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This Southern California Lifestyle magazine, by Tiffany Laine, covers everything from healthy living to fashion and beyond.


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  • ever told a White lie? A reflection of 26 by Justin A. CalhounMy mind drifts to a hot and humid August night that feels like forever ago. From my recollection, it seems like it should have been pitch black outside... but all I really re-member is an unusually large ivory moon reflecting off of a glass-flat lake, and that the shimmering refraction was enough to illuminate the details of the shore and frame the horizons silhouette... all from where I sat on a speeding boat full of intoxicated friends and strangers.

    My observation dissolved immediately upon a stranger in-vading the bench where I had posted up in the rear of the boat to collect myself. I was annoyed initially, but quickly realized that my knee-jerk reaction precluded even a basic understanding of why I was here. So I guardedly opened myself to the socialization efforts being put forward.

    Unfortunately, it was the same old crap. A young person already stuck in the past... to hear this one talk, you would think that graduating high school was the equivalent of moving into ones first nursing home. The often endured yet vastly unidentified quarter-life crisis.

    I resisted the urge to litter the conversation with smart aleck remarks, and in retrospect I see this as one of the first times I practiced what I had been preaching for so long: I shut up and listened. The rant of you had to have been there senior-year stories was capped off with a complete exhala-tion of the great enthusiasm that had been mustered from reliving those experiences; it had been replaced by a vapid resignation of how those were the best times of a persons life, and that those times were now over.

    I paused and looked towards the shore, resulting in several seconds of silence. It was partially to make sure that the stranger had completed the thought, but mostly because the response that had jumped to mind was something that might have been a complete lie. But it was the right thing to do, so I bit my lip, cocked my chin and spoke a nervous wisdom.

    Thats no way to live. You HAVE to believe that the best times in your life are still in the future, no matter how old you are. If you cant have faith and honestly convince your-self of that... then your life will be a constant wash of regret and one thats hardly worth living.

    I wasnt entirely sure if I was the right one to be giving this advice, or much less where to go from there, so I took in a breath and became cognizant of my surroundings. The boat had crept to a stop and the water stilled. The scenic beauty of a completely unshared lake after midnight, the bonds being forged from laughter at the boats bow, a warm breeze echoing from the rolling hills and cliffs surrounding

    Photo by S. Randall Jones Photography - in Malibu, CA

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  • our personal paradise... and as if foreshadowing the picture-perfect sunrise we would all share in the coming hours, it dawned on me that TONIGHT was one of the best times of my life. My momentum was rolling now and I continued.

    Youll see that the times that you fondly look back upon were actually tainted with regret themselves. Your experi-ence at the time in question will be starkly different than your memory of it, and your life will be reduced to a cycle of wonderful things that happen but are unappreciated until after the fact. Its a peril of our human condition; that is, the only thing we know about ourselves and our lives comes from the vault of memories past. Unfortunately, if we rely on that to define who we are, we will never really give our-selves a chance to be happy for any extended period. The only constant in life is change, and if we dont accept that life will bring different kinds of greatness throughout its course, then well never be able to manifest a future thats worth replacing those memories from high school. Take it from someone who knows that feeling very well, and the subsequent experience of breaking through to the other side, its much better to be ignorantly optimistic than blindly nos-talgic...

    Then I was quiet, sensing the end of my brief enlightenment, and realizing anything said hereon would be redundant. The tele prompter that had provided this wisdom for me to regurgitate had since gone blank, and coupled with the con-ciseness and flawless delivery of my initial words, I took it as a sign. I flashed a confident grin to the stranger, took my own advice, and moved to join the conversation in the front of the boat. Face-burning laughter ensued within seconds.

    Im not sure if the stranger took anything from that night, but I know for certain that I did. What started off as a com-forting white lie became a philosophy to live by over the course of my thirty second impromptu dissertation. The universe smiled upon me and I was rewarded with a dawn that produced the most beautiful pink and teal tones on the still smooth water surface, and the memories of a lifetime to match.

    So what does this have to do with my 26th birthday? Amidst all of the old man commentary and heuristics of how growing up is supposed to feel, I found my mind searching for a philosophy to define what its like to be optimistic after your life loses the structure and infallibility that it once had. Admittedly, its a bit ironic to be writing the moral of not focusing on the past within the framework of a story that happened long ago. But now, at an arbitrary 26 times around this sun, I understand the difference and why it works:

    Today I took several hours to fondly look back on a past ex-perience that, in hindsight, has come to shape much of what I know to be right in the world today... but heres the kicker:

    I did so while witnessing the vivid California sun as it set over the Pacific, and I know in my heart that I feel the same enjoyment at this instant that I will looking back on this memory from some yet to be defined time in the future.

    I finally understand what it feels like to have gnosis, as I have learned to reject the notion that youthfulness is defined by anything more than a subconscious or conscious choice.

    And you know what? Every single day I look forward to the possibilities of tomorrow, and that with it might come another memory that Ill want to keep forever. If nothing else, I know that another beautiful sunset is a mere 23 hours away, and thats good enough for me.

    Thank you to all those I love, those that show love to me, and the strangers that teach us more than they will ever know!

    ~JACSee and hear more at: or talk about writ-ing, music, or life by e-mailing Justin at

    Justin is currently completing his Masters Degree at Harvard University. His 3-song compilation, Demonstration, was released in June and available on

    Photo by Erin Buehler Photography

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    Cover Photos by S. Randall Jones Photographytaken in Beverly Hills, California.

    Graphic Design by Judi Blisard OBryan

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  • Letter From The Editor Tiffanys Epiphany

    I remember being a young girl and my mother, Gloria,

    bringing home monthly magazines from the local

    supermarket. As soon as the brown paper bags hit the

    floor, I was plowing through the pasta and granola bars

    to find the library of wonder buried within. Like the kid

    digging through the cereal box for the prize at the bottom,

    I relentlessly perused those glossy pages and the window to

    a far-off world that they provided. It was a world shown

    through elegant pictures, inspiring people and fresh ideas

    that filled each page and kept me interested month after

    month, year after year.

    Looking back, I can see how that passion at a young age

    led me to where I am now and how my excitement for the printed work still resonates. In a world of digital

    distribution, theres just something more personal about a dedicated medium you have to see and feel to

    experience. Its all part of it, and it comes as an effect of my experiences with the culture and art magazines of


    Now its my turn to tell the stories.For those early-adopters who love intriguing profiles, you will enjoy an array of articles from ground-breaking

    documentary films to world-renown jewelry designers. The food lovers can feast their eyes