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<ul><li><p>7/27/2019 Why Did Dredd Fail at the Box Office</p><p> 1/3</p><p>Molly Simpson Media Studies 12A3</p><p>Why Did Dredd Fail At The Box Office?</p><p>Dredd is a graphic novel (created in 1977 by the UK). The US created a film adaptation of the</p><p>character in 1995, and ironically, it was not very popular and didnt do very well. This is because the</p><p>UK created the character, therefore this character and novel was unknown in the states. This meant</p><p>that whoever created the adaptation lost out on a lot of money because the film was brought out in</p><p>the wrong country at the wrong time.</p><p>In this recent day of age, superhero films are very popular everywhere. Examples of recent</p><p>superhero films are Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Batman, Superman, The Avengers and The</p><p>Incredibles. The majority of superhero films use an advanced computer graphics programme called</p><p>CGI (Computer-generated Imagery). This is a modern IT programme and is now used effectively to</p><p>make great films look better.</p><p>Dredd was created to compete with the US version of superhero films. Unfortunately, due to its bad</p><p>reputation, it failed. This happened because of a variety of things including a lack of a-list</p><p>actors/actress, a wide range of a target audience, the characters popularity and its poor creativity.</p><p>Unlike Dredd, the majority of other superhero films were successful. This is because they required</p><p>and considered all of the things Dredd did not have.</p><p>An example of a successful superhero film is Spiderman. Comparing the two together will show how</p><p>unsuccessful Dredd really was.</p><p>The character Judge Dredd came from an English magazine company called IPC Media, which is not</p><p>a very well-known company so making it difficult for the character to become popular and known.</p><p>Because this character was created in England, this already creates a problem as the UK isnt as big</p><p>as the US; therefore they have a smaller population than the US and have huge competition.</p><p>Spiderman came from a magazine company called Marvel Comics, a well-known and popular</p><p>magazine in America. Spiderman was more likely to do better than Dredd because America has a</p><p>bigger population than England itself.</p><p>In the recent 2012 Dredd film, the main character, Judge Dredd, is played by Karl Urban, an</p><p>upcoming New Zealand actor. This unfortunately doesnt really benefit the film because hes not a</p><p>popular character, therefore most people wouldnt be that bothered about going to see him.</p><p>Spiderman was played by Andrew Garfield, an American/English actor.</p><p>Although Garfield has not been involved in many films, he sustained the role of Spiderman</p><p>throughout all of the films and he has been in some very successful films such as Spiderman and The</p><p>Social Network. By having a well-known character star in a film allows the target audience to be</p><p>more interested in going to see it, and Dredd missed out on this.</p><p>Dredd had a budget of $45 million, and Spiderman had a budget of $230 million. The budget spent</p><p>on a film really does decide on what happens next for the film (will it be popular or unpopular).</p><p>Dredd had a low budget because they were not willing to spend money. This is negative because it</p><p>already tells us that it wasnt going to do very well. Spidermans budget is huge, which could go</p><p>either way in popularity. Because the character was popular to all ages, this meant it was going to do</p><p>well, unlike Dredd. Unfortunately for Dredd, they did not make all of the money back through the</p><p>box office either.</p></li><li><p>7/27/2019 Why Did Dredd Fail at the Box Office</p><p> 2/3</p><p>Molly Simpson Media Studies 12A3</p><p>Spidermans director was Marc Webb, an American film director. Although hes not directed many</p><p>films, he has directed successful ones such as Spiderman and 500 Days of summer. Dredds director</p><p>was Pete Travis, an English film director. This director does not really have much experience with</p><p>film directing, which is perhaps why the film didnt do very well.</p><p>Dredd was rated an 18 (only ages over 18 could see this) and Spiderman was a 13.</p><p>Dredds rating was negative because it reduces the amount people who can go and see it. Alsobecause its a superhero film, it should be suitable for most ages. Spidermans rating was average.</p><p>This is because although it applied to a younger audience than Dredd, it still meant younger ages</p><p>could not see it (unless they were accompanied by an adult).</p><p>Dredd used a couple of techniques to create the film they wanted. They used Red X Camera and</p><p>3D technology. A Red X Camera is professional motion and still picture camera, used to create a</p><p>mood or a special effect in a film. An example of where Red X Camera was used is slow motion</p><p>scenes. The creators of Dredd used this to create an effect of hallucination and disorientation in</p><p>significant scenes such as when villains are taking drugs they shouldnt be. Dredd also created a 3D</p><p>version of their film. They spent the majority of their money making the 3D version look incredible</p><p>and exciting. However, due to this, they failed to get a positive response. A critic from the New YorkDaily News said Dredd is a lot of murk and grunt with no inner engine. And the unnecessary 3-D only</p><p>makes it look muddier. Unfortunately, the 3D version shouldnt have been created as it made them</p><p>loose out on a lot of money which is perhaps why the film wasnt as successful as it couldve been.</p><p>Spiderman used 3D too; however the film was a lot more successful as it appealed to a wider age</p><p>group and Spiderman is a well-known superhero around the world.</p><p>Dredd was mainly filmed in South Africa. This is because it is cheap to film there therefore they took</p><p>the opportunity. They also chose to film there because they were not willing to spend much money,</p><p>and most of it went into the 3D making. Spiderman filmed mainly in America. This is because they</p><p>could afford to so they took the opportunity. Also, filming here could potentially make the film look</p><p>better in a realistic atmosphere, and it did.</p><p>Dredd was not advertised effectively. This could have been why the film didnt do as well as other</p><p>superhero films. It was only advertised on a few buses and a couple of trailers. Aside from that,</p><p>there were no other eye-catching advertisements. For a low budget movie the films popularity was</p><p>already reduced from the beginning because nobody knew about it. The advertising would have</p><p>been also affected by the 18 certificate. They were unable to post explicit and violent images of the</p><p>film on posters as it can be offensive to society (and the film is based upon violence, drugs and</p><p>explicitly). The sci-fi magazine SFX spoke about the films marketing and quote To anyone outside</p><p>that audience? The studio put Dredd on the side of a couple of buses, and put together trailers I</p><p>liked but which I accept were a bit generic. Aside from that? Nothing.</p><p>Spiderman, on the other hand, hit marketing through the roof. Due to it being such a successful</p><p>comic anyway, you would expect it to do well. The marketing was viewed on posters, trailers, buses,adverts etc. And was an absolute hit.</p><p>Overall, Dredd was not a success. The film lacked creativity and tried too hard to be like a</p><p>blockbuster. Although small budget films could potentially be a great success (such as The Raid)</p><p>companies should avoid trying to copy blockbusters as they look stolen, unimaginative and</p><p>embarrassing. The film had some potential things in it, such as the effective slow motion scenes.</p><p>However, they were irrelevant to the main character or the plot. The producers and directors failed</p><p>to stay focused on the main character and went completely off subject. Dredd failed to appeal to a</p><p>wider age range audience and this could be one of the main reasons why it failed. All superhero films</p><p>appeal to a younger age range as families can go and watch it and Dredd didnt. The film failed</p><p>because they failed to attract an audience with their unsuccessful violence and marketing, and choseto create a film on a mainly unknown comical character where nobody in this generation knows.</p></li><li><p>7/27/2019 Why Did Dredd Fail at the Box Office</p><p> 3/3</p><p>Molly Simpson Media Studies 12A3</p></li></ul>