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World Religions A Brief History. Judaism. About 14 million adherents Ethnic / Monotheistic Founder: Abraham Hearth: Middle East 1 st Monotheistic religion. Judaism. ABRAHAM SARAH HAGAR IsaacIshmael Judeo-Christian Islamic. Judaism Basic Beliefs. One God - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • World Religions A Brief History

  • JudaismAbout 14 million adherents

    Ethnic / Monotheistic

    Founder: Abraham

    Hearth: Middle East

    1st Monotheistic religion

  • JudaismABRAHAM

    SARAH HAGARIsaacIshmael

    Judeo-Christian Islamic

  • Judaism Basic BeliefsOne GodGods Chosen peopleDo not recognize Jesus as the messiahVERY tied to the land - Israel

  • Judaism - DivisionsHasidic Jews- Ultra Orthodox

  • Christianity2 billion adherents largest Universalizing/MonotheisticFounder: JesusHearth: Palestine- Jesus was born in Palestine during the height of the Roman Empire.

  • Christianity - BasicsOne GodJesus is the messiah son of God.Jesus died for the sins of all people.

  • Christianity - DivisionsDuring the Middle Ages - THE GREAT SCHISMRoman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox splitDisagreed over using icons (images of God-Jesus-Saints)

  • Christianity - DivisionsDuring the Renaissance THE REFORMATIONSome felt the Church was corrupt and abusing its power. Martin Luther German monkProtestant Broke away from Rome. Hundreds of Protestant divisions(Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist)

  • Christianity - DivisionsThe Church of EnglandSame time as Reformation

  • Church of England

  • Islam1.3 billion adherents secondUniversalizing/MonotheisticFounder: MuhammadHearth: Mecca (Modern day Saudi Arabia)

  • Islam - BasicsOne God (Same God as Christians and Jews)5 pillars- Only one God (Allah) and Muhammad is his prophet.- pray 5 times daily facing Mecca- Giving to the poor- Fasting during Ramadan- Pilgrimage to Mecca

  • Islam - DivisionsWhen Muhammad died there was disagreement over who should succeed him.

    Muslims split into two groups:SUNNISHIITE (Shia)

    Caliph Muh. Descendant

  • Hinduism900 million adherents - thirdEthnic/MonotheisticFounder: No specific Hearth: Northwestern India one of the most ancient religions.

  • Hinduism - BasicsOne God BrahmanBrahman is manifest as hundreds of different gods. Goal: To be united with Brahman at death. Takes many lifetimes reincarnation.

  • Hinduism - DivisionsNot really divisionsMost Hindus ally themselves with a specific god.

    Vaishnavism Vishnu

    Sivaism - Shiva

  • Buddhism400 million adherentsUniversalizing / non-theisticFounder: Siddartha Guatama (the Buddha)Hearth: Present day Nepal. North of India.

  • Buddhism - BasicsGoal Achieve enlightenment4 Noble Truths- to live is to endure suffering- suffering is caused by desire- Cure for suffering = end desire (Nirvana)- Achieve Nirvana by following the eightfold path

  • Buddhism - BasicsIf you reach Nirvana you are freed from the cycle of rebirth.

  • Buddhism - DivisionsFollowers disagreed on how to interpret the teachings of the Buddha (Siddartha Guatama)