Why collaboration is broken

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My presentation at the Butler Symposium on Collaboration, May 09


  • 1. Jasper Westaway, CEO oneDrum Why Collaboration is Broken (or why email is broken)

2. I am not a collaborator

  • Terrible word
  • Only if you make me
  • Actually, collaboration is ubiquitous
  • Collaboration is at an inflection point

3. Collaboration is broken, collaboration should

  • Be about working together to make things better
  • Fit us
  • Enhance, not reinvent

oneDrum Limited. 2009. All rights reserved. 4. How do we collaborate today? (Hint: badly) oneDrum Limited. 2009. All rights reserved. Email Repositories Web apps 5. Why is email the dominant form?

  • On demand
  • Low entry to conversation
  • Low entry document management
  • Compliance

6. Why email drives us to the edge

  • Cant manage the conversation
  • Poor way of managing documents
  • Stop swimming and drown

7. Selecting the right gear Informal Formal Synchronous Narrow Broad Asynchronous Lifecycle of a conversation 8. Why is collaboration broken?

  • 90% of collaboration is email
  • Existing platforms designed for different age
  • New tools still on upslope
  • The conversation is broken

9. What the solution looks like

  • Fits the user
  • Fits the task
  • Welcomes others
  • Seamless

10. Ergocentric I wonder Err.. How do I? Ad Hoc Structured Make it so 11. Transparency 12. Make the world a better place

  • Put users in control
  • Fit the user
  • Leave the door open
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  • register for the beta at oneDrum.com