witchcraft - ?· azande witchcraft default explanation !!! physical substance !!! may be...

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Definitions of Witchcraft

Cross-cultural - inborn capacity, propensity to do evil

European - redefined as heresy, pact with devil. Mixed with sorcery beliefs.

Witch = the enemy within

Witchcraft Cross- culturally

Universal belief with similar features !!!

Utterly bad, unredeemable evil !!!

Fly, travel rapidly !!!

Gather in groups !!!

Animal familiars Do whatever is worst behavior

Turn to Page 214

Azande Witchcraft

Default explanation !!!

Physical substance !!!

May be unconscious

Use of divination

Reflections Witchcraft beliefs reflect cultural beliefs and concerns

Accusations - lines of existing social tension

Accusation, not self identifying

Functions Counteracts socially disruptive behavior

Enforce social cooperation

Outlet for hostility

Explanation for illness, misfortune

Focuses attention on victim

European Witchcraft

Reaction to pagan religions !!!


Christian ideas of evil, heresy

Christian Beliefs about Evil

Theological issue of omnipotent, omnibenevolent God

Satan and free will !!!

Jesus saves from evil

Miracles and Sorcery

Say only legitimate magic - miracles of Christ

Redefine Pagan magic as invoking evil spirits !!!!


What is Syncretism? Give some examples.


Read about Salem Pg.222 Talk about modern examples

Check out Modern Day Witch Hunts




How does Witchcraft reflect human culture?

Why are popularized depiction's of witches different from, anthropological depiction's?

Your Project

Break up into groups of 4-5

Find a current example of a modern day witch hunt.

Answer; who, what, where, when and why this witch hunt is occurring.

Present your work to the class