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Why Buy Green Products. Zhankun Mai Qing Lu Zhilong Yang Qian Wang Jingtang Chen Yuanyuan Chen Yiqun Hu. Introduction. Problem Statement Concerns about environment have become significant public issue Positive change within consumers’ behavior towards environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Zhankun MaiQing LuZhilong YangQian WangJingtang ChenYuanyuan ChenYiqun Hu


  • Problem StatementConcerns about environment have become significant public issuePositive change within consumers behavior towards environment Green products become popular


  • *Purpose and ObjectiveTo find out the reason why consumers buy green productsWhether it helps the environment or not

    Organization of the studyExamples of green productsThe benefits of green productsDrawbacks of green products

  • Definition : Green products are products that recycle and do not cause harm to people or the environment Example: Cars: Green cars are energy-efficient; they create limited air pollution and greenhouse gases Food: Green food isn't necessarily peas and string beans, although both of these things can be green*

  • More popularLow environmental impactsLock-in & diffusionReturns of scaleBarrier for introductionHigh switching costPolicyTax cut & subsidy

  • Main trend green trendInfluence product designGreen materialsManufactureDisposal

  • Human beings health conditionBenefits from better water bodies, air quality, building material, animals, and plantsSustainable environmental developmentGreen products bring the benefits for the sustainable developments in the respects of balanced and equitable economic development, high level of environmental protection, and renewable natural resources.*

  • Green MarketingDefinition: marketing products and services based on environmental factors or awarenessExample: Tata Motors Ltd. has developed their showroom by using green items and elements in its design. The taj chain is going to produce eco-friendly atmosphere by using organic bed linen, energy efficient bars and napkins that are made of waste papers. *

  • More time and money consumingExample of Greenworks CabinetryLack of supportExample of South Florida green development expertExaggerations or outright liesSo-called green household cleaners are sometimes more toxic


  • Using green products can help consumer with their foods, households, and outdoor environment

    Buying green products becomes a trend

    Government encourages companies to sell green products

    Green products have drawbacksHigh cost*

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