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Wild life extinction


  • 1. Wildlife extinction: HomoSapiens both witnesses andexecutioners "A lot of ranchers in the Western states go by thedictum shoot, shovel, and shut up! " regarding thekilling of wildlife.Endangered species may become extinct 100 timesfaster than previously thought, in a bleak re- assessment of the threat to global biodiversity

2. The findings suggest that animals such as the western gorilla, the Sumatran tiger and the Malayan sun bear, the smallest of thebear family, may become extinct muchsooner than conservationists feared.Some species could have months instead ofyears left, while other species that haventeven been identified as under threat yetshould be listed as endangered 3. Animal kingdom indangerFur trade was very popular inEurope and the United Statesin the 1950s and 1960s.Heavy demand in fur-productsled to the killing of animals ona large-scale for their pelts. Itis estimated that, in late 1960s, pelts of more than10,000 Leopards, 3,000Cheetahs, 15,000 Jaguars,and 2,00,000 Ocelots were being imported legally in theUnited States and Europe every year. 4. Habitat Loss Habitat loss reduces the health of the ecosystem, and causes a decline in thenumbers of the native species. It isbelieved that elimination of 90 percent of habitats will lead to the reduction in the number of species by 50 percent. The introduction of goats and other non- native animals in the Galapagos Islandsendangered the Galapagos tortoise. Thegoats fed upon the tortoises food supply, and the tortoise eggs were eaten by the newly introduced pigs, dogs, and rats. 5. Adaptability in newenvironment is difficult for therelocated species. They become susceptible todemographic problems and environmental changes. The larger, wide-ranging species, such as large carnivores, suffer first.Because those groups often contribute to healthyecosystem processes, a waveof secondary losses mayfollow their decline. 6. ExtinctionThe very first name which comes to our mind whenever we hear the words extinctiondue to hunting is definitely dodo. Intensive hunting for this flightless bird resulted in its extinction around the seventeenth century.Numerous species, which includes elephants, tigers andcheetahs, happen to befrequently poached as a resultof the high demand for various animal products within theglobal market. 7. A Threat to MankindMore than 16,000 species of theworlds mammals, birds, plants andother organisms are at presentofficially regarded as threatened with extinction to one degree oranother, according to the Red List. Oil spills, acid rain and waterpollution have been devastating for many species of fish and birds Many animals are over-hunted because their meat, fur and otherparts are very valuable. 8. A Message for humansAnimals are such agreeable friends -- theyask no questions, they pass no criticisms.Hunting is a passion for humans and theyhunt animals. Once, a time will come whenthere wont be any animals to hunt ,but thepassion remains the same. The man wouldcontinue his hunting not any other than buthis own species.


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