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    The Course breakdown and details about our Online Clinical Hypnosis Course.

    The Course breakdown and details of our East and West Coast Live In Person Training.

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    Hypnotherapy, also known as hypnosis or remedial hypnosis, is an interesting and growing field. The number of individuals wanting to live more stress free and healthy lifestyles is increasing annually because of the positive benefits it provides. Being a multimillion dollar a year business, a lot of consumers and professionals around the world are embracing a holistic approach to health and wellness as it does no harm to the body. So if you want to get involved in this kind of career, many doors to opportunities are going to open in endless ways so you can become a well-respected certified hypnotherapist. A board certification in hypnotherapy will take you places, especially if you are skilled, and you have a strong background and premier education from a respected and reputable Institute. You will not only learn to consult with clients about their everyday problems, but you will also make a positive difference on a global scale. Imagine being able to get certified and open your own practice! This is what the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute can do for you.


    There is no other place to earn a nationally and world recognized, well-respected Board Certification in the field of clinical hypnosis than the The American Hypnosis Wellness Institute. If you have the passion and commitment to help individuals achieve their optimal health and well-being, start your journey with us.

    At the AHWI you will get:1. The best online education money can buy. Only $1297.002. Full student and customer support 24/7.3. Your own curriculum book and learning kit.4. 30 Hours of streaming video lessons with live one on one demonstrations to assure the latest in instruction.5. Diploma of graduation from the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute.6. Board Certification from the well-respected and world renowned American Board of Clinical Hypnotists, who has been overseeing and providing quality control in Holistic Medicine since 1985.7. Full year membership to the ABCH (valued at $150.00 a year) and discounts to the ABCH.8. Membership picture ID card with your specialization stating that you are a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist Practitioner.9. Letter of recommendation.10. Grade transcripts.11. 20% discount on any CEU (continued education units) offered by the AHWI or the A.12. Email newsletters, and free training opportunities.13. Discounts on the ABCH yearly events held all over the USA and Europe.14. Marketing strategies and information.15. And most importantly, how to set up your own practice and PROFIT from it.


  • THE ONLINE COURSE CURRICULUMCHAPTER 1 - FOUNDATIONS:In this chapter we will explain what hypnosis is, create a definition, and break down the important parts of this definition. You will also learn what suggestibility is and how to test your clients suggestibility.

    CHAPTER 2 HOW THE MIND WORKS:In this chapter you will learn how the mind works and how to explain this to your clients, and why this is important.

    CHAPTER 3 PRIMARY INDUCTION:In this chapter you will learn how to explain hypnosis to your new clients. You will learn how to hypnotize a client and how to perform the primary induction, as well as deepenings, scripts, amnesia, and awakening to be continued on chapter 4.

    CHAPTER 4 DEEPENERS AND SECONDARY INDUCTIONS:In this chapter you will learn what secondary inductions are and how to use them. You will also learn deepening techniques.

    CHAPTER 5 PERCEPTION AND SUGGESTIBILITY:In this chapter you will learn about the right and left brain suggestible personalities. You will also get exposed to the world of the subconscious, including understanding concepts like paradigms and perception and how these affect our lives.

    CHAPTER 6 THERAPEUTIC IMAGERY I:In this chapter you will learn the essentials of Therapeutic Imagery. You will learn the difference between One-way Style Therapeutic Imagery and Two-way Style Therapeutic Imagery.

    CHAPTER 7 THERAPEUTIC IMAGERY II:In this chapter you will learn more about Therapeutic Imagery and get exposed to different Therapeutic scripts and examples.

    CHAPTER 8 - ANCHORING:In this chapter you will learn about anchoring, and how you can use this powerful technique with your clients.

    CHAPTER 9 THE COUNSELOR:In this chapter you, as counselor, will be able to test your own counseling skills and be made aware of the different and important aspects of counseling.

    CHAPTER 10 COUNSELING I:In this chapter you will learn basic counseling techniques.

    CHAPTER 11 COUNSELING II:In this chapter you will go deeper into counseling and learn advanced counseling concepts and terminology.

