world history final exam jeopardy review chapters 5, world religions and 11

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  • World HistoryFinal Exam Jeopardy ReviewChapters 5, World Religions and 11

  • 200300400500100200300400500100200300400500100200300400500100200300400500100PeopleTermsChapter 5-Classical GreeceWorld ReligionsChapter 11-Byzantines, Russians and Turks

  • This man was the founder of Buddhism

  • Siddhartha Gautama

  • This woman was the wife and political advisor to Justinian

  • Empress Theodora

  • This man was the ruthless leader of the Mongol hordes

  • Genghis Khan

  • According to Greek tradition this blind man was the greatest story tellers

  • Homer


  • Greek philosopher who questioned the nature of the world, human belief, knowledge and thought

  • Aristotle

  • Good or bad deeds that follows a person from one reincarnation to another is called?

  • Karma

  • Disease that took the lives of nearly 10,000 people a day

  • Bubonic Plague

  • Complex set of ideals, for which a knight fought for three masters

  • Chivarly

  • Beautiful copies of religious text created by monks between 600-700 A.D.

  • Illuminated Manuscripts

  • Meaning Holy Wisdom it is considered the most beautiful Church in the Christian World

  • Hagia Sophia

  • What did the Spartans value over formal education?

  • Military Training

  • What were Greek sculptures designed to show?

  • The idealized human body in motion

  • What were the three main focuses of an Athenian education?

  • -The study of grammar, poetry, history, math and music-Training in public speaking and logic -Athletic training and activities

  • What was unique about history during the Dorian Age?

  • There was not written history

  • What were Pericles three goals for Athens?

  • -Strengthening Athenian democracy -Holding the size of their territories and strengthening the empire-Glorifying Athens with statues, buildings and paintings

  • Which holy city do Muslims, Christians, and Jew share?

  • Jerusalem

  • What is the Hebrew holy book called?

  • The Torah


  • What were the men who followed Jesus called?

  • The Apostles

  • What does it mean if someone is monotheistic?

  • They believe in one god

  • Who made the very first covenant between himself and God?

  • Abraham

  • What was the uniform code called that Justinian used to govern his empire?

  • The Justinian Code

  • What was the goal of the First Crusade launched in 1095?

  • The First Crusade launched in 1095 called on Christians to drive the Turks out of Anatolia

  • Which two leaders reached the compromise where the Muslims were allowed to keep Jerusalem?

  • King Richard I (The Lion Hearted) and Saladin

  • What was the goal of the Nika Rebellion? How many protestors died during the rebellion?

  • The goal of the Nika Rebellion was to overthrow Justinian. 30,00 protesters were killed by Justinians army

  • Which major empire emerged out of ruins of the Mongol Empire?

  • The Ottoman Empire

  • Final Jeopardy Chapters 5, World History & 11

  • Topic: The Justinian Code

  • What were the four aspects of the Justinian Code and what were their purposes?

  • -The Code-Contained 5,000 Roman laws-The Digest- 50 volume collection of ideas from the greatest Roman legal minds in their history-The Institutes-Textbook on how to use the laws-The Novellae (New Laws)-Laws passed after 534 A.D.