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  • 1.Why take Dietary Supplements Dietary Supplements are in great demand these days for treatment of various health conditions.These supplements compensate for the lack of nutrients in the diet.These provide an effective way of improvement in the overall quality of life of an individual. There are different types of dietary supplements for nutrition, cardiovascular health, fish and omega oils, kids nutrition, organic foods, de-addiction, sexual health, height gain and many more. Besides helping in compensating for deficiency of nutrients in diet, these play an important role in containing harmful diseases like diabetes.

2. Advantages of nutritional supplements: Deliver a healthy dose of vitamins and dietary minerals.These supplements make up for the loss of essential nutrients caused by natural deficiency or a diet lacking in the same. Nutritional supplements are rich inVitamins A, B-Complex, C, D, E, K and Folic Acid. In this way, these supplements help in preventing serious health ailments such as night blindness, loss of sensation, diminished vision, swollen gums, deformed bone formation, and disorders of the central nervous system. Dietary minerals are essential for smooth running of body processes. For instance, iron is required for production of hemoglobin, a biochemical that regulates flow of oxygen inside the body. 3. Cardiovascular Supplements: Cardiovascular problems result in countless hospitalizations and lakhs of deaths every year. It is pretty important that preventive action is taken on time. The Cardiovascular Supplements are ideal for preventing cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and high blood pressure.These supplements help in purification of blood and maintaining natural flow of blood. Other advantages of these supplements include increase in immunity, reduction in stress on the heart, reduction in serum lipid levels and controlling bad cholesterol. 4. Weight Management: Supplements to lose and gain weight naturally and fast. Based on naturally occurring herbs, these products are completely safe to use and do not have any side effects. Losing weight is essential for overweight and obese individuals. Excess weight can lead to severe health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems and kidney problems and more. Certain individuals who are participating in body building, athletics and other sports ought to take up supplements to gain weight and muscle mass. 5. Organic Supplements There is a growing clamor for organic food products that are free from harmful pesticides and other chemicals used for cultivation. Such chemicals can cause various types of cancer and serious ailments of nervous system, digestive system, eyes and brain. Organic food products are produced using completely safe techniques and there is absolutely no usage of disease causing chemicals.These products have high nutritional value and great taste. There are organic supplements for boosting immunity, vitality, lipid care, kidney care, and weight balance, besides organic tea, tulsi and chyawanprash. 6. Sexual Healthcare Rise in sexual health problems among men and women. Tremendous amount of stress, debilitating diseases and lack of physical activity are considered to be the primary reasons. Sexual health supplements can boost libido, reduce stress and promote healthy living. Supplements are available for both men and women. Made from naturally occurring herbs, these are safe for usage. 7. Sports Supplements: Sports supplements are in high demand among body builders, sportspersons and athletes.These supplements help in gaining muscle mass and increasing energy for performing on the field. Sports supplements can be had before or after the workout or sports performance.These supplements aid in reconstruction of muscles after an intense workout. These supplements can be based on amino acids or whey proteins and both categories of products are completely safe. 8. Diabetic Foods: Diabetes affects millions of individuals across the globe and results in numerous cases of death and hospitalization.The disease reduces the overall quality of life and causes tremendous discomfort to the patient and his or her immediate family and friends. Diabetic foods help in normalization of sugar levels and regulate the insulin production in the body. In addition, these supplements help in suppressing diabetes symptoms like frequent urination, thirst and hunger pangs. These supplements help in boosting immunity and improving the overall quality of life. 9. Supplements for De-addiction, height gain and Omega-3 Supplements De-addiction supplements can help drug and alcohol addicts to give up habit forming substances. Besides helping in giving up substance abuse, these help in controlling relapse and withdrawal symptoms. Height gain supplements help individuals with limited stature to increase their height in a safe and natural way. Omega-3 fatty acids are effective for boosting mental health, preventing developmental disorders and premature aging. 10. Dietary Supplements at Dietkart Dietkart houses best quality dietary supplements from the top health product manufacturers in the country. Some of such reputed manufacturers include Mapple, Deemark, Fairhaven, Organic India, Tara Nutricare, Mahaved, James and Abhi, Himalaya Herbal and Shivalik Herbal etc. Some of the popular categories of products include supplements for cardiovascular health, nutrition, stress management, kids foods, organic foods, sexual health, ayurvedic, herbal, height gain, weight gain, weight loss, sports and diabetes. These supplements are largely made from naturally occurring herbs and are completely free to use. In addition, there are huge discounts on these products and interesting combo offers as well.