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  • 1. Menefield, Hurley, Jackson
    PBRL 450 F1WW
    Assignment 4-2-3
    World Wildlife Fund Campaign

2. Situation
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an organization whose main goal is to save the planet by practicing humane conservation and educating and training individuals to participate in the mission.
WWF is active in 100 countries and has gained the support of about 1.2 million members in the United States and also has an active membership of almost 5 million globally.
The organization has built local and global relationships because they realize they cannot achieve their mission without the help of the community. They have established partnerships with government, businesses, local communities, and individual donors.
3. Objectives
Generate and increase widespread awareness of the need for everyone to practice conservation.
Inspire others to have respect for nature.
Increase corporate partnerships.
4. Strategies/Target Audience

  • Wal-Mart Earth Day:

WWF and Wal-Mart would sponsor a global earth day that would include employee and participation, donations and sponsorship of the World Wildlife Fund.

  • Global School Adopt an Endangered Species:

This would be a global campaign with schools from every country participating. Each child would have the opportunity to sponsor one endangered animal and each school and child would receive world-wide recognition for their contributions.
5. Strategies/ Target Audience

  • Consumers and Sustainable Textiles:

Participating companies would have the opportunity to sponsor a sustainable textiles awareness campaign, each garment would have a hang tag with information explaining the sustainable ways the textiles andgarment were manufactured.
The consumer hang tag would also have donation information cards for the consumer that would explain how they could become a sustainable donor to the World Wildlife Fund.
6. Tactics
Wal-Mart Earth Day will take place on April 30, 2011
We would ask the Wal-Mart employees to team up with WWF employees and volunteers to donatean hour of their time to clean a park, reservoir, or community.
We would also ask them to clean up debris, plant flowers, or paint benches.
We are ask that the employees wear their Wal-Mart shirts and grab a trash bag, paint brush, planters and beautify the world.
7. Global School Adopt an Endangered Species
The campaign will be began on May 12, 2011 and families will be asked to join the campaign before August 31, 2011;
We will offer a bonus to children, families and schools if they join our cause a gift package will be sent to you.
The package will consist ofa gift box, the children will receive a WWF tee shirt, books on keeping the earth clean and flower seeds.
8. Budget
The WWF would have to budget $350,000 for this campaign to be successful
Over $8,000 for building a donation website for the WWF to make sure people have a location to go.
There will be another $50,000 for marketing and advertising for all three campaigns and target markets.
$250,000 for the whole TV commercial to be put together and broadcast in the target markets.
The $50,000 that is left over will be for extra expenses that may occur while developing and delivering this campaign.
9. Evaluation
By next Earth day, which is April 30th, 2011, WWF would like to have an increase of at least 25% of its donations
The WWF will create a survey after the campaign to reach out and see what people learned, how they learned, and what they might have donated
By doing a survey it will make the results more tangible and really be able to compile the data to see how well the campaign was executed