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Music sets the tone and mood of the whole ceremony. A bridal rite without music or a wedding reception without suitable melody may go smoothly, but will turn out to be flat and lifeless. Hire expert live bands that can help you in turning your occasion more vibrant and memorable.


  • 1. Why Hire Wedding Live BandsI do cherish you, for the rest of my life, you dont have to think twiceIve waited so long to say this toyou, if youre asking do I love you this much, I do This is the famous lines from the song I do(cherish you) from 98 degrees, and yes it is one of the most requested and popular wedding songs thesedays.Whether you are planning a warm wedding or a nuptial on winter, one of the basic things that you mustselect during preparation is wedding songs. So even you are preparing for the newlyweds first dance, orthe brides walk down through the aisle, choosing the most appropriate music can change the tone of thewhole celebration.If you are planning your marriage and you dont know how to start searching for your perfect bridalsongs, dont worry because My Live can help you. The renowned popular Wedding Live Band in KualaLumpur Malaysia specializes in this segment so you dont have to worry about anything.Whether it is a soulful song from Celine Dion, Beyonce or Jojo or a heartwarming love song from LutherVandross and Mariah Carey, the famous band can make your occasion more vibrant. Selecting the rightmusic on your auspicious occasion can make your guests completely at ease and energize.You dont have to worry if they feel bored or uncomfortable, because with wedding band you are assuredthat youre not only getting them to perform but to entertain you and your whole guests as well. Thewhole wedding ceremony, reception and cocktail normally takes more than two hours, and it is importantto keep your visitors attention and that they do not feel uneasy during the entire occasion.Of course, as the host of the party you know who can help you to do this job. Today, there are MalaysiaWedding Live Band such as My Live that has the expertise and experience to make your big day right.When picking the performers who will grace your event, it is also important thing to consider theirversatility.Every band has their specialty, but check whether they can also sing various songs that would better suityour bridal party. Their flexibility to perform other genres can also assure you that your guests will neverbe turned down when they are requesting a new wedding song by Adele like Make you feel my love orthe Power Of Love by Celine Dion.Wedding sounds set the mood and tone of the whole celebration. It is powerful that it can even stir up theemotional response that you want from your guests. It adds drama and color, and would serve as a greatway to make your day a day to remember for a lifetime.