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FREE WiFi that gives you return on your investment!


  • 1. WHYBUYLETS-CONNECT?November2014Copyright 2014, LETS-CONNECT Limited

2. WHY BUY LETS-CONNECT?WHAT IS LETS-CONNECT?LETS-CONNECT is an intelligent WiFi hotspot that combines social media, internetaccess, data capture, customer analytics & insights whilst ensuring that the userexperience remains consistently on-brand.LETS-CONNECT allows its customers to manage and monitor their on-brand and multifunction WiFi service from anywhere in the world giving the user a whole host of powerfulmarketing tools and intelligent features that can be activated at the touch of a button.LETS-CONNECTq enables customers to easily get online in-venue via social mediaq improve the quality and reliability of public and staff WiFiq provides a consistent on-brand experience to customers that reflect that of thebusinessq allows businesses to get more value from their in-venue free public WiFi serviceq encourages customers to share their contact details with the venueq provides an easy to use & understand management system to venue & marketingmanagersCopyright 2014, LETS-CONNECT Limited Company Confidential 2 3. WHY BUY LETS-CONNECT?LETS-CONNECT POWERED HARDWARELETS-CONNECT powered WiFi hardware is configured to ensure a customers WiFiexperience is the best it can be.FEATURE BENEFITUser bandwidth managementLETS-CONNECT cleverly manages thebandwidth of every connected user.No matter if there are 3 or 30 connected users on the guestWiFi network, the experience they receive will be the same.No one user can hog the majority of the internetbandwidth, something that would normally slow down theservice and have a negative impact on the overall customerexperience.Automatic WiFi Channel SwitchingLETS-CONNECT finds the strongestWiFi channel for your customers and willautomatically change the channel if itdetects interference from other WiFinetworks, electrical appliances oranything else.Customers using the guest WiFi network receive aconsistent experience with a minimised risk of losing theirconnection, and more importantly, their work.Copyright 2014, LETS-CONNECT Limited Company Confidential 3 4. WHY BUY CAPTINI?LOGIN EXPERIENCE & GUEST RECOGNITIONLETS-CONNECTs unique user centric approach to WiFi means that customers get thebest possible branded WiFi experience whilst giving valuable and usable data to the venue.FEATURE BENEFITBranded Social WiFi loginThe customer WiFi landing pagewill be branded to reflect that of thevenue/brandCustomers using the guest WiFi service will get a consistent on-brandwelcome when they login, helping to keep brandconsistency across all of the marketing channelsSocial Media LoginIntegrated with the top socialnetworks (Facebook, Twitter,Google+, Linked In etc..)The customer experience is greatly improved as they only need afew clicks to get online. Social media integration eliminates theneed for lengthy forms and usernames that the majority ofcustomers forgetGuest recognitionLETS-CONNECT recognisesreturning customersCustomers who have already used the service are welcomedback by name; giving their WiFi experience a personalised touch.Returning users only need to click once to get back onlineCopyright 2014, LETS-CONNECT Limited Company Confidential 4 5. WHY BUY CAPTINI?SAFE, SECURE AND COMPLIANTLETS-CONNECT provide venues with a secure WiFi service, secure login processes and separate WiFinetworks for guest and business critical services. This isolates and protects the data on private networksand EPOS systemsMany ROI and UK businesses are unaware of the obligations required by those wishing to provide apublic WiFi service. LETS-CONNECT enables businesses to meet all current ROI and UK legislationAREAS OF TRUSTData protectionBusinesses providing a public WiFi service should be aware of the obligations under the DataProtection Act. LETS-CONNECT are fully compliant with this legislation and ensure that an individualspersonal data that is collected or processed is done so in line with the requirements of the DPAData retentionThe Data Retention (EC Directive) assists in the prevention and detection of organised crime andterrorism. LETS-CONNECT stores data in line with the requirements of the regulation on secure cloudsystemsIllegal online activityThe Digital Economy Act 2010 targets online copyright infringement by end users, covering illegal orinappropriate downloading and file sharing. LETS-CONNECT provides data, audit trails and servicesthat help businesses to prove that you have taken steps to try to prevent copyright infringement. Usersand customers of the service have to accept the terms and conditions which cover inappropriate useCopyright 2014, LETS-CONNECT Limited Company Confidential 5 6. WHY BUY CAPTINI?FAMILY FRIENDLY, TASTEFUL AND LEGALWith a public WiFi service comes the risk that users and customers may access content that is notfamily friendly, tasteful or legalLETS-CONNECTs service includes a convenient content filtering system which blocks inappropriatematerialWe