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18 Winter/Spring 2013like followMad Science Shutterbugs5 - 11yrsHow does a camera work? What does a lens do? How do our eyes work? What is a camera obscura? How did the idea of motion pictures start and how did early filmmakers figure out how to make images move? All these questions and more are answered in this hands-on program wherein campers get to experience many aspects of photography.Location: Central Saanich Cultural Centre Room A 75429 F 9am - 4pm Feb 15 $65Mad Science robots5 - 11yrsJoin us for a day of fun with amazing robots! Learn about the uses of robots in our world and spend time experimenting with sound sensing robots, line-tracking robots Discover the science of circuits and how robots use sensors to explore things around them.Location: Central Saanich Cultural Centre Room B75428 M 9am - 4pm Apr 15 $65Mad Science The Science of Sport5 - 11yrsWhat do football players, scientists and ballet dancers have in common? Explore how Newton helps us learn why we move the way we do and improve the games we play. Campers experiment with games and activities while learning how physical and chemical sciences affect their equipment, movement, and technique.Location: Central Saanich Cultural Centre Room B75427 M 9am - 4pm May 13 $65CaMPs & PRO day aCTIvITIesPRO-d day CaMPsPro-D Day adventures with Panorama5 - 11yrsLooking for a fun way to spend your day off from school? Join us every Pro-D Day for an action-packed day of games, sports, group activities, arts & crafts and swimming or skating! A theme-based activity schedule will be posted on our website one week prior to the camp. Daily registration is $40/day. Pre & post camp care are available for an additional cost for campers. Registration is required for both pre and post care.Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #773665 F 9am - 4pm Feb 15 $4073666 M 9am - 4pm Apr 15 $4073667 M 9am - 4pm May 13 $40Pro-D Day Camp Pre Care5 - 11yrsAvailable before Pro-D Day Camp. Registration is required.Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #773668 F 8am - 9am Feb 15 $573669 M 8am - 9am Apr 15 $573670 M 8am - 9am May 13 $5Pro-D Day Camp Post Care5 - 11yrsAvailable after Pro-D Day Camp. Registration is required.Location: Greenglade Community Centre Gymnasium73671 F 4pm - 5:30pm Feb 15 $773672 M 4pm - 5:30pm Apr 15 $773673 M 4pm - 5:30pm May 13 $7in mad Science programs, children will design, create, build and assemble a variety of interesting projects and will take at least one project home every day. children should dress comfortably and come ready to have some fun!fair isle farm Horse riding and Driving School - Pro-Day6 - 16yrsThis Pro-D Day camp will introduce campers to horseback riding and horse driving. We will cover basic riding and driving skills and will learn about horse care, horse safety, grooming, feeding and tacking. Suitable for the beginner or novice rider. Please wear comfortable clothes, boots or shoes with a small heel and a bicycle helmet. Please bring a snack and lunch.Location: Fair Isle Farm Barn75115 F 9am - 3pm Feb 15 $6575118 M 9am - 3pm Apr 15 $6575117 M 9am - 3pm May 13 $65active art Camp - Pro D Day5 - 13yrsSpend your Pro-D day creating, experimenting and exploring art. Learn some art facts, new techniques, use lots of cool supplies and leave with a bunch of amazing projects all made by you!Location: Panorama Recreation Centre Island Room75439 M 9am - 4pm Apr 15 $6019 www.panoramarecreation.caPro D Day Kids Shinny 6 - 10yrs School is out! Join us for a friendly, safe hockey scrimmage. Our qualified staff will teach participants various tech-niques to improve their game! Suitable for beginner players with skating experience. Full gear required including a full face mask. Goalies are free but registration is required. Location: Panorama Recreation Arena B - Ice 77401 M 1pm - 1:50pm Feb 15 $7 73663 M 1pm - 1:50pm Apr 15 $7 73664 M 1pm - 1:50pm May 13 $7sPRInG bReak CaMPsSun-sational Spring Break Camp5 - 11yrsYahoo! Spring Break is here! Well start the day off at Greenglade Community Centre with lots of games, sports, arts & crafts and group activities. After lunch, well head up to Panorama for an afternoon swim or skate. Theme-based activity schedules will be posted on our website one week prior to the camp. Pre & Post Care are available at an additional cost, registration is required.Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #7Week 173674 M 9am - 4pm Mar 11 $4073675 Tu 9am - 4pm Mar 12 $4073676 W 9am - 4pm Mar 13 $4073677 Th 9am - 4pm Mar 14 $4073678 F 9am - 4pm Mar 15 $40Week 273679 M 9am - 4pm Mar 18 $4073680 Tu 9am - 4pm Mar 19 $4073681 W 9am - 4pm Mar 20 $4073682 Th 9am - 4pm Mar 21 $4073683 F 9am - 4pm Mar 22 $40Spring Break Camp Pre Care5 - 11yrsPre camp care is available from 8 - 9am. Registration is required.Location: Greenglade Community Centre GymnasiumWeek 173688 M 8am - 9am Mar 11 $573689 Tu 8am - 9am Mar 12 $573690 W 8am - 9am Mar 13 $573692 Th 8am - 9am Mar 14 $573691 F 8am - 9am Mar 15 $5Week 273693 M 8am - 9am Mar 18 $573694 Tu 8am - 9am Mar 19 $573695 W 8am - 9am Mar 20 $573696 Th 8am - 9am Mar 21 $573697 F 8am - 9am Mar 22 $5Spring Break Camp Post Care5 - 11yrsPost camp care is available