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Workplace Safety Tips

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Workplace Safety TipsNot all workplace accidents can be avoided but we can follow some workplace safety measures to avoid injuries at workplace. Have a look on some tips to which will assist workers to do their best to lower their chances of getting hurt at work.

Workplace Safety Tip - 1Wear appropriate safety gear - Hardhats, goggles, steep tipped shoes, use tight fitting safety gloves etc.

Workplace Safety Tip -2Check work equipment: Make sure all the equipments are in good order and there are no exposed wires and leaky hoses. Check for manufacturing defects.

Workplace Safety Tip -3Do your own site inspection: Make sure all scaffolding is secure. Check for all potential hazards and report them to the job foreman.

Workplace Safety Tip -4Exercise caution operating heavy machinery: Crane operators and other heavy equipment operators should be aware of all hazards.

Workplace Safety Tip -5Refrain from drinking or using drugs: Dont use drugs and drinks at the time of work as it may cause harm.

Workplace Safety Tip -6Practice proper lifting techniques: Use proper lifting techniques. Wear something for back support. Lift from the knees and engage the assistance of a coworker when lifting something heavy.

Workplace Safety Tip -7Watch out for electrical hazards: Know when it is appropriate to shut off power. Do not take unnecessary risks.

Workplace Safety Tip -8Be wary of unsteady floors or open trenches

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