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Learn from Zeon Solutions Search Engine Marketing Specialists, Renee and Rachel through their key takeaways from WordCamp MKE 2014 as they review Google My Business, Citations, Local Links and On-Page Optimization.


  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 1 An inside look into Google Local and building local links. LOCAL OR BUST!
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 2 RACHEL HOWE Senior Search Marketing Specialist SEO Setup Lead Outdoorsy. Crafty. Foodie. RENEE GIRARD Senior Search Marketing Specialist Part-Time Link Hygienist Lover of Tea & Rescue Mutts. W H O W E A R E @r8chel_marie @renee_girard
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 3 Founded in 2003 HQ Milwaukee, WI W H E R E W E W O R K Milwaukee, WI Ann Arbor, MI
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 4 BACKGROUND Local search fundamentals THE OPPORTUNITY Missed opportunities for visibility THE SOLUTION Google My Business, on-page & off-page RESOURCES Further learning and key takeaways A G E N D A
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 6 What is it? L o c a l s e a r c h e n g i n e o p t i m i z a t i o n i s t h e p r a c t i c e o f i n c r e a s i n g y o u r v i s i b i l i t y f o r g e o - b a s e d s e a r c h e s . W H AT I S I T ?
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 7 W H AT I S I T ?
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 8 Local Optimization Fundamentals G o o g l e M y B u s i n e s s C l a i m , o p t i m i z e a n d s h a r e O n - P a g e O p t i m i z a t i o n O p t i m i z e we b s i t e l a n d i n g p a g e s ( l o c a l i z e m e t a t a g s & c o p y ) O f f - P a g e O p t i m i z a t i o n C i t a t i o n s , b a c k l i n k s a n d d i r e c t o r y l i s t i n g s ( m o n i t o r & p u r s u e ) L O C A L S E A R C H F U N D A M E N TA L S
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 10 Opport unit y C ost : Les s vis ibility Los t bus ines s to c ompetitor s W hy it Mat t ers: Loc al vis ibility Mobile s ear c hes O P P O RT U N I T Y C O S T Source: http://selnd.com/1hBzXUQ
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 11 Map Pack Carousel Local 7 Pack P L A C E M E N T O P P O RT U N I T I E S
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 12 C o r r e l a t i o n b e t we e n u n i v e r s a l s e a r c h a n d l o c a l s e a r c h P L A C E M E N T O P P O RT U N I T I E S
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 13 A D D I T I O N A L P L A C E M E N T O P P O RT U N I T I E S Non-Local Query Local Map Pack Local 7 Pack
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 14 T H E L O C A L P O T E N T I A L I S M A S S I V E 15-20% Of all searches are mobile 79% Of people who own a mobile device, conduct local searches. 2015 When mobile will surpass desktop 4,000,000,000 Out of 7,000,000,000 Google searches have local intent
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 15 Sites that arent mobile friendly, will see a negative impact on their rankings in the mobile search results. L A S T W O R D O N M O B I L E Matt Cutts H e a d o f G o o g l e s W e b S p a m Te a m
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 16 PART I GOOGLE MYBUSINESS THE SOLUTION
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 17 Google My Business Int erf ace f or B u s i n e s s P a g e s B r a n d P a g e s G o o g l e + M a p s Functionality + 1 ( S h a r e s ) R e v i e w s ( Z a g a t ) C o m m u n i t i e s P h o t o s V i d e o s U p d a t e s H a n g o u t s W H AT I S I T ?
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 18 G O O G L E L O C A L R A N K I N G FA C T O R S Whats Important? Proper category associations NAP consistency Name Address Phone Number Number of reviews Proximity to centroid (location)
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 19 G O O G L E R E V I E W S https://www.whitespark.ca/review-handout-generator To encourage reviews for your business: Remind your customers to leave a review Become active on Google & respond to reviews Verify your business!
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 20 CREATE & CLAIM Create a Gmail account. Claim (list) your business(s) & optimize. INCLUDE CATEGORIES Select up to 5 category associations for your Google Local page. ADD IMAGES, VIDEOS & DESCRIPTION Include a business description, along with photos and videos. GET REVIEWS! Include a link to Google page on website & pursue reviews. G O O G L E M Y B U S I N E S S
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 21 PART II ON-PAGE THE SOLUTION
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 22 On-Page WordPress Landing Page Consistent NAP Keyword and city, state in title tags/H1 tag Keyword in URL Structured data for the Knowledge Graph (schema.org/LocalBusiness) Embed Google Map O P T I M I Z E L O C A L L A N D I N G PA G E ( S ) Included in WP plugins like Yoast Local SEO
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 23 L O C A L L A N D I N G PA G E ( S ) M O C K U P
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 24 CREATE PAGE(S) Each location should have its own page with mostly unique content. OPTIMIZE FOR KEYWORD Your keyword is the category association. Include it with City, State in the meta data, copy & URL. ADD NAP & INFO Include NAP along with hours, contact person, driving directions, 800 number, email address, photos, etc. LINK TO REVIEWS Include links or icons pointing to your most valuable citations such as Google Local, Yelp, Facebook, etc. O N - PA G E O P T I M I Z AT I O N
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 25 PART III OFF-PAGE THE SOLUTION
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 26 A citation is not a backlink. It is a mention of a business name in close proximity to its address, phone number, or both. Citations are used by search engines to weigh both the accuracy and popularity of businesses. Unstructured Citation: A mention of any part of your NAP (Name, Address or Phone number). Structured Citation: A mention of your entire NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number). W H AT I S A C I TAT I O N ? Source: http://bit.ly/1mrWUg3
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 27 Citations (biggest portion of local algo) NAP consistency Number of citations Domain Authority of citation sources Proper category associations Proximity to centroid Number of reviews C I TAT I O N FA C T O R S
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 28 Backlinks Anchor text Number of backlinks Domain Authority of backlink sources B A C K L I N K FA C T O R S
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 29 Social Number of Google+ shares Number of Google +1s Number of Facebook likes Number of Twitter followers S O C I A L FA C T O R S
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 30 Option #1: Purchase tool or software (Moz Local or Yext) Option #2: Claim listings through local data distributors (the Big 4) Option #3: Manually find sources through Google search operators (ex. site:.org) H O W T O C L A I M Y O U R C I TAT I O N S
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 31 P R O S & C O N S O F U S I N G D ATA D I S T R I B U T O R S Pros Automatically submits listings Manage listings from a single dashboard Analytics reports Cons Expensive & slow Fixed list Doesnt include all sources
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 32 T O P L O C A L D ATA D I S T R I B U T O R S : I N F O G R O U P
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 33 T O P L O C A L D ATA D I S T R I B U T O R S : N E U S TA R L O C A L E Z E
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 34 T O P L O C A L D ATA D I S T R I B U T O R S : A C X I O M
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 35 T O P L O C A L D ATA D I S T R I B U T O R S : FA C T U A L
  • #WCMKE | @r8chel_marie | @renee_girard 36 T O P C I TAT I O N S F O R T H E