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  • 7/27/2019 Within the Heart Sutra


    Natures WisdomNatural Health and Nutritional Counseling

    2004 Charles Partito N.D. All Rights Reserved,

    !"e#t $here mar%ed $ith individual "o#&rights


  • 7/27/2019 Within the Heart Sutra



    'ore mone& has (een s#ent and more %no$ledge gained in the realm o) healthand disease sin"e *+00 than in all o) #revious histor& "om(ined. Des#ite thetremendous advan"es in medi"al s"ien"e over the #ast *00 &ears, there is more

    disease toda&, right no$,- than ever in the histor& o) man%ind. ased on these)a"ts, logi" $ould di"tate, /he smarter $e get, the si"%er $e (e"ome.-

    'odern Ameri"a s#ends more mone& on disease #revention than an& other"iviliation in histor&. 1et $e are the si"%est, most over$eight, most de#ressed,most diseaseridden "iviliation in the histor& o) man%ind, living 3i) &ou "an "all itthat, as the last *2 &ears o) li)e on average are usuall& not #leasant to anaverage age o) 56. 'ean$hile, there are *+ other "iviliations living to anaverage age o) *00 *20. /hese so"ieties are virtuall& disease)ree. /he& are inhealth until the da& the& die. Ho$ "an this (e #ossi(le7 Who %no$s $h& this is7

    We at NA/8R9 W:9D;'- %no$ $h&< We also understand that there is onl&one thing on arth that heals or "ures the human (od&, and that is ==.. /hehuman (od&ust as it has )or all

    our "lients. Dis"over true health no$, (e"ome &ounger as &ou gro$ older itssim#le, ine!#ensive and highl& e))e"tive.


  • 7/27/2019 Within the Heart Sutra


    Is There A Need For Natural Healin

    3A:n *+00, 20? o) all Ameri"ans over the age o) 40 su))ered )rom some )ormo) "hroni" degenerative disease 3heart disease, "an"er, dia(etes, et"..

    39in"e *+00 $e have gained more %no$ledge in disease #revention than in

    all #revious histor& "om(ined. :magine all the (oo%s that )ill the medi"alar"hives.

    3C/he hos#ital industr& is "urrentl& ran%ed in the to# @ industries in the8nited 9tates. /here $ere ver& )e$ hos#itals in *+00.

    3D/oda& $e have one o) the (est do"tor#atient ratios in the $orld. /here$ere ver& )e$ Allo#athi" 3traditional do"tors in *+00.

    3/here are "urrentl& some @00,000 #harma"euti"al outlets, distri(uting"ountless amounts o) drugs dail&. /here $ere )e$ Drug 9tores- in *+00.

    3B/he eui#ment and methods used toda& in the diagnosis and treatment o)disease are in"redi(le $hen "om#ared to $hat $as used in *+00.

    3'ultitrillions o) dollars have (een s#ent on disease #revention sin"e *+00.

    3H/he training o) toda&s do"tors is )ar su#erior to the training availa(le in*+00.

    9o mu"h more "ould (e said regarding the tremendous advan"es made inmedi"al s"ien"e o) toda& as "om#ared to *+00. 9o logi" $ould di"tatethere is mu"h less disease toda& than in *+00, right7

    Des#ite all the tremendous advan"es in medi"ine sin"e the turn o) the "entur&,$e are si"%er toda& 3right no$ than $e have ever (een. :n )a"t, over 50? o)

    Ameri"as #o#ulation (e&ond the age o) 40 su))ers )rom some )orm o) a "hroni"degenerative disease, o)ten )rom 2 or more diseasesE this is a F@0? in"rease in

    disease sin"e *+00. /he Ameri"an 'edi"al Asso"iation and the World Health;rganiation (oth admit, Ameri"a is in the $orst e#idemi" o) "hroni"degenerative disease that man%ind has ever %no$n

  • 7/27/2019 Within the Heart Sutra


    The M"th o# Health in A$eri%a

    /he medi"al industr& $ould have us (elieve that $e are the healthiest, (est)ednation on earth. /he truth is Ameri"a is a si"% "ountr&< ++? o) its inha(itantssu))er in some manner )rom minor ailments to ver& deadl& diseases.

    /he medi"al industr& $ould have us (elieve that $e are a"tuall& living longertoda& than $e did in *+00. /hat is not an a""urate statement. :n the earl& *+00s$e had an a(normall& high in)ant mortalit& rate due to unsanitar& "onditions andmalnutrition. When &ou )a"tor in the a(normall& high in)ant mortalit& rate o) theearl& *+00s $ith the #eo#les li)es#an that survived in)an"&, it made the #eo#le o)the earl& *+00s seem li%e the& had short li)e s#ans. /he truth is the #eo#le o)the earl& *+00s $ho lived #ast in)an"& usuall& lived as long i) not longer lives

    than do the #eo#le $ho live #ast in)an"& o) toda&. Not onl& did the #eo#le o) theearl& *+00s o)ten live longer than the #eo#le o) toda&, the& lived a mu"h higherualit& o) li)e than $e do toda&. A""ording to the Ameri"an 'edi"al Asso"iation$e are "urrentl& living to an average age o) 56. Ho$ever, the last *2 3onaverage o) our 56 &ears are s#ent "erti)ia(l& si"% (& a #h&si"ian. Were tal%ingma>or dis"om)orts, not "olds and )lu. /he )ollo$ing are some alarming statisti"so) Ameri"as health #i"ture : thin% the #u(li" should (e made a$are o)G

    /here have (een )our medi"al do"tor stri%es in the last *0 &ears. :n those "ities $here thestri%es too% #la"e, the death rate dro##ed (et$een 40 and 60?.

