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  • Process, Critical Factors, Benefits & Results ofFOAMED ASPHALT PAVINGA publication of

  • Foam asphalt injection is a technique that while used throughout Europe, has not been widely used in the United States. The process refers to liquid asphalt oil that is foamed into the form of bubbles and used to rehabilitate pavement as a stabilization agent.

    By injecting cold water together with the superheated hot asphalt, the water temperature rises and becomes steam. When the asphalt and steam are injected into ambient air, the asphalt temporarily expands into bubbles which greatly increases the surface area.

    In partnership with Tri-County Paving, Wolf Paving completed the first foam asphalt injection project in Waukesha County. Waukesha Co. Road Program New Berlin, WI

  • Want to steam-roll ahead? Heres what were going to cover.DETAILS & PROCESS STEPS4 Pulverization5 Shaping6 Mixing7 Compaction8 DetailsCRITICAL FACTORS11 EnvironmentalWater, Temperature, TransportationBENEFITS & RESULTS12 Foamed vs. Traditional 13 Results14. About Wolf Paving

  • Steps To Foam Asphalt StabilizationPulverization Of The Existing Road Surface

  • Steps To Foam Asphalt StabilizationShaping the Surface to Near Final Grade

  • Steps To Foam Asphalt StabilizationMixing and Injection of Foamed Asphalt Cement

  • Steps To Foam Asphalt StabilizationCompaction to Final Grade

  • The foamed asphalt process aligns with the forceful expansion of asphalt cement.

  • Hot reaction is similar to adding water to hot oil in a traditional paving process. In a foamed process, the reaction is controlled.

  • After the mixing process, a padfoot roller is used for initial compaction, a rubber tired roller is used as the breakdown roller, followed by a steel drum roller as the finish roller.

  • CRITICAL FACTORSWeather & Site Conditions Too dry = hinders foaming process Too wet = foam clings to itself rather than aggregates in the pulverized base

    Quantity of WaterA substantial amount of water is needed during the injection and final grading process.

    TransportationTransportation for water and materials as well as the equipment train throughout the project require significant space which works for roadways but poses a challenge for parking lots

    Temperature of OilThe ideal temperature for the hot oil is 340 degrees. Hotter oil may coke-up or ash slightly. Cooler oil hinders the production of foam.

  • BENEFITSRoads open to traffic faster.Deeper road stabilization (up to 14 inches)Foamed Asphalt vs. Traditional TechniquesMaterial can be stockpiled for a longer period of time.

  • A cost effective solution to strengthen road base.

  • ABOUT Wolf Paving is a third-generation family-owned business with various locations throughout South East Wisconsin. By controlling the raw ingredients, Wolf Paving can produce any type of asphalt mix to handle unique challenges whether its steep hills where cracking can be a problem, or a flat driveway, Wolf Paving builds asphalt solutions designed to look better and last longer.

  • With a long professional history, the experts at Wolf Paving are experienced and trained to handle virtually any paving project of any size, whether it is residential, commercial or municipal. We meet all your asphalt needs from driveways to highways.



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