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  1. 1. FEC R Word Class Testing Equipments An ISO 9001 Certified Co. Wire, Cable & Allied Product Test Equipments Cable, wire& allied product testing equipments Rubber & plastic testing Paper & Package testing Leather, Textile & Febric General lab equipments Our Product Range Happy to Introduce Huge range of testing Equipments We are happy to inform you that we are the leading manufacturer of World Class Footwear Industries Testing Equipments in north India. We are, the source for complete range of wire, cable & Allied product testing Equipment like Rubber & Plastic, Metal, Testing Equipments in north India. Kindly register us in your vendor list FEC has been promoted by engineer, who have long experience & expertise in the filed of manufacturing of testing equipments. Now the Industry can Interact freely in Engineering the people who have Understood the language and need of customer.... We have complete testing equipments for different type of shoes testing equipments as per govt. and private sector requirement like DGS&D, Defence, Railway, Export quality testing etc FEC having very technically strong person they are more than 25 year old in this industry.
  2. 2. ACCORDING TO NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL STANDARD : BIS, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, IS Our some main testing equipments related in these Industry Wire, Cable & Allied Product Testing Equipments Humidity (conditioning) chamber Toxicity Index tester Visibility due to smoke test chamber Limit oxygen Index Flammability test chamber Deep freezer (-20, -40) Specification gravity Shore-A hardness tester Plastic Impact tester Compression testing Dumbell Die and Pres Tensile testing machine Melt flow Index tester Muffle furnace Lab hot air oven Ageing oven Ozoen chamber Rain test chamber Din Abrasion tester Analytical balance Impact resistance tester A/C high voltage, Abbrassion, Flammability. Traveling micro scope Set of below items ?Kelvin ?One mtr, wooden strip ?10 Amprs D.C source ?Galvano meter Set of below Items Cold Impact Cold mendral Hordi formation Heat fog mendral Flammability Tester (with two burner) I. R. Box (Insulation resistance) D. C High Voltage (0-2 Kva) A. C High Voltage (50 Ampears) Spark tester on line (capacity 15 K. V) Ageing oven Ozone chamber Rain test chamber Din Abrasion tester Analytical Balance Special Purpose Machine Metal Impact Tester Wire Tortion Abbrassion tester ISO ASTM and ISO Enduramce Tester Compression tester Sales Office: 9A, Gurudwara Road, Hari Vihar (Kakraula), Opp. Metro Poll No. 816, New Delhi 110043 (INDIA). Correspondence Address : Plot No. 35, K-1 Extn, Bank Wali Gali Gurudwara Road, Mohan Garden, Uttam Nager, Delhi -110059. Cell - 9811478874, 9811938703, 9212912990 E-mail - Info@fecproduct.com/ inquiry_fecproduct.com Website - www.fecproduct.com
  3. 3. We are proud of continual support of our customer and feel honored to be associated with them since their inception. We appreciate the confidence of our customers in our quality and performance. Following is the our esteemed customers Email- info@fecproduct.com Web- www.fecproducet.com Cell- 9811478874 FECValued Customers List


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