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  • 1. why my girlfriend is amazing by liar-liar-ohioisonfire

2. This is Nicole so prettyuku jellyphoto creds:me 3. About Nicole shes my girlfriend she draws really well(like oMG AMAZING) shes a fellow blogger she has great musictaste shes really nice she speaks fluentGerman *cough*pl4guedoctor.tumblr.com*cough* 4. She likes going to concertsHere she is with Chris Shelley(lead singer of At the Skylinesdas herticket whenshe went toseeblessthefall 5. Her spirit animal is TardA may-may ofdas TardTard forshedachristm morphedastiemherselfwith Tard 6. She likes PTV/SWS woo yeah she dressed as vic from ptv for a partywerk it gerl 7. Shes awesomeshe covered her bedroomdoor with pokemon cards.the ENTIRE door. made this bday card for me c: