Why Game Publishing is Broken and how We Can Fix It Together

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Game publishing evolved long ago when they were a necessity. Digital publishers of today are offering game dev tools, insights and user profiling that are mainly based on their size. If small game developers would apply a "shared economy" approach to game publishing we have a chance of creating together, better tools, more insights and bigger success for anyone involved.


<ul><li> How Applying Shared Economy Approach Can Fix It GAME PUBLISHING </li> <li> Open source company Community of 10,000 Devs Free to Play Framework DO MORETOGETHER </li> <li> ABOUT ME - YANIV NIZAN ENGAGEMENT, RETENTION, MONETIZATION eyeview - MonetizeVideos INTENTclick - Blog Monetization SOOMLA - Game Monetization </li> <li> PUBLISHING IN PASTTIMES Putting CDs on Shelves </li> <li> PUBLISHERS INTHE PAST Had means to make CDs and put them in boxes Had relationships with retailers No way to succeed without them </li> <li> DIGITAL PUBLISHING What is today's shelf space? </li> <li> APP-STORE SHELFS </li> <li> WHO DOMINATES Self published studio gets to the top charts Self Published / Indie Big Publisher </li> <li> Knowing what to measure and optimize Identifying the right time to push the throttle Development tools and frameworks Know how - how to build addictive games Insights - what audiences t what game Adapting gameplay to different personas dev tools benchmarks user proles PUBLISHING IN FREE 2 PLAY </li> <li> PUBLISHERS' ADVANTAGE Publisher data: 100 Games 100M end users Indie data: 1-5 games 100K end users 1,000 times more know how and insights </li> <li> BUT IF 10,000 INDIES JOIN 10K Indies: 10K-50K Games 1B end users Indie data Indie data joined Publisher data </li> <li> SHARED ECONOMY Global trend empowering people </li> <li> More rooms in shared apartments than in hotels Crowds can be a big source of funding Code share by developers allows building great things SHARED ECONOMY </li> <li> IT'STIME </li> <li> GAME DEVTIME It's time to build technologies together It's time to share game insights and data It's time for shared publishing </li> <li> SHARED PUBLISHING Vision of a Smarter Game Development </li> <li> COMMUNITY TOOLS Develop once Instead of 10,000 times </li> <li> POWER OF STANDARD Game meta data in the same language Compare with others Leverage the wisdom of the community </li> <li> POWER OF SHARED DATA Benchmark FB ratio against other games? What did other games do to improve? Did my users connect in other games? What triggered them to connect? </li> <li> IT'STIME </li> </ul>