    CHAPTER 12 FEARS AND PHOBIAS:In this chapter you will explore the origins of fears and phobias and how to treat them.

    CHAPTER 13 LAW AND ETHICS:In this chapter you will learn about what the law states about the use of hypnosis in your state/country and what you legally can and cannot do.

    CHAPTER 14 ADVERTISEMENT AND PROMOTION:In this chapter you will learn important advertisement and promotion techniques that will help you set up your own hypnosis practice.

    CHAPTER 15 YOUR COMPLETE SESSION LAYOUT:In this chapter we will bring all aspects of the course together so you have a comprehensive overview of everything you have learned.

  • IN-PERSON TRAINING. WHAT DO YOU GET.... If our hypnotherapy certification course online is not for you, imagine being in one of our locations taking the classes and that once you graduate, you will be able to open your own practice. Growing and evolving with the American Hypnosis Wellness institute is only a few steps away. Imagine running you own practice, schedule, and most importantly time, while you charge 150 to 200 dollars and hour and enjoy the life you want today. That is what a new career as a Certified Hypnotherapist can do for you. Think about it for a minute, and you will realize that our accelerated hypnotherapy course can enhance your professional and personal life for the better.

    EARN OUR HYPNOTHERAPY DIPLOMAWith our two locations in New Jersey and California, hypnotherapy training in-person has never been so easy and affordable. Lets put it this way, success is based on the many decisions we make and while no one can guarantee that for you except yourself, the education you choose plays a big factor on how your future will turn out like. Earning a Diploma in Hypnotherapy from us will help you pave the way to a serious hypnosis practice that could possibly be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

    7 Days Live Training for $4997.00. Get $1000 off for early bird registration and pay only $3997.00 Curriculum book and tests from both AHWI and ABCH Diploma suitable for framing Grade Transcripts Full customer support 24/7 after graduation Marketing Strategies from both the AHWI and the ABCH Full access to our online course student portal Full years membership to the American Board of Clinical Hypnotists Id member card from the American Board of Clinical Hypnotists Beautiful certificate stating that you are a Certified Hypnotherapist from the ABCH Over 5,000 dollars in Marketing, Law and Ethics and Clinical Training 20% discount in any of our CEUs

    Graduation Party and Banquet

    So what you are waiting for? We did all the hard math for you, and we even broke the course down into steps! Speaking of steps, you are steps away from becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist and changing your life and others! Come find out why we are the best, and why our yearly classes sell out so quick!

    VISIT OUR WEBSITEwww.americanhypnosiswellnessinstitute.com



    P.S. Our seats fill out quick since we only have 30 seats per class. We keep it small so you keep it all! Sign up now in our early bird tuition and save 1,000 dollars! We hope to see you soon in one of our classrooms.

    Day 1. Meet n Greet, Introductionclass covering what hypnosis is, suggestibility and its definitions and types, how to test someones suggestibility, what is a pre-talk and more.

    Day 2. The Human Mind:You will learn how our mind works and why is necessary we understand this when performing hypnotherapy as you get to know your client and more

    Day 3. Hypnosis Session:At this point you will learn how to put a hypnosis session together and what constitutes the session. You will learn what to do and when to do it as well as what to say to achieve maximum results out of your practice

    Day 4. Hypnotherapy Session Advanced:Rapport, Anchoring, Scripts, and how they all compliment each other in a successful hypnosis session.

    Day 5. The Counselor:By this time be ready to do lots of practice with your fellow students, and how to conduct a session on them. In this stage you should be comfortable enough and ready to learn how the counseling part of hypnotherapy works (This part right here is worth 850.00 dollars in a seminar). You will also learn the applied science of putting together an effective hypnosis session and what a Pre-Talk, Suggestibility Test, Induction, Deepener, Script, Awakening is and how to get the best out of every single one of them.

    Day 6. Practice Practice, and MORE Practice:You will also receive a class in Hypnosis Laws and Ethics by the President and attorney of the American Board Of Clinical Hypnotists. In this class h