision - building up new repertoires everyseason (rehearsing in the host country).- Selecting (subcontracting) renowned conductor(s).- General public relations.EVENT ORGANIZER/HOST- Securing local and international partnerships.- Securing local and international funding sources.(Production fee, subsidies, sponsorships, donations)- Organizing international rehearsal camp.(Choral Academy) - accommodation, food, facilities- Organizing a concert tour and other social andeducational activities.- General PR and marketing- Audio/video visibility and recordings 11. Add a spice or two?Educational advantages?An ''international choral academy'' is a rehearsalcamp during which the World Youth Choir preparesthe selected repertoire and is artistically andsocially build as a compact ensemble. Camp can beopen for public, partly. An INTERACTIVEPLATFORM for educational exchange with localindividuals and groups can be developed andmaster classes, workshops or seminars organized.Designed to give the opportunity to participants toobserve the work of conductors andcoaches/mentors on skills used to build aninternational youth ensemble in a short period oftime and to help them meet challenges beyond theiruniversity training. ''Podium time'' can beorganized with non-musical responsibilities,providing other career-building information. Othereducational and social concepts can be developed topromote ethic and aesthetic postulates of the WorldYouth Choir. The organizer can gain financialbenefit out of all activities. If so, all incomes belongto the local organizer. 12. Financial advantages? The host is free to negotiate any sponsorship to raise money for theorganization of the entire World Youth Choir session, including also indirect support. All incomes fromconcert selling, all remaining funds supplied from governmental, other national and local grants,subventions, private sponsorships, donations and any other incomes belong to the local organizer.Add a spice or two? 13. Like the recipe?Have all necessary ingredients?Then start cooking!Make a wonderful, yummyWorld Youth Choir session in your country! 14. You can frame our picture, but you cannot frame our VOICES!DIVERSITY, EXCITEMENT, EMOTIONS, TOP QUALITY!IN our SOUND! ON YOUR stage?WE NEED YOUR INVOLVEMENTBring the World Youth Choir to your country!Because the true World Youth Choir can only be experienced LIVE!Contact us @ 15. Thank you for listening and good bye!


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