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    Matthew Hopkins Lutterworth College

    Why did Dredd fail at the box office?

    Dredd failed at the box office for many reasons. One of the main reasons is thatDredd was made a wide release in 3D. atching mo!ies in 3D is not popular tothe ma"ority of people as you ha!e to pay more for the tickets to see it than in#D$ this meant that a lot of potential customers didn%t want to go and watch thefilm. 3D films ha!e had a &' fall in re!enue each year since #((). *lso out of atotal &$(&& people sur!eyed$ only 3+3 said they,d rather see 3D o!er #D thisshowing that making Dredd mostly in 3D was a bad idea due to other marketresearch . Howe!er it could be seen in #D but only in about #( cinemas acrossthe country which again contributed to the downfall of this mo!ie as peoplewouldn%t tra!el that far to see a film with an already poor critical reception.Dredd had a - / million budget and only made -30./ at the box office$ making abig loss. Dredd was the number & selling D1D and 2lu ray during the week of itsrelease$ and it was the number & selling D1D and 2lu ray with approximately

    0/($((( units sold in 4orth *merica$ and 2lu ray units accounting for nearly /('of that figure. 5his leads me on to my next point which is that the mo!ie wasmade in the 67 in &))/ as an adaptation of the no!el. 7eeing as the 67 hadne!er heard of Dredd before it flopped and didn%t compare to the other recentcompetition of other superhero films around at the time 89ronman$ 7uperman$and 2atman: it bombed. 9t was also seen to be unfaithful to the story of thecomic which then lead to gi!e it a poor critical response. 5his meant when it wasre made it had a poor critical response and people wouldn%t want to go and seeanother !ersion of a mo!ie that was bad in the )(s. Dredd was made with abudget of about ; ( million which is million as this will gi!e the film a chance tomake its money back o!er time and it%s easier as it doesn%t ha!e to get as muchmoney back. Dredd went wrong by spending most of the money on making it a3D film as this isn%t popular. *lso the scene at the end where she hits the floorwas where a lot of money was spent on 3D C?9 was pretty poor as it looks !eryfake and you can see that there is a green screen background and it destroys therealism of the film. 5his then meant the #D !ersion that people wanted to see

    also wasn%t great as all the money had gone into creating the 3D !ersion.*nother reason Dredd failed to do !ery well was due to the fact they had noma"or comic company behind them. 7ome of the most famous superhero filmsinclude 7piderman and 2atman and they are produced by Mar!el and DC comics.Dredd "ust couldn%t compete with these famous recognised companies. Dreddwas also a really hea!ily action orientated mo!ie with a lot of !iolence. 5hismeant that a lot of the target market for superhero films 8young boys: wouldn%tha!e been able to go and see it as it was gi!en an &> age rating which 9 feel wasa massi!e mistake as it potentially lost them millions of !iews and money. *sDredd didn%t ha!e a huge Hollywood budget they also couldn%t afford to employ

    * list actors therefore it couldn%t attract people to watch it through ha!ing a

  • 8/14/2019 Why did Dredd fail at the box office.odt


    Matthew Hopkins Lutterworth College

    5his meant the producers were able to employ Hollywood * list actors such asAobert Downey$ Br. 5errence Howard$ Beff 2ridges$ 7haun 5oub and ?wyneth

    altrow. 5his attracted a lot of media attention and made sure the mo!ie wastalked about which automatically meant people would want to go and see it. *lsopeople who don%t like superhero mo!ies may also be interested to go and see itas they know there will be