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Online experiences can be fast, efficient, easy, orderlyand sometimes, thats a recipe for disaster. We click confirm too soon, confuse important details, or miss a key feature in a product description. Efficient isnt always effective. Not all experiences need to be fast to be functional. In fact, some of the most memorable and profitable engagements are slow and messyand thats just right. Content strategy can identify and support opportunities to control the pace of user experience, but theres a lot to keep in mind: Learn how to identify experiences in which efficiency and speed would hinder the users interaction, satisfaction, and retention. Understand how to introduce speed bumps in copy, content types, interaction design, and visual design that help users without annoying them. Discover new tactics for sentence structure, diction, imagery positioning, and form design that all help slow down interaction and improve experiences Presented at Confab 2013, June 5, 2013, #confabmn, in Minneapolis.


<ul><li> 1. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 2012Margot Bloomstein@mbloomstein #ConfabMNConfab June 5, 2013WHOA NELLIE!CONTENT STRATEGY FORSLOW EXPERIENCES</li></ul> <p> 2. @mbloomstein 3. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 4. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013ScottA.MillerforChevrolet 5. These people are waitingin a line. 6. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013ScottA.MillerforChevrolet 7. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 8. These people are delightingin a line:theyre engaged,anticipating,discovering,creating memories.Theyre in the moment.@mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 9. These people are delightingin a line:theyre engaged,anticipating,discovering,creating memoriesthanks to content.@mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 10. Content will change an experienceand a users perception of it.@mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 11. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013You wait longer, but youre engagedbefore you get there. Youre invested inthe experience.Keri Maijala (@clamhead) 12. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013When people have a frustratingexperience, they rate the checkout asslow.When we ask people whats slow, itsthe frustrating experiences. Whatsfast? They say delightful experiences.Jared Spool (@jmspool) 13. Frustration drives theperception of slowness.That was horribleand it took forever,no matter how fast it is. 14. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 15. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013Efficient isnt always effectiveor good. 16. Users say frustrating activitiestake forever.But are time-consumingactivities also inherentlyfrustrating?@mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 17. Charlotte &amp; Kristian Septimius Krogh 18. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013Users can appreciate slowexperiences:theyre engaged,anticipating,creating memories.They discover, learn, and payattention to act deliberately.@mbloomstein | #UXPABos13bad slow vs. good slow? AT&amp;T 19. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013Is the nature of the transaction sosmall and insignificant that itshouldnt require a second thought?Dont get in the way. Or will theconsumer get to the final transactionafter plenty of preliminary research?Again, dont make them rethink it.Jared Spool (@jmspool) 20. Users can appreciate slowexperiences:theyre engaged,anticipating,creating memories.They discover, learn, and payattention to act deliberately.@mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 21. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMNWhat are your goals? Drive exploration &amp; discovery Encourage deliberate choices Focus users attention 22. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMNHow do you set the pace? Editorial style and structures Discovery-oriented content Design that creates space 23. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMNHow do you set the pace?1. Editorial style and structures 24. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013Users can appreciate slowexperiences.theyre engaged,anticipating,creating memories. 25. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013Users can appreciate slowexperiences.theyre engaged,anticipating,creating memories. 26. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 27. Choosing a lens can be a daunting taskfor all of the reasons mentioned above,so I pulled together some info from myown experiences, as well as those ofother Crutchfield shutterbugs. 28. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013Springtime shaded belays at the creek,predawn starts in the Canadian Rockiesand hut tours in the High Sierra:Anywhere brisk, the Down Sweaterdelivers featherweight, superblycompressible warmth.The polyesterripstop shell on this down jacket doesmore than look sharp; its tear-resistant,windproof, and made from 100%polyester. 29. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 30. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMNHow do you set the pace?2. Discovery- and comparison-oriented content types 31. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 32. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMNCourage in ourconvictionsEmpiricalproof 33. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMNHow do you set the pace?3. Longform content 34. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 35. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 36. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 37. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 38. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 39. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 40. Attention must be paidViking 41. The right contentslows down users,focuses their attention, andhelps them act deliberately.It respects them andthe topic equally.@mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 42. But does it work? 43. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013The outdoor recreation economy grew5% annually between 2005 and 2011during an economic recession whenmany sectors contracted.Outdoor Industry AssociationSource: Outdoor Recreation Economy Report 2012;http://www.outdoorindustry.org/pdf/OIA_OutdoorRecEconomyReport2012.pdf 44. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 20132005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011REIindustry averageThe outdoor recreation economy grew5% annually while REI averaged 11%YOY growthSource: REI Financial Information reports 2005 2012; http://www.rei.com/about-rei/financial-information.html 45. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013Source: http://www.rei.com/about-rei/financial-information.html and EMS press releases0204060801001201402007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012REIEMSStore growth supporting contentavailability 46. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013Our content strategy is pretty simple:we stay as close to our core market aspossible.Patagonias always had a literary,storytelling component to the brand.Its in line with what we say: buy lessstuff and make sure what you buy lasts.Bill Boland, Patagonia 47. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013On a short-term basis, it doesnt helpus move product. It doesnt meet yourweekly sales goal. Its not about short-term ROI. Its something we enjoy andthe people we build clothes for enjoy.Bill Boland, Patagonia 48. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013 49. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013BE HERE NOW 50. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013BE HERE NOW 51. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013ScottA.MillerforChevroletBE HERE NOW 52. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013Thank you, Giselle Abramovich,Joe Baz, Bill Boland, LauraCreekmore, Matt Grocki, SarahKrznarich, Kristina Halvorson,Michael Lohmiller, Jared Spool,Russ Unger, and Anne Weiskopf. 53. @mbloomstein | #ConfabMN 2013Thank youMargot Bloomstein@mbloomsteinmargot@appropriateinc.comslideshare.net/mbloomsteinamzn.to/CSatWorkAll images property of their respective owners or Margot Bloomstein as noted. </p>