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Chicken Caesar SaladRomaine topped with chicken, chopped bacon,

diced tomato, Asiago cheese, homemade Caesar dressing and baked croutons 11.99 Substitute 6 Shrimp 2.00

Cobb SaladMixed greens, marinated chicken, bacon, diced tomato,

egg, black olives, crumbly bleu and cheddar cheeses 11.99

Ultimate Taco SaladRomaine, seasoned ground beef, cheddar jack,

tomato, jalapeo peppers, black olives, sour cream and salsa served in a tortilla bowl 11.99

The WedgeIceberg lettuce wedge topped with creamy bleu cheese dressing, bacon bits, diced tomato, and bleu cheese

crumbles 9.99

Garlic Parm ChipsA mound of homemade potato chips drizzled with garlic

and parmesan cheese, served with ranch or bleu cheese for dipping 8.99

Chicken QuesadillaMarinated diced chicken, cheddar cheese, black olives

and jalapeo peppers served on a grilled garlic herb tortilla with sides of sour cream and salsa 11.49

Nachos GrandeCrisp tortilla chips smothered with cheddar cheese,

taco meat, black olives, jalapeo peppers,diced tomatoes and sour cream, served with homemade salsa 11.49

Spinach Artichoke DipFresh chopped spinach and marinated artichokes mixedin a cheese sauce topped with fresh green onions 9.49

Onion PetalsGolden fried onions served with a creamy horseradish sauce 7.99

Motzy SticksServed with marinara sauce 7.99

Cheeseburger SlammersThree 3-oz. cheeseburgers served with fries

and ranch dressing for dipping 11.99

The Face Off

Fresh from the Field

DRESSINGS:Italian Creamy Italian Ranch Peppercorn Parmesan Bleu Cheese Crumbly Bleu Cheese ($1.49)

French 1000 Island Honey Mustard Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette Oil & Balsamic VinegarBalsamic Vinaigrette Tomato Basil Vinaigrette Sesame Ginger

For the KidsFor our guests 12 years of age and under only


Pasta & 1 MeatballServed with apple sauce and Oreos

Chicken Tenders Hot Dog Cheeseburger Grilled Cheese

All of the above served with french fries,apple sauce and Oreos

Italian CalamariLightly battered calamari with tomato, mild banana

peppers, black olives, and melted crumbly bleu cheese tossed with garlic and olive oil 13.99

Breaded Plain 11.99

Garlic Motzy BreadItalian bread topped with butter, garlic and mozzarella

cheese, served with marinara sauce 6.49

DTO Combo [No substitutions]A combo of Chicken Tenders, Mozzarella Sticks,

Potato Skins and Onion Petals served with BBQ sauce,sour cream, marinara and horseradish sauce 13.99

Potato SkinsServed with sour cream 7.99

Loaded FriesA mound of crispy fries topped with cheddar cheese

sauce, bacon and jalapeo peppers, served withranch dressing for dipping 9.49

Breaded Dill PicklesFreshly breaded and deep fried, served

with ranch dressing for dipping 8.49

French Onion Au Gratinor Beer & Cheddar

Crock 4.99 Cup 2.99

Danas TimeOutRestaurant and Catering

WingsTraditional Wings

The Best Wings in TownA dozen wings served with your choice of bleu cheese

or ranch dressing and celery 10.99

Boneless Buffalo WingsTender white chicken breast (5) pieces lightly breaded

and dipped in your choice of sauce. Served withcelery sticks and bleu cheese 10.49

Hot Mild BBQ Country SweetSweet BBQ Sesame Ginger Cajun Honey

Bourbon Glaze Garlic ParmesanHoney Garlic Hot BBQ Dried Cajun

Buffalo Chicken SaladChoice of grilled or breaded Buffalo chicken strips (hot or mild) with tomato, cheddar jack, red onion

and homemade croutons 11.99

Club SaladHam, turkey, shredded cheddar and monterey jack, diced tomato, red onions, egg, bacon and croutons

served on a bed of mixed greens 11.99

Grilled Tuna Steak SaladFresh tuna steak served on mixed greens with

roasted red peppers, tomato and black olives 13.99We recommend Sesame Ginger dressing

Flat BreadEnjoy your favorite toppings on our

delicious grilled flat bread

Chicken, Spinach,Artichoke & Bacon 11.99

Buffalo Chicken 11.49

Muffaletta 11.99

Pepperoni & Mozzarella 10.99

Minimum Order $15.00 Credit Card Purchase No separate checks for parties of 6 or moreFor your convenience we will add an 18% Gratuity for parties of 6 or more

SidesFrench Fries 3.49

Seasoned Steak Fries 3.49Sweet Potato Fries 4.49Homemade Chips 3.99

Apple Sauce 1.99Cottage Cheese 1.99Garden Salad 3.99

Cole Slaw 1.99Steamed Broccoli 3.49

All Sandwiches, Burgers and Wraps served with choice of Homemade Potato Chips, Seasoned Steak Fries, or Regular Fries. Onion Petals, Sweet Potato Fries or Side Salad can be substituted for 1.99.

