Why choose Geography and History?

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<ol><li> 1. Options </li><li> 2. History Medicine American West Local study </li><li> 3. Geography Fieldwork element Sustainable Decision Making Key Geographical Themes </li><li> 4. GeographyHistory </li><li> 5. The skills that employers want.. Adaptability Communication (oral &amp; written) Leadership Persuasive powers Self-reliance Commercial awareness Initiative Numeracy Problem-solving ability Teamwork </li><li> 6. Wh y d o s o man y student s pic k Humanities? </li><li> 7. The teachers ! They explain things. Fieldwork , trips! We get to argue! I it! Its challengin g I love learning about the world around me, locally and globally. </li><li> 8. When I grow up </li></ol>