constantly update our list of blocked domainsAREAS OF TRUSTLETS-CONNECT rigorously follows the standards and recommendations of the Internet WatchFoundation (IWF)Every website request made upon a LETS-CONNECT WiFi network is routed through our filteringserversThese check against continually updated lists of illegal or blocked sites. If a browsing request isblocked by the system the user will be re-directed to a page explaining that the site they haverequested has been blockedThese lists are configurable; for instance pornographic, streaming and file sharing sites are already onthe list. A business may want to add competitor or price comparison sites to the blocked list, or otherspecific sites. All this is easily setup from within the LETS-CONNECT accountCopyright 2014, LETS-CONNECT Limited Company Confidential 6 7. WHY BUY LETS-CONNECT?IDENTFY RETURNING USERS vs. UNIQUE USERSBENEFITS Helps businesses understand if they have a majority of loyal or one time customers Allows businesses to understand the areas in which they should focus their marketing efforts.Whether it be advertising for new business, or concentrating on customer loyalty to ensure theykeep coming back Allows venues to reward returning customers, which in turn, helps to build loyalty LETS-CONNECT makes this data easy to view, understand and useCopyright 2014, LETS-CONNECT Limited Company Confidential 7 8. WHY BUY LETS-CONNECT?IDENTIFY USER DEMOGRAPHICSDemographic analysis is a technique used to develop anunderstanding of the age, sex, and composition of apopulation and how it has changed over timeBENEFITS User demographic breakdowns help businesses understand thetype of customers using their venues Allows businesses to focus their promotional efforts on targetingthe right groups of people Gives greater clarity as to what publications, magazines,newspapers, blogs, e-newsletters, community groups, forumsetc.. they should promote themselves in LETS-CONNECT can also segment this data (male / female /18-30 / over 50 etc..) to be used for email marketing campaignsCopyright 2014, LETS-CONNECT Limited Company Confidential 8 9. WHY BUY LETS-CONNECT?IDENTIFY SOCIAL PROFILE STATISTICSBENEFITS Understanding the preferred social network of in-venuecustomers is extremely powerful. Businesses are able to seethe social channels in which to focus their marketing efforts One venue found that Google+ was their preferred social loginchannel. They have subsequently created an account andmade a concerted effort to be active and engaging on thatsocial network Some businesses have cross referenced their in venuecustomers who logged in with Twitter, with their online Twitteraccount. This has helped them to understand and pinpoint thebiggest advocates for their brand, and whether online socialcustomers actually come into the venueCopyright 2014, LETS-CONNECT Limited Company Confidential 9 10. WHY BUY LETS-CONNECT?IDENTIFY CUSTOMER DWELL TIMEDwell time is the actual length of time that a visitor spendsconnected to the WiFi network in your venueBENEFITS Dwell time will allows a venue to identify if customers are: staying for longer on certain days of the week, frequenting your venue at certain times of the day Understanding why people are staying on those days helpsprovides invaluable day-on-day insight so that businesses cando more of the same Dwell time provides operational information that in turn can beused to plan promotions, campaigns or staff and resourcesCopyright 2014, LETS-CONNECT Limited Company Confidential 10 11. WHY BUY LETS-CONNECT?IDENTIFY SOCIAL SHARING STATISTICSBENEFITS Updated daily, this simple at-a-glance view monitors a venues Social Reach by tracking theincrease or decrease in the number of Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Twitter follows, Google+1s, and Linked-In shares relating to your social accounts and website Helps businesses understand if content posted to social media is having a positive impact Are customers are unliking or unfollowing the social accounts based on recent posts,announcements or events? The dashboard metric saves time and resource with not having to log into each account separatelyCopyright 2014, LETS-CONNECT Limited Company Confidential 11 12. WHY BUY LETS-CONNECT?ENCOURAGE FACEBOOK LIKESLETS-CONNECT gives business the option to prompt theircustomers in to liking their Facebook page during thelogin processBENEFITS Automatically get more Likes from in-venue customers Offers a frictionless user experience; make it easy forcustomers to Like the Facebook business page Acts as a non-compulsory Like-gate; customers are notforced to like the page if they do not wish The venue set the number of seconds the user waitsbefore connecting them to the internet Does not act as a repetitive spam request. Customerswho have already Liked the page will not be promptedCopyright 2014, LETS-CONNECT Limited Company Confidential 12 13. WHY BUY LETS-CONNECT?HIGHLIGHTS YOUR TOP CUSTOMERSBENEFITS Real time view of your most an


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