Team FavoritesServed with Pasta, Potato or Fries

Saints Marinated ChickenMarinated chicken breast topped with sauted

peppers, caramelized onions, mushroomsand melted colby jack cheese 14.95

Baked HaddockFresh haddock broiled with butter,white wine, lemon and garlic 15.95

Fried HaddockFresh haddock lightly breaded and

deep fried to perfection 16.95

Chicken CaesarMarinated chicken, lettuce, diced tomato, Asiago

cheese and creamy Caesar dressing 9.99

Philly Cheese SteakThinly sliced steak with lettuce, sauted peppers,

caramelized onions, mushrooms and meltedcheddar jack cheese 9.99

Buffalo ChickenLightly breaded chicken dipped in Buffalo sauce with lettuce, diced celery and our homemade bleu cheese dressing 9.99

SteaksServed with choice of Pasta, Potato,

Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Petals, Vegetablesor Seasoned Steak Fries

12 Oz. N.Y. Strip SteakGrilled to perfection 21.99

12 Oz. Bourbon Strip SteakDTO Signature Sauce 23.99

Add Portobella Mushrooms 2.99Add shrimp (6) 5.99


Shaved Prime RibServed on a grilled kaiser roll with sauted

peppers, onions and mushrooms, topped withmelted cheddar cheese 10.49

Buffalo ChickenFried chicken dipped in your choice of sauce

(Hot, mild, BBQ or country sweet) toppedwith lettuce and bleu cheese 10.49

Marinated ChickenServed on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato,

onion and mayonnaise 10.49With Jack Daniels Glaze 11.49

French DipHot dipped Red Osier roast beef on garlic

toasted French bread with melted provolone, served with a side of Au Jus 10.99

Grilled BLTSmoked Applewood Smoked bacon, lettuce,tomato and mayo on grilled sourdough bread

with your choice of side 9.99

Fried HaddockServed on a kaiser roll with choice of side

and cole slaw 9.99

Turkey MeltGrilled turkey on rye bread with tomato,

American cheese and 1000 Island dressing 9.99

Hot Meatball SandwichPapas own recipe served on grilled French

bread smothered in sauce and melted mozzarella 9.99

PGA Club ClassicTurkey with American cheese 9.99

Classic ReubenCorned beef or turkey with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese

and 1000 Island dressing on rye 10.99

Danas Chicken CutletBacon, ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato

and melted Swiss 10.99

The All AmericanThe original burger with lettuce, tomato, mayo,

onions and pickle 9.99 Add cheese for 49Bacon or mushrooms 99

Mushroom Swiss BurgerHalf-pound burger with sauted mushrooms

and Swiss cheese 10.49

The Hot BrixHalf-pound burger smothered in fried onions, bacon,

cheddar jack cheese and our tangy ranch sauce 10.99

Bleu Cheese & BaconA half-pound steak burger served with a mound

of crumbly bleu cheese and bacon 10.99

New YorkerA half-pound steak burger served with American

cheese, bacon and A-1 steak sauce 10.99


A half-pound steak burger topped with sautedportobella mushrooms, roasted red peppersand melted cheddar & asiago cheeses 10.49

The Day AfterA half-pound cheeseburger with seasonedsteak fries, all smothered in gravy 10.49

Quesadilla BurgerSteak burger with cheddar jack, lettuce, tomato,

red onion and mayo on a grilled garlic herb wrap 10.99

Patty MeltA half-pound steak burger on grilled rye bread

with sauted onions and American cheese 10.49

Jack Daniels Steak BurgerHalf-pound Montreal Steak Burger topped withJack Sauce, Swiss, bacon and lettuce 10.49

Minimum Order $15.00 Credit Card Purchase No separate checks for parties of 6 or moreFor your convenience we will add an 18% Gratuity for parties of 6 or more

Winning WrapsServed with choice of Homemade Potato Chips, Seasoned Steak Fries, or Regular Fries.

Onion Petals, Sweet Potato Fries or Side Salad can be substituted for 1.99.

Chicken RanchMarinated chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon,

cheddar jack and our tangy ranch sauce 9.99

PortobellaBalsamic vinegar marinated portobella

mushrooms with lettuce, roasted red peppers,Asiago and cheddar jack cheese 9.99

CheeseburgerHalf pound chopped burger with lettuce, tomato,red onion, mayo and cheddar jack cheese 9.99

Pasta PleasersAll pasta dishes are served over your

choice of Penne, Angel Hair or Linguine pasta.

Shrimp ScampiSauted shrimp in a lemon and garlic sauce,

served over choice of pasta 15.99Cajun style 16.99

Pasta AlfredoAlfredo Sauce 10.99Add Shrimp (6) 5.99

Add (6) Scallops 6.99Add Grilled Chicken 4.99

Add Broccoli 2.99

Chicken ParmesanBreaded chicken topped with mozzarella

cheese and tomato sauce 15.99

Papas Famous DTO Pasta & MeatballsAngel hair, linguini or penne pasta served

with Papas homemad