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    Give your January diet a helping hand with these flattering new looks from our fave high street stores

    and slim!Shop here...Sh

    These well-designed, fuss-free

    clothes dont add any extra

    bulk. And clever accessories

    and vertical stripes always

    make easy work of elongating

    your figure fast


    Gives just the right mix of

    smart and casual to your look.

    You can feel comfortable

    while wearing tailored pieces

    that help give your body a

    boost where its needed



    Layer up floaty fabrics with

    woolly skirts and coats to stay

    warm without adding volume.

    The bold designs will draw the

    eye away from problem areas



    28, sizes 6-22Versatile, this top evens out

    wide shoulders

    15.99 The tassels on this bag will help draw the eye

    up and down

    Jacket, 65, jeans, 26, both

    sizes 6-22, bag, 24

    80, sizes 6-22 Skims wide hips, great for slim pins

    35, sizes 6-24Thick fabrics hide lumps and bumps

    99, sizes 6-24 Cinch in a waist in this must-buy

    35, sizes 6-24 Wear over a shirt to trim big arms

    39.50, sizes 6-24 Flash some flesh in sheer sleeves

    19.99, sizes 6-18 Stripes add style to a classic shirt

    24.99 A cut-out ensures ankles

    are never in focus

    29.99, sizes 6-18 Balances wide

    hips and shoulders

    25 Add some sparkle round your neck

    69 Make your feet the focus!

    35, sizes 6-22 Straight-legged trousers help to hide big hips

    52 High ankle boots disguise big ankles

    22, sizes 8-20 Creates a slim silhouette

    12, sizes 8-20 Skims over a large tum

    MataLaNFeminine, budget-conscious

    styles for work. Or if youre

    just heading into town,

    these simple pieces are

    tailored to fit and flatter

    10 Go for a big barrel bag to appear smaller

    Coat, 120, jumper, 69, trousers, 35, all sizes 8-24, shoes, 29.50

    White top, 7, skirt, 14, sleeveless blazer, 16, all sizes 8-20

    Bomber, 22.99, shirt, 19.99,

    both sizes 6-18

    compiled by faye m smith

    15 Points make feet look


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