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How does Promise Keepers serve women and how do they benefit?


  • Creating FulfillingRelationships

    Promise Keepers is a ministry designed to ignite and unite men to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ through living out the 7 Promises of a Promise Keeper - to God, other men, their family, their church and their community.

  • Promise Keepers vision is simple: Transforming Ordinary Guys into Extraordinary Men! Most men deeply desire to be men of their word - men of integrity. Men are often isolated, particularly by work. Yet they want closer friendships and to be a vital part of a community. All men have influence; they want to make a positive impact and leave a last-ing legacy. Men who are married want to be better husbands and fathers.Promise Keepers mission is to help men experience transformation.

    Why should I encourage the man in my life to attend a Promise Keepers Event?

    Promise Keepers Mens Events are designed to awaken men to their full potential and inspire them to commit to an ongoing process of change, character building and integrity. You can be instrumental in enabling your man to attend Promise Keepers. Your encouragement and affirmation could help him and his friends be part of Promise Keepers.

    Promise Keepers is just awesome. My husband has been four times and each time he comes back with an ignited soul, and looks so refreshed. He has learnt so much about how to walk with God. Thank you for inspiring and encouraging him, as men do need encouragement. PK encourages men to face their failures, bring them out in the open and walk on with God with a stronger faith, as my husband is an example of that. Thank you. Lynette, Oamaru

    Is Promise Keepers only for married men?

    Promise Keepers Events have something for every man from 11 years to 99 years. While many men who attend Promise Keepers are married, single men (including widowed and divorced men) report that insights gained at Promise Keepers Events give them a greater understanding in relating to God and in other significant relationships.

    We encourage the men from our church to go. We need to support them as this is such a great way for men to build and improve relationships in all areas plus have great fellowship with each other, coming home topped up spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Adele, Greymouth

    Promise Keepers - Transforming Men

  • Promise Keepers - Transforming MenWhat should I expect from my man after he has attended a Promise Keepers Event?

    It takes most men some time to process the things they experi-ence at a Promise Keepers Event. The Event can jump-start a mans spiritual life but change and growth often take time. In any relationship, usually both people need to make some adaptations for meaningful change to take place. Your encouragement will help this.

    My husband and two boys now growing into men have attended Promise Keepers for a number of years and I have seen such a change in my husband from a man who was addicted to a suffocating addiction to the man he is today - a man of God, a strong and dedicated husband and ambassador for God. I thank God each day for how He has not only changed my husband, but our marriage, and influenced the young men in our family. I hope Promise Keepers will continue to touch mens hearts through the Holy Spirit. Jacqui, Levin

    How Can I Get Involved?VolunteersMany women willingly volunteer to help in the various areas of production and support at all our Events, as well as offering year-round help with mailouts and office work. They are highly appreci-ated and their help is gratefully received. If you would like to be a Promise Keepers volunteer please respond by filling out the form in this brochure.

    Women for Promise KeepersWe are asking for something very powerful and effective - your prayers! Your prayers can have a massive effect. Would you consider being part of this essential team? If you would like to be added to the Women for Promise Keepers team and receive regular prayer request updates, please fill out the form in this brochure or call 0800 PROMISE (77 66 47).

    This is fantastic and I would be very privileged to pray for Promise Keepers. We have reaped as a family so much from your Events and I am blessed with a won-derful husband who has taken on so much of what you have taught him, and three amaz-ing sons, two of whom are old enough to come along and have been grounded on His amazing foundation. Jude, Tauranga

  • DawnAugust 2010 I have a husband attending [Promise Keep-ers Christchurch 2010] and he has never committed his life to Christ. I believe that God has put this in action and pray that his heart will open to Gods voice and the love He has to give us. I believe this could be what I have dreamt of for our family for so long...

    SamuelAugust 2011 I accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour of my life at Promise Keepers in Christchurch last year. I repented of all my sins and received Gods forgiveness. When I returned home everything changed. My wife and I became closer and stronger in

    our marriage. Like my wife said, there was now a third person in our relationship and that was God. She fell in love with me all over again. All this affected our two children as well. As a result we are a happier family. My wife and I bought my first Bible. I started reading every day. We also started going to church more regularly and taking a more active part. We also pray as a family regularly. Kids also say their prayers at night.My wife and I also pray regularly as a couple nearly every day. We have also joined a Bible study group.I was baptised at Lake Ohau last October. I have been blessed in my business also! As I look back I only wish all this had hap-pened earlier in my life!

    DawnFor the first time in 13 years of marriage we are on the same page of the same book!I cant thank God [enough] for His grace and love! I cannot wait to come home. When we first got married we used to finish each others sentences and there we are again. I love being in love all over again!

    Dawn & Samuel Its a loverevolution!

    I love being in love all over again!