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  1. 1. Why CrossFit Footwear Matter The start of the 2015 CrossFit Open is just a few weeks away, and we're expecting more folks to enroll and compete than ever earlier than. For many individuals, it might probably present them their first style of competing in a CrossFit occasion', and the Open season generates a huge buzz of excitement throughout the affiliate community worldwide. Lastly, if teen competitors wish to qualify for Regionalsas a staff or individual competitorthey need to change their division by emailing assist@ earlier than the top of score submissions for Open Workout 15.1. Any athlete that does scale a exercise might be faraway from contention for the Regionals and/or Masters Qualifier, so it goes with out saying that the scaled exercises miramar are for individuals who have no intent of making an attempt to get to the following stage of the CrossFit Games season. Carried out in 2011, any athlete who wants to prove their health and compete at the Video games must first make it via the Open in their region. To advance to the subsequent stage of the CrossFit Video games seasonRegionalsathletes must finish the Open close to the highest of their region's leaderboard. And with the addition of scaled exercises and Teen divisions, the Open is now extra inclusive than ever before. The online Masters Qualifier will probably be held April 23-27, and the top 20 from this competition will probably be invited to the CrossFit Games.