    /he 8.9. Pu(li" Health 9ervi"e re"ognies a mere F,400,000 o) our over 25@,000,000 #eo#leas (eing health&< /his is onl& * ?.

    Ameri"as $orst drug o))enders are #h&si"ians. /he num(er o) #h&si"ians on hard drugs3heroin, "o"aine, o#ium et". is a(out *+ times greater then the num(er addi"ted to the samedrug among the general #o#ulation. A""ording to a series arti"les #rinted in the Ne$ 1or%/imes.

    :n *++6 the third leading "ause o) death in Ameri"a $as, are &ou read&7 'edi"al Drugs< /he @th leading "ause o) death in the 8nited 9tates is in)e"tious disease "ontra"ted $hile

    sta&ing in a hos#ital.


  • 7/27/2019 Within the Heart Sutra


    /he Bederal Center o) Disease Control admitted that (et$een *+5F and *+IF, I5? o) all"ases o) #olio in the 89 $ere "aused (& the #olio va""ine, and )rom *+I0 through *+I+, it$as *00?.

    /he 8.9. Pu(li" Health 9ervi"e determined $hi"h nation $as the healthiest in the $orld. ;)the *00 #arti"i#ating nations, Ameri"a $as rated the healthiest in *+00. :n *+20 $e dro##edto J2. During WW:: $e $ent (a"% u# to J*. As sugar and meat $ere hard to get, )amil&

    vegeta(le gardens $ere "ommon and do"tors $ere a$a& at $ar. /he $ar ended and (& *+5I$e $ere ran%ed 5+th. :n *+I0, $e $ere +@th. :n *++0 $e $ere ran%ed last 3*00 th and haveremained there.

    /he Ith largest %iller o) Ameri"ans is "alled iatrogeni" disease. /his means diseases "aused(& do"tors treatments.

    :n *+55 9urgeon eneral C. verett Coo# "on"luded in his stud& o) $h& $e get disease that,I out o) *0 diseases are "aused (& im#ro#er diet.-

    ;ver @,000,000,000 slee#ing #ills are "onsumed annuall&. ;ver 200,000,000 Ameri"ans are hoo%ed on one or more drug ha(its. /he most )reuentl&

    used drugs are "a))eine, 3in "o))ee and so)t drin%s, salt and other "ondiments, ni"otine,al"ohol, as#irin, theine 3in tea, theo(romine 3in "o"oa and "ho"olate and vinegar.

    An estimated 20,000,000,000 (ar(iturate and am#hetamine #ills are ta%en annuall& (&Ameri"ans.

    /ranuiliers are a $a& o) li)e )or millions o) Ameri"ans. /oda& I6? o) Ameri"as "hildren "annot #ass a minimum #h&si"al )itness test. /hat

    "om#ares to @I.6? in *+@4. :n *+I4 K400 (illion $ere s#ent on Lhealth "are.L a"h )amil& $as saddled $ith an average o)

    K6,I00 in &earl& medi"al "osts, mostl& indire"tl& through ta!es. K*,400,000,000,000 3*.4 /rillion $ere s#ent in 2002 on health "are 3thats $hat the& "all it

    a"tuall& its $hat Ameri"ans s#end on diseases. A(out *,000,000,000 visits are made to #h&si"ians annuall& in the 8.9.A. Another

    F@0,000,000 are made to hos#ital emergen"& rooms and "lini"s. ;ver 40,000,000 Ameri"ans $ill s#end some time in a hos#ital ea"h &ear. :n *+00 dia(etes $as the 25th leading "ause o) death. :n 2004 it $as the Frd leading "ause o)

    death. :nsulin $as dis"overed in *+22. A(out 60,@00,000 Ameri"ans 322? su))er )rom allergies. ;ver 60? o) the Ameri"an #o#ulation su))ers )rom de)e"tive vision. ;ver +F,@00,000 Ameri"ans 3F4? are o(ese. 60? are over$eight. 1et nearl& all Ameri"ans

    are malnourished in one $a& or another des#ite gross overeating. A(out **,000,000 Ameri"ans 34? su))er )rom the s%in disease #soriasis. Another estimated

    *I0,000,000 36@? su))er less severe )orms o) s%in disease su"h as a"ne, e"ema, $arts,moles, rashes, (lot"hes, et".

    ;ver @0? o) Ameri"ans su))er )rom "hroni" digestive disorders. /here are some *+,000,000 35? dia(eti"s or near dia(eti"s in Ameri"a. /here are a(out 6*,000,000 322? insomnia"s in Ameri"a. An estimated @@,000,000 Ameri"ans 320? su))er high (lood #ressure 3hertension. ;ver 25,@00,000 Ameri"ans 3*0? su))er )rom Lmental illness.L Nearl& all Ameri"ans su))er )rom digestive disorders. 'ost o) our #o#ulation 3+I.@? have (ad teeth. F6,000,000 3*F? have no teeth o) their o$n.

    Billings, dental "avities, de"a&ed and de)ormed teeth are so #revalent that the& are"onsidered normal. /he Washington Post stated that des#ite thousands o) tons o) tooth#aste,mouth$ashes, )luoridated $ater, et"., the Ameri"an mouth is a disaster area. /he average

    Ameri"an "hild has si! "avities (& s"hool age. ad teeth are s&m#tomati" o) (ad diet. Consti#ation is a national disease. Nine out o) ten Ameri"ans 3200,000,000 su))er )rom

    "logged "olons. /here are a(out 25,000,000 3*0? asthmati"s in this "ountr&.


  • 7/27/2019 Within the Heart Sutra




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