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  • UNIVERSUM CATALOG 2012/13wildlife nature science history

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    screen online:contentsales.ORF.at

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    Utopia with Milk and Sugar Caf Tamar Blindtext dritte Zeile mglichUtopie mit Milch und Zucker Caf Tamar Blindtext, Maximum: mit dritter Zeile

    Although a suicide or rocket attack could change their lives at any moment, many Israelis have adopted a relaxed way of dealing with these existential threats. They discuss them over a coffee in the famous Caf Tamar in Tel Aviv. Among the regulars we find Rafi Kishon, the son of Ephraim Kishon and graphic artist David Tartakover. A portrait of everyday life in a part of the world deeply marked by fate and steeped in history.

    Duration: 30 min. TV | VOD | DVD | TE

    Directed by Christian Buckard and Daniel GuthmannWritten by Name NachnameCast: Name Nachname, Name Nachname, Name Nachname, Name Nachname, Name Nachname, Name Nachname, Name Nachname

    A co-production by ORF and Daniel Guthmann Filmproduktion

    Available worldwide

    HD EV 3D


    UNIVERSUM a complex world of nature, science, new technologies created by mankind and a colorful mix of wildlife, ancient civilizations, history and adventure.

    The successful prime-time series UNIVERSUM with its high production values, strong narrative structure and top photography captivates TV audiences weekly and already won numerous awards at international festivals. ORFs Natural History Unit produces more than 20 hours of blue chip documentaries per year in cooperation with the most renowned inter-national partners like BBC, ZDF, NDR Naturfilm, WDR, BR, ARTE, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, DDE, Off the Fence, Fremantle Media, Canal+ and many others.

    The new UNIVERSUM catalog delivers over 100 blue chip completed productions and projects for presale. Visit contentsales.oRf.at for more natural history and science documentaries.

    Your UNIVERSUM Team

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    Afghanistan The Lost Mines of the PharaohsAfghanistan Die blauen Steine der Pharaonen

    Afghanistan one of the most remote and dangerous countries in the world. Yet for the last 20 years, through the turmoil of Russian invasion, retaliation, civil war and religious jihad, an American has traveled through Afghanistan in search of fabulous precious stones. This film is the story of this man and his achievements. It follows his journey to the mines he has rediscovered and helped reinvigorate. The lapis lazuli mine is the oldest on the planet. Over 6000 years ago, the precious blue stone was dug by hand and traded to Egypt of the pharaohs.

    Duration: 50 min. tV | VOD | DVD | tE

    Directed by Paul ReddishProduced by Free Spirit Films and epo-film for ORF in association with Docstar, ZDF and bm:bwk

    Available for UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and German speaking Switzerland;other Territories distributed by Ampersand

    32. Roshid International Film Festival: 3rd place

    EV FV 810031

    Alien Insect The Praying Mantis Das Alieninsekt Die Gottesanbeterin

    Worldwide there are 2.000 species of praying mantis. This film explores the world of these real aliens. In unprecedented images it shows how manti-ses live, reproduce and die. But biological processes are not the films only focus. It features the largest and rarest representatives of the mantis fami-ly, several of which have never been filmed before.

    Duration: 50 min. tV | VOD | DVD | tE

    Directed by Kurt MndlProduced by Power of Earth Productions for ORF in association with Discovery Channel, Docstar and ZDF

    Available for UK, Canada, Ireland and German speaking Switzerland; other Territories distributed by Ampersand

    Albert 2002: Prize for the best scientific film; IWFF 2002: Merit Award for Educational Value and for Use of Graphics & Animations

    HD EV FV 810852





    rit F


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    Almendro Tree of LifeAlmendro Baum des Lebens

    The Almendro must be the most impressive of all the jungle giants in Costa Ricas rainforest. From root to top, this unique tree offers habitats, shelter and nourishment to an incredible number of creatures. Whenever an Al-mendro goes down, almost the entire community goes down with it, de-monstrating the fragility of interdependent systems. A dramatic example of this principle is the Great Green Macaw. Wherever the tree disappears, the parrot no longer is found.

    Duration: 50 min. tV | VOD | DVD | tE

    Directed by Barbara PusksA co-production by ORF and epo-film in association with bm:bwk Available worldwide

    Int. Wildlife Film FestivaL 2004: Honorable Mention for Natural Sound; Green Vision 2004: Prize for Beauty and Humanism

    EV FV JV 810064

    Alpine Lakes Quiet Beauty Alpenseen Stille Schnheit

    Springs, streams, ponds, lakes and rivers have forged our landscape over thousands of years. The film retraces the waters journey from the glacier down into the valley, through the mountains to its source, illustrating the beauty of natural, smaller lakes in Austria with their fascinating world of flora and fauna and tells the story of enchanted cliffs, a spectacular under-water world, dragons, ancient species of fish, as well as of speleologists and modern science.

    Duration: 50 min. tV | VOD | DVD | tE

    Directed by Waltraud Paschinger and Erich PrllA co-production by ORF, Erich Prll Film and sterreichische Bundesforste AGin association with Upper Austria and BMLFUW

    Available worldwide U.S. Int. Film and Video Festival 2004: Certificate for Creative Excellence

    Valvert 2004: Finalist

    EV FV SV 810071

  • 8 contentsales.ORF.at

    Alpine Meltdown5 Grad Plus

    The climate is changing, global temperature is rising. The impacts are already apparent, especially in the mountains but also in the lowlands. The perma-frost zone is shifting higher up and the masses of snowmelt whooshing from the glaciers to the valleys are already increasing incessantly. Rivers are going to rise up to powerful floods and dwindle down to extremely low waters the next second. Alpine Meltdown takes us to a future world, pre-senting changes that have already occurred and pursuing the


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