windshield surveys and site reconnaissance i.e., windshield and walking surveys

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Windshield Surveys and Site Reconnaissance

Windshield Surveys and Site Reconnaissancei.e., Windshield and Walking SurveysAmong the Qualitative MethodsEthnographyParticipant ObservationField InterviewsPhysical Accretion MeasuresReview of Secondary SourcesSite Reconnaissance & Windshield SurveysBased on ObservationSystematic observationsOn foot, or by carLarge or small scaleAssessing general community needsExample Objects of StudyAge, nature and condition of housingInfrastructure needsPresence of business (or lack thereof)Public spaceActivityWindshield SurveysObjective observationLarge coverage (generally)Could also be used for small areas for infrastructure analysisGeneral overviewFeelSite ReconnaisanceObjectiveSmaller areasMore diligent observation / assessmentFeelStreet LifeHow?Determine who will conduct the surveyDecide on the questions to be answeredDecide on the areas you will includeDecide when the survey will be conductedTrainDecide on what to examine