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  1. 1. Wildlife Photography Tours: Tips and Techniques to Take PhotographsPhotography has touched lives in happy as well as sad moments. As the moments of present can be capturedto be savoured in future, tourist and specifically, wildlife enthusiasts develop a special bond with this vocation.They not only capture the essence of the area but also the mood of the nature in all the shades of dusk anddawn. If you have also planned to have some free time as wildlife photography holidays, then tours in India canhelp you bring best of the camera. But before you can capture the best moments of nature, there are manysmall tips that can help increase the appeal and quality of the picture.Some adjustments and techniquesThe Technique Photography is1. Most of the photographer like to use large telephoto lenses but for clear focus and magnification, macro lenses of tiny size could be employed for best output.2. Although, you never know when the most wonderful scenery is going to present itself in front of you, best time for the shooting is considered dusk and dawn when colours of nature are distinct and vivid. Also, this is time when the wildlife is most active.3. Digital SLR cameras are best if you enjoy this activity very much. Nothing except quality can satiate a true art lover.4. Animal are more comfortable in front of vehicle rather than a human. You can use this fact to photograph animals. Still, remaining cautious and steady will always serve.5. To avoid camera shake, use tripod camera stand or edge of the glass of the window (vehicle). 70- th 300mm lens with specific sensor and shutter speed of 1/600 of a second can serve purpose very well.th For clicking birds, it may go as high as 1/1000 of a second.6. On wildlife photography tour, you will be presented with rare chances of click, so do not shy away to get best devices for best results.
  2. 2. The Art Photography Is1. Apart from the technical aspects, there are some tips regarding the art itself. Knowing about the subject of your project is the first thing. Do research, talk to hunters and wildlife conservationists, who have spent a good part of their life tracking, studying and caring for animals.2. Know the area you have chosen for the shoot, the climate and the maintenance of the equipment in that weather.3. Patience almost always pays. If you have waited enough, there is still scope of more wait but know that you must be waiting at the right place.4. Photographs are visual stories. Craft them in a way that they indulge the viewer in to experiencing everything that you had experienced while clicking that picture.5. Try not to be distraction for the object of your camera.Your holidays with wildlife photography on mind can become amazing with these tips on this craft. Enjoy!Author is an expert in writing informative articles about holidaying and wildlife activities in India. He has alsogiven his words to many articles about wildlife photography holidays. You can also plan your wildlife tours inIndia in a blissful way by getting information from these articles.


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