from 4 - 5:30pm. Registration is required.Location: Greenglade Community Centre GymnasiumWeek 173698 M 4pm - 5:30pm Mar 11 $773699 Tu 4pm - 5:30pm Mar 12 $773700 W 4pm - 5:30pm Mar 13 $773701 Th 4pm - 5:30pm Mar 14 $773702 F 4pm - 5:30pm Mar 15 $7Week 273703 M 4pm - 5:30pm Mar 18 $773704 Tu 4pm - 5:30pm Mar 19 $773705 W 4pm - 5:30pm Mar 20 $773706 Th 4pm - 5:30pm Mar 21 $773707 F 4pm - 5:30pm Mar 22 $7When registering for camps, please ensure your childs emergency contact and medical information is current. CaMPs & PRO day aCTIvITIes20 Winter/Spring 2013like followHorsen around: Horseback riding Camp8 - 14yrsLearn to ride on safe, experienced schooled horses. This camp will cover basic riding skills, horse care and safety around horses. Suitable for the beginner or novice rider. Please wear comfortable clothes, boot or shoe with a small heel and a bicycle helmet (boots and helmets are available at Westside, if needed). Half-day campers: please bring a snack and drink.Location: Westside Stables Stables75159 M - F 9am - 1pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$250Growing Young farmers Spring Break Camp7 - 14 yrsJoin Mr Organic this Spring Break at Panorama with daily visits to the Roost where children will learn to grow health-friendly organic food while having fun! Their hands-on learning experiences will include seeding, transplanting, good bugs vs. bad bugs, companion plants, edible flowers, composting, lasagna gardening, working with worms and much more! And of course there is FuN in the pool EVERYDAY! Location: Panorama Recreation Island Room75432 M - F 9am - 4pm Mar 11 - Mar 15 5/$16075133 M - F 9am - 4pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$160Sportball Multi-Sport Camp3 - 9yrsJoin the Sportball team for a spring break camp experience that your child will never forget! Children will participate in the skills and games of eight different ball sports. Sports include: soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, golf and football. Camps also incorporate arts and crafts, music, co-operative games and theme days. Activities will run indoors and outdoors as weather permits. Please bring a snack, drink and sunscreen.Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #103 - 5yrs75424 M - F 9am - 12pm Mar 11 - Mar 15 5/$1406 - 9yrs75425 M - F 1pm - 4pm Mar 11 - Mar 15 5/$140Mad Science Secret agent lab5 - 11yrsCampers will use forensic science to track down an elusive ice cream thief. A visit to Cell City will reveal the inner workings of DNA while a trip down the Organ Trail will provide a Body Portrait! Lemon Shockers, Brain Goo and Electroplating will thrill all junior chemists. We will discover how to get a rainbow in a test tube and build a Potato Power Plant during a day of radical chemical reactions. Camp-Day Themes include: At the Scene of the Crime, Organ Trail, Radical Reactions, Chemical Counting, Cell City.Location: North Saanich Middle School Science Classroom75430 M - F 9am - 4pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$198fair isle farm Horse riding and Driving School Camp6 - 16yrsThis camp is all about the horses. Campers will learn basic equine care and handling, with a focus on safety. Each camper will have a minimum of one mounted or driving lesson each day. Participants will also learn how to lead and catch a horse, how to turn it out at the end of the lesson and the basics of feeding, and tack care. Along with regular mounted lessons this camp offers a unique option. If you feel your child is not quite ready to ride, they can have a horse cart driving lesson with our miniature horse instead. For driving lessons an instructor will be in the cart with your child at all times. We also have craft sessions and other horse related activities every day. Kids have FuN at our camps! Please wear comfortable clothes, a boot or shoe with a small heel and a bicycle helmet. Please bring a snack and lunch.Location: Fair Isle Farm Barn75120 M - F 9am - 3pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$30075924 M - F 9am - 1pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$250CaMPs & PRO day aCTIvITIesIf your child is participating in a registered program @ Greenglade Community Centre, enjoy $2 drop-in admission to the Greenglade Weight Room during their program. See page 64 for the Greenglade Weight Room drop-in schedule.21 www.panoramarecreation.caCreative Craft & Splash Camp3 - 5yrsDrop off your child for a morning of arts and crafts followed by a pool adventure. Each day will consist of creative play followed by swimming adventure and a Red Cross Swimming lesson. Children should be dropped off wearing a dry bathing suit and an old T-shirt. Let us know your childs swim level at the time of registration and pick up your report card and badge or sticker on the last day.Location: Panorama Recreation Poolside Room73601 M - F 9:30am - 11am Mar 11 - Mar 15 5/$5973605 M - F 9:30am - 11am Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$59H2o adventure Camp6 - 9yrsThis half day camp is full of aquatic adventure. Each day will include a 2hr Red Cross swimming lesson, supervised play during our Everyone Welcome swim and an introduction to a new water sport like surfing, diving, snorkeling, underwater hockey and more. Please let us know your current swim level at the time of registration and receive an updated report card at the end of the week. Location: Panorama Recreation Poolside Room73606 M - F 1pm - 4pm Mar 11 - Mar 15 5/$109Junior lifeguard Camp8 - 12yrsThe Junior Lifeguard Club, a unique aquatic alternative for those kids who love the water and who want more than just lessons. The Junior Lifeguard Club keeps kids interested and active in aquatics, especially quick learners and those caught between levels or programs. Club Members will even get to shadow guard and help out with activities during our Everyone Welcome Swims.Location: Panorama Recreation Poolside Room73607 M - F 1pm - 4pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$75Soccer & Hockey Clinic with Sportball3 - 8yrsFor those looking to apply some focus to their childs fundamental skills in hockey and soccer, Sportball is offering a new sport-specific clinic! Certified Sportball coaches will further develop key skills and confidence-building in this noncompetitive camp. Camps will run indoors and outdoors depending on weather. Please bring a nut-free snack, water bottle and wear comfortable clothes!Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #93 - 5yrs75251 M - F 9am - 12pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$1405 - 8yrs75252 M - F 1pm - 4pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$140Swing into Spring Break: falcon Gymnastics Camp4 - 14yrsFun filled days of gymnastic skills and activities including tumbling, trampoline, foam pit, games and much more. Gymnastics BC Insurance is included in the price.Location: Falcon Gymnastics Gymnastics Facility75272 M - F 9am - 12pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$14075273 M - F 1pm - 4pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$14075274 M - F 9am - 4pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$240Tae Kwon Do Camp4 - 12yrsNels Tae Kwon Do Camp will provide progressive learning with an emphasis on fun. Children will participate in the skills and games of Tae Kwon Do, soccer, Hapkido, Ju-Jutsu, and a music form. Each day includes warm up exercises, balance, strength and coordination as well as grappling, kicking and stretching exercises, and snack time. Camp runs indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. All levels welcome. Camp is led by Master Nels Silva, 6th Degree Black Belt and World Medalist.Location: Greenglade Community Centre Room #475275 M - F 9am - 12pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$99CaMPs & PRO day aCTIvITIesDiscover the many ways of winning prizes, staying connected, living well & having fun with Panorama Recreation. See p. 6WIN WITH PANORAMA!22 Winter/Spring 2013like followlifesaving Camp (Bronze Medallion & Cross)13 yrs+Your opportunity to acquire Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross in one challenging camp. Bronze Medallion is your starting point for becoming a Lifeguard. This challenging course includes instruction in lifesaving skills, water rescues and first aid. With Bronze Cross, you increase knowledge in lifesaving and lifeguarding skills, water rescues and first aid. Prerequisite is 13 years of age or Bronze Star. 100% attendance mandatory.Location: Panorama Recreation Boardroom73626 M - F 9am - 5pm Mar 11 - Mar 15 5/$259Morning learn to row Camp12 - 17yrsYouth Learn to Row is the perfect introduction for those who want to try the sport of rowing for the first time! This program will teach basic skills in rowing technique and boat handling with a focus on sculling boats. Come and see how fun and rewarding rowing can be!Location: Elk Lake Victoria City Rowing Club73611 M - F 10am - 12pm Mar 18 - Mar 22 5/$140Water Polo intro Camp7 - 12yrsJoin Gabriella Vindisch, ex national team player in this exciting specialty camp. Children will learn rudimentary water polo technique, specialty strokes, game strategy and play an actual game of water polo daily. Water Polo Camp also has a dry land component concentrating on sport specific strength training and dry land ball handling exercises. Children will be grouped according to age and ability. No previous experience is required, all equipment is supplied, campers receive a water polo T-shirt.Location: Panorama Recreation Leisure Lane 174138 M - F 9am - 12pm Mar 11 - Mar 15 5/$75CaMPs & PRO day aCTIvITIes Added Bonus!Parents will receive coupon for 25% off Mary Winspear theatre productions. Coupon will be available for pick-up at reception one week prior to course date.250.656.7271 | www.panoramarecreation.caNeed a night out? We can help! Enjoy some free time while we entertain your child in a safe, fun filled environment. 1885 FOREST PARK DR. | N. SAANICH, BC V8L 4A3 EVERY CHILDParents Night Out 5 - 10 yrsWe will start the night out with crafts and a swim in the pool. After swimming we will have popcorn, a PJ party and watch a movie on our inflatable movie screen. An activity schedule will be posted on our website one week prior. * Second child (sibling) is $10.Location: Panorama Recreation Centre Island Room & Fitness Studio73708 Sa 6pm - 10pm Jan 26 $20*73709 Sa 6pm - 10pm Feb 23 $20*73710 Sa 6pm - 10pm Mar 30 $20*73711 Sa 6pm - 10pm Apr 27 $20*