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What would life be like without Government? Better…why? Worse…why? Should you be active in Government? How can you be? What does our Government do for us? Protect us Provide education Protect our health Protect our environment Pave streets Regulate traffic Punish criminals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



WORKINGS OF OUR GOVERNMENTWhat would life be like without Government?Betterwhy?Worsewhy?Should you be active in Government?How can you be?What does our Government do for us?Protect usProvide educationProtect our healthProtect our environmentPave streetsRegulate trafficPunish criminalsProtect civil rightsWHAT IS GOVERNMENT? the institution which a society makes and enforces its public policies.

Every Government (Federal and all State) have 3 basic kinds of power:

Legislative the power to make lawExecutive the power to execute, enforce and administer lawJudicial the power to interpret lawsTHE STATEThe state is any body of people, living in a defined territory, organized politically (with a government), and with the power to make and enforce laws with a higher authority.

190 states in the worldTHE STATE4 things a State must have:POPULATION a State must have people (any number)TERRITORY must have area (no limits)San Marino is 24 square milesRussia is 6.6 million milesSOVEREIGNTY the State has absolute power within it own territory and can decide all policiesGOVERNMENT a State must be politically organizedOrigins of the StateThe Force TheoryThe force theory states that one person or a small group took control of an area and forced all within it to submit to that persons or groups rule.The Evolutionary TheoryThe evolutionary theory argues that the state evolved naturally out of the early family.The Divine Right TheoryThe theory of divine right holds that God created the state and that God gives those of royal birth a divine right to rule.The Social Contract TheoryThe social contract theory argues that the state arose out of a voluntary act of free people.What is the purpose of the UNITED STATES Government?

THE PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENTForm a more perfect union to better unite the countryEstablish Justice to protect and serve youInsure Domestic Tranquility peace at homeProvide for a common Defense Defend ourselves abroadProvide for General Welfare to take care of its citizens (clean food, water and air)Secure blessing of Liberty provide Basic civil rights6 purposes of governmentWrite me 3-5 sentences telling me which of the 6 purposes of our government is the most important.

The 4 Types of Governments

DictatorshipOne-person rule. Ruler has total control. Absolute monarchs are also dictatorships.

ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES1. People may be united in their loyalty to a dictator since there is no competition for trust and affection.2. In an emergency, a dictator can move quickly to take action. No time is lost in debate or discussion.1. People are afforded little or no individual liberty. Civil rights are trampled on.2. A dictators policies suit his/her own needs. Needs of the people may be neglected.3. Decision making has a narrow base - can be flawed, wrong, dangerous, and not fully supported by the people.



Other dictators CAN YOU NAME THEMOligarchyForm of government in which the power is in the hands of a few persons or small group (who have the combined power of a dictator.)

ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES1. Decisions can be made relatively quickly. 2. May provide expert leadership while avoiding the danger of one-person rule. 3. In theory, they are the most educated members of society. 4. Members of the oligarchy listen to each other - they work together to rule. Same as Dictatorship(Needs and wants of the people are not necessarily considered.)Direct DemocracyGovernment in which all citizens have equal power in decision making.

ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES1. Every citizen has equal power in matters of government. Every citizen is involved in the decision making.2. Since all citizens are involved in decision making, there is a broad base of support and loyalty.3. Individual liberties are protected.1. Only works when a small number of people are involved. Ability to gather all citizens in one place is necessary.2. Decision making involving all citizens is time-consuming. All citizens give in-put, debate, etc...Representative DemocracyGovernment in which people elect representatives who hold the decision making power.

ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES1. Citizens are involved in decision making through their representatives, lobbying, and voting.2. Representatives are aware their job depends on meeting the needs of their constituents.3. More likely that all elements of the population are represented.4. Generally, reps are educated and more-capable citizens who can devote time needed to solve complex problems.1. Decision making is time consuming. Desire of representatives to please everyone may cripple system.2. Representatives may not always agree with those they represent.3. Lack of involved citizenry may allow special interest groups to influence or dominate representatives.Classification by Geographic Distribution of PowerUnitary GovernmentA unitary government has all powers held by a single, central agency.Confederate GovernmentA confederation is an alliance of independent states.Federal GovernmentA federal government is one in which the powers of government are divided between a central government and several local governments.An authority superior to both the central and local governments makes this division of power on a geographic basis.Classification by the Relationship Between Legislative and Executive Branches

HISTORY OF GOVERNMENTsandrepublicsGovernment is among the oldest of all human inventions!More than 2,000 years B.C. there were Governments.Why? Is it necessary?Greeks and Romans has very specialized governments with a Senate, Consuls (like our Pres. And VP) and various Governors to rule their provinces.

Politicswhat is the difference between politics and government?Politics is the process of creating and maintaining lawsGovernment is the institution itself

man is by nature a political animal- Aristotle (250 B.C.)

LETS READ PAGE 17 TOGETHERTHE AMErICAN CONCEPT OF DEMOCRACYDemocracy rests on these notions:Recognition of the worth of the individual.Respect for the equality of everyone.Faith in Majority rule, and furthering of minority rights.Necessity of Compromise.Insistence upon individual freedoms.1. WorthEveryone is of equal importanceThis doesnt mean everyone is equalMoneyJobsHouseEtc

Equalityequality of opportunityequality before the lawJust as with worth, not everyone is equal

Majority rule, minority rightsStrongest and richest do not automatically ruleDemocracy is a trial-n-error process

Minority will always be recognized and helpedCompromiseDecisions are compromisedEvery decision goes through a process of argument

Individual freedomWe as Americans have freedom to do as we wish.Many Communist and dictatorships limit the freedoms of their citizensNo cell phonesNo internetNo schooling