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  • 1. Wisdom (and Folly) of the Crowds
    Jessica Keup

2. Outline
Crowdsourcing Marketplaces
Crowdsourcing Research
3. History
Crowdsourcing is a method of solving problems with, and outsourcing work, to the collective online intelligence
James Surowiecki - The Wisdom of Crowds, 2005
4. History
Remember outsourcing? Sending jobs to India and China is so 2003. The new pool of cheap labor: everyday people using their spare cycles to create content, solve problems, even do corporate R & D.
Jeff Howe - The Rise of Crowdsourcing, 2006
5. Crowdsourcing vs . . .
work given to pre-decided person or group
Open Source
initiated by public, not a client
6. Examples?
Netflix prize
Google image labeler
EquitySplash / Piqqem
7. Best Uses
Image tagging
Search relevance evaluation
Content generation
Product categorization
Collecting feedback and reviews
8. Pros
Labor at reduced cost
Huge potential workforce
Variety of opinions, ideas, experience
Consensus and better answers
9. Cons
10. Fixes
corroboration, ratings
qualification tests
11. Crowdsourcing Marketplaces
Mechanical Turk
Cloud Crowd
12. mTurk
Artificial Artificial Intelligence
Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs)
$0.00 and up, mostly a few cents
SDKs in Java, Ruby, Perl, .NET
Or, create through website UI*
13. Training AI
Computer Music Composition using Crowdsourcing and Genetic Algorithms
14. 15. 16. Research Examples
collecting creative drawings
rating audio and video sample quality
tagging location-sensitive queries and points of interest with mobile devices
remote massage
task delegation in Wikipedia
collecting volunteer expertise to help the homeless
annotating political campaign ads
17. More Research examples
describing and organizing geometric shapes*
tracking popular music
rating search result relevance
collecting user feedback
extracting product and brand information
tagging specific objects in an image
training speech recognition software
18. Questions?
19. References
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