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How to plan an eTwinning Project?

Mediterranean Seminar15th 17th April 201Rita Zurrapa - PT NSS

Can you see the difference?

Schools have excellent teachers, but working badly. It doesnt make sense to have 21st Century students learning from 20th century teachers, using 19th century techniques.

Jos Pacheco

What is 21st century education?

Sir Ken Robinson Changing Education Paradigms

Update and refresh your profileMake it easy for others to find you;

Write in your profile the details you would like to find in your partners profile

KISSKeep in Mind!!!Keep It Short and Simple

Planning is very important in any kind of project. Planning increases the efficiency of a project. It facilitates proper coordination within partners involved. It aids in organising all available resources and motivates everyoneIt encourages creativity and innovation and it also helps in decision-making.

CommunicationMake sure it is clear.