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Wildlife Quiz by Sandeep Kesh & Anurag Mohanty


<ul><li> 1. INQUIZZITIVE presents QUOTOPIATHE WILDLIFE QUIZOn eve of world wildlife week </li> <li> 2. TEAMS OF 2 OR 3 15 QUESTIONS FOR PRELIMS EACH CARRYING 1 MARK TOP 6 TEAMS QUALIFY FOR MAINS.. 5 * MARKED QUESTIONS WHICH COUNTS IN CASE OF A TIE BEST OF LUCK </li> <li> 3. *1. The Leopard of Rudraprayag was a male man-eatingleopard, reputed to have killed over 125 people . The leopard was apparently so desperate for food that it would break down doors, leap through windows, claw through the mud or thatch walls of huts and drag people from them, devouring them. They even sent a special army of Gurkhas after it, in addition to assigning a number of army personnel known for their marksmanship and tracking abilities. They even employed high powered Gin Traps and deadly poison to eliminate the animal, but without success. The British Parliament requested the aid of X in the autumn of 1925 ID X. </li> <li> 4. 2.________ National Park is a national park and theonly bioreserve situated in the ______ district in theIndian state of ______ National Park derives itsname from the abundance of Semul or red silk cottontrees that bloom vividly.its the home to ninety-nine Royal Bengal Tigers, 432Wild elephants. Besides it is famous for Gaurs (IndianBisons), Chausingha, </li> <li> 5. 3. Gangewadi grassland area, located on the boundary of Solapur and Osmanabad districts, is now notified and included in the ___ Sanctuary in Solapur district. About 198 hectare grassland has been added to the 1222.61 sq km area of the sanctuary. The idea is to conserve and protect the _____ . At present, the population of this critically endangered bird in the country is only 300. Last year, eleven ______ were recorded during census inside the ________ sanctuary. ID X </li> <li> 6. ID THIS DINOSAUR SPECIES </li> <li> 7. **5_______was chosen as the solemascot, in an attempt to appeal tofemale viewers and theirmothers, and under the belief thatthe creature presented the imageof a recognizable intimate pet forchildren. Its color was also adeciding factor, as yellow is aprimary color and easier forchildren to recognize from adistance, and with consideration tothe fact the only other competingyellow mascot at the time wasWinnie-the-Pooh. </li> <li> 8. 6.ARGENTINA- SNEAK UP SEALSFROM SANDANTARCTICA- HIT THE ICE FLOORSTHAT THROWS SEALS INTO WATRNEW ZEALAND- BLOW BUBBLES TOROUTE OUT A RAY HIDING IN THEUNDERWATER SANDAND THE ONLY SPECIES TO KILLGREAT WHITE SHARK BY BUMPIMGON ITS UNDERBELLY.ID </li> <li> 9. CONNECT </li> <li> 10. ID??? </li> <li> 11. ****9 THIS SPECIES IS CLASSIFIED INTO FOLLOWING TYPES. Nine-banded Seven-banded Southern long-nosed Llanos long-nosed Great long-nosed Hairy long-nosed Greater fairy Screaming hairy Big hairy Andean hairy Horned armed Screaming hairy Pink fairy Six-banded Northern naked-tailed Chacoan naked-tailed Southern naked-tailed Greater naked-tailed Giant Southern three-banded Brazilian three-bandedHOWEVER 1 OF THEM HAS BEEN IN THE NEWS RECENTLY WHO &amp; WHY???? </li> <li> 12. 10.. General Information about X: National Park area: 275 km core area. 392 km including buffer zone. Altitude: 215 to 505 meters above sea levelKota Station has a halt of all the trains for 10-15 min and connects Sawai Madhopur with almost 50 trains. Closest airport is Jaipur at 180 km Terrain: Dense tropical dry forest, open bushland and rocky terrain interspersed with Ecoregion: Kathiarbar-Gir dry deciduous forests Closed: Monsoon season (July - August) </li> <li> 13. 11.The X, Boselaphus tragocamelus is thelargest of all Asiatic antelopes. In areaswhere the Hindu religionpredominates, the Xs resemblance to acow has earned it a large degree ofprotection. It prefers open forests andscrublands but will also feed on waterplants. More than 60 percent of X birthsbring twins. </li> <li> 14. 12Connect </li> <li> 15. 13I am a crossover of a squirrel and a rat. I am small and have brownish fur. I have a pointed jaw like a rat and a body similar to a squirrel. Ialso have small saber-teeth similar to a saber-tooth tiger and a large football shaped bushy tail. Who am I? </li> <li> 16. 14.Connect to a National Park. </li> <li> 17. *****15.NAME BOTH THE DOG SPECIES </li> </ul>