Why You Are Addicted To Certain Foods

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A good way to know for sure if youre addicted to a certain food is if theres initial relief when the craving is satisfied (by eating the food) but then the craving returns shortly thereafter.


  • 1. Why You Are Addicted to Certain FoodsLike with any drug you can become addicted to certain foods. In the case of a drug addiction the cause is usually due to the specific receptors for that drug not being filled. This causes the feeling of withdrawal and the urge for more of the drug. In the case of food addiction it is a little bit different. One of the reasons we become addicted to certain foods is that these are often the food residues that are most present in our blood. Some experts believe that cleansing the blood through alkalizing green juices and other cleansing protocols can help. A good way to know for sure if youre addicted to a certain food is if theres initial relief when the craving is satisfied (by eating the food) but then the craving returns shortly thereafter. Cravings often go hand-in-hand with allergies. We are often allergic (or sensitive) to the precise foods we crave. We are often allergic to our most desired foods because each time the craving is satisfied there is a dampening of the immune system. Over time, this leads to an overburdened immune system that eventually becomes fatigued and no longer able to deal with the allergen (the food that is craved).By consistently eating the foods we most crave, we place a tremendous stress on our immune system. This is not a good thing for overtime these foods end up becoming a source of unneeded stress in our body.The 3 Main Causes of Food Addiction 1. Overconsumption of a particular food 2. Too frequently consumed

2. 3. Food sits too long in the digestive tract All of these factors place extra burden on the immune system and allow time for it to mount an immune response against a given food.The 4 Signs of a Food Addiction 1. Obsession with a particular food2. Negative consequences upon eating it 3. Lack of control when around that food 4. DenialIn my case, I was brought up on breads, cereals, pasta, and dairy. I craved these foods (and still do to some degree) and ate them incessantly. Unfortunately, after years of abusing my body with these drugs my immune system had had enough.Because of this constant bombardment I had developed an allergic terrain which manifested eczema, asthma, environmental allergies, and eventually an autoimmune condition called alopecia where the immune system attacks the bodys hair follicles. Nowadays, since Ive radically altered my diet and have more or less removed wheat and dairy, I enjoy much greater health and have regained the hair that I once lost (although I still keep my head shaved because I like it!). Furthermore, I know longer have to wear gloves over my hands to hide what used to be terrible eczema, and my asthma (which was out of control when I was young) is now almost undetectable. 3. My triumphs are not miraculous but rather simple commitments to improving my digestion, rebalancing my intestinal flora, and eating more raw vegetables and fruit. The results have been outstanding. The key is to identify which foods you most crave and avoid or minimize their consumption. The best way to identify and then eradicate food addictions is to follow an elimination diet whereby you remove the suspected food from your diet for 4-6 weeks and then slowly reintroduce it to test its consequences. This can be very difficult for most people so I usually suggest to begin by eating more raw whole foods. Getting plenty of alkalinity through green salads and juices and preparing alternatives to your favourite foods so that youre prepared if you slip back into old habits. Improving your digestion is also absolutely paramount. This is a whole other topic but little things like really chewing your food and using a digestive enzyme can make the world of a difference! You too can get rid of food cravings - you'll learn how in my revolutionary book Eating for Energy. Click here to get your copy today